Your Manitoba Driver's License

Manitoba is one of the most beautiful and nature rich Canadian provinces. With over 100,000 lakes and waterways, Manitoba is a gorgeous place to visit and live in. Whether you are a nature lover or looking for a more urban experience, a Manitoba driver's license enables you to experience a wider range of job prospects and driving adventures unlike anywhere else in the world.

Thousands of Manitoba residents apply for their Manitoba driver's license every year. At, it's our mission to make the Manitoba graduated license process easier for everyone who visits our site. If you follow our guidelines, getting a Manitoba driver's license, whether it be for a car (Class 5), motorcycle (Class 6) or other types of a vehicle should be a fairly straightforward process.

The most common types of MB driver license new drivers seek are the MB Class 5 Learners, the MB Class 5 Intermediate and the MB Class 5 Full for car & light truck drivers, and the MB Class 6 Learners, the MB Class 6 Intermediate, and the MB Class 6 Full, to complete the Manitoba graduated motorcycle license program.

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We've put together information on many different kinds of MB drivers license types to help drivers find what they need. Not everyone in Manitoba is looking to get a MB motorcycle license or a MB car driver's license. Some folks need a more specific kind of driving licence such as a MB truck license, or a MB bus license, a MB air brake license or a MB boat license. Click the links for more information.

Abide By All Manitoba Road Rules To Ensure Safety For All Drivers

Both new and experienced drivers can benefit from familiarizing themselves with Manitoba road signs and road rules. We invite you to refresh your driving knowledge with our free Manitoba Class 5 practice test series, and/or Manitoba motorcycle practice test. By ensuring you are 100% compliant with all Manitoba road laws and by driving within the law with the appropriate MB car insurance and/or MB motorcycle insurance, you are helping keep Manitoba roads safe for all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Valid Drivers Licence

Like every other Canadian province in order to drive in Manitoba, you must hold a valid active Manitoba driving licence and abide by the restrictions applied to your licence type.

No Distracted Driving

Distracted driving such as texting while driving could result in an automatic licence suspension so make sure you are not on any hand-held devices when driving in Manitoba.

Snow Fines

While there isn't a specific law banning driving with snow on your car you could potentially be fined if snow is covering your mirrors, windows, licence plates or the snow on your roof could pose a danger to other drivers.

Obey Speed Limits

Traffic police are extremely vigilant and strict about all motorists obeying traffic speeds and not exceeding the speed limit at any time. Stay within the speed limit to stay safe and fine-free.

Looking To Get Your Licence In a Different Province?

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Depending on where you live the process of getting your licence can differ. Choosing your province or territory allows us to direct you to the right people and resources who can provide the best possible driver licensing journey information.