How to Get an Alberta Drivers License

Alberta Drivers License

An Alberta drivers license is an important identification document. The driver's license Alberta provides to its residents allows them greater mobility options and is a necessary tool for them to go about their daily lives.

Driver licensing in Alberta is mandated by Transportation Alberta and the actual driver licensing, vehicle registrations and driver testing is conducted by private sector companies informally known as Alberta registry agents.

Most commonly, Alberta drivers want to learn more about the Alberta graduated license rules (GDL Alberta), or challenge themselves with an Alberta class 7 practice test. Our mission at is to ensure that we meet those needs and help make the Alberta driver’s license process as easy as possible. Choose the type of licence you want to get started:

Choose Your Alberta Drivers Licence Type

What kind of vehicle do you need to get an Alberta drivers license for?

Not all Alberta drivers are looking for an Alberta car licence or an Alberta motorbike license. Some are in need of more specialized types of licenses such as the Alberta truck license, or an Alberta bus license, an Alberta air brake license or an Alberta boat license. Regardless of which kind of drivers license Alberta you need, we have you covered.

All Alberta Drivers License Holders Must Follow Alberta Driving Laws

Regardless of whether you are a new driver or transferring your licence from another Canadian province/territory, it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with all of the most important Alberta driving laws. In particular, the Alberta road rules and signs. This is to ensure you are driving correctly, and not at risk of being ticketed or fined for improper driving. If you want to test your Alberta driving knowledge, try our Alberta road rules practice exam and our Alberta road signs practice exam. They each take about 15 minutes to complete. Don't forget, you must also have appropriate Alberta vehicle insurance in place, along with the required documentation for your vehicle, to legally drive on public roads. It would also be wise to make sure that you are familiar with the Alberta learners license rules & restrictions.

Valid Drivers Licence

You need to be a licensed driver in order to drive in Alberta. If visiting, you can temporarily use your home province licence, or an international license Canada recognizes. However, Alberta residents need to apply for an Alberta drivers license.

No Distracted Driving

Alberta is extremely strict about any sort of distracted driving. Make sure you are never using your phone or any other mobile device when driving. This includes when you stopped at a red light.

Right Turns On Red

Unless indicated at the intersection, Alberta drivers can make a right turn on a red light. Always watch for pedestrians and be aware of any construction or driving hazards when making a right turn.

Obey Speed Limits

Regardless of where you are driving, make sure you're 100% sure of the mandated speed limits and stay within them. Speeding can result in fines and demerit points. It's always safer to drive cautiously.

Looking to Get Your Licence in a Different Province?

Choose the province or territory you're looking to get licensed in

Depending on where you live, the process of getting your licence can differ. Choosing your province or territory allows us to direct you to the right people and resources who can provide the best possible driver licensing journey information.