The Nunavut Graduated Motorcycle License

While Nunavut currently does not yet have a formal Nunavut graduated motorcycle license program (MGDL), the legislation is under review (just like the Nunavut graduated car driving license). In the meantime, our team at has put together the steps needed to get your Nunavut motorcycle license in the simplest way possible.

In order to become completely certified to drive a motorcycle in Nunavut, you need to first get a Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle learners license, then practice as a learner, then pass a Class 6 road test. Once you have passed the road test, you qualify for your final Class 6 NU motorcycle licence.

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Understanding the Nunavut Graduated Motorcycle License

We can help you get your Nunavut motorcycle licence faster

The two motorcycle licenses you need to prepare for and get to be fully certified to drive a motorcycle in Nunavut (within the existing Nunavut graduated motorcycle license process), can seem a bit confusing. Our goal is to make the process as simple and quick as possible.

NU Class 6 License Journey

Learner Licence --> Class 6 Motorcycle License

Getting Your Nunavut Learner Licence

The Nunavut Motorcycle Learner License is your starting point

Those aspiring to become Nunavut motorcycle drivers need to begin the process by studying the Nunavut road signs and road rules as explained in the Nunavut Drivers Manual, and then pass the learners test to get their Nunavut learner licence. Our free Nunavut Class 7 practice test tutorials, and Nunavut motorcycle practice test can really help solidify your driving knowledge before attempting the learners test.

NU Class 6L License Process

7L + Written Test + Vision Test → Nunavut Learner License (6L)

Your Class 5 Licence is a prerequisite to getting your motorcycle licence:

Here's how to get your  learner licence:

Study the Nunavut Driver's Manual

Take and pass the knowledge test

Pass a vision test

The Full Nunavut Class 6 License

The end goal of all Nunavut motorcycle drivers is to get a Class 6 license

A wait time of 1 month is required between getting a learner licence and taking the Class 6 road test. You must pass the Class 6 road test to be eligible for a Class 6 Nunavut motorcycle drivers license. Obviously, driving a motorbike comes with a significant amount of responsibility, including having adequate Nunavut motorcycle insurance and the appropriate documentation for your motor cycle.

NU Class 6 License Process

Driving as a learner (1 month/4 weeks) + Class 6 road test → Class 6 License

Your Class 6 license is available after 1 month:

Here's how to get your Class 6 licence:

Drive safely under supervision for 1 month

Pass the Class 6 road test

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