Getting a Class 6 Yukon Motorcycle License

There are three stages to the Yukon graduated motorcycle license process. Successful completion of the Yukon Class 6 learners stage and the Yukon Class 6 novice stage will get you to the full, unrestricted, Class 6 Yukon motorcycle license.

YT Class 6 License Process

Practice Riding (18 months) → Class 6 Licence

The Full-Privilege Class 6 Yukon Motorcycle License

Congratulations! If you've successfully completed the learner and novice stages, you are almost at the end of your learning how to ride a motorcycle in Yukon journey. The information in the tabs below will help guide you to the final Yukon motorcycle license level and know what to expect from your Class 6 licence.

Class 6 Novice Licence Holder

You need to drive with a Class 6 Novice license for a continuous 18 months (probation free) in order to automatically qualify for a Class 6 license. You must of course also carry valid motorcycle insurance and proper registration documents for your vehicle.

Licence Information

It is your responsibility to contact a Yukon Motor Vehicles office once you've successfully completed the 18 continuous months at the Class 6 Novice level and apply for a Class 6 license card.

Looking for Information on Other Yukon Motorcycle License Types?

Yukon Motorcycle GDL Process

The Yukon motorcycle GDL process helps new riders learn how to properly ride a motorcycle in any road or weather situation.

Yukon Class 6 Learner Licence

The Class 6 Motorcycle Learner License gives new riders the time to learn Yukon road signs and road rules before driving a motorcycle.

Yukon Class 6 Novice Licence

The Class 6 Motorcycle Novice License allows Yukon motorcycle riders more freedom and the ability to drive without supervision.

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