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If you're looking to find the best, cheap Canadian auto insurance quotes on the market for your particular driving profile, you've come to the right place. We provide a free "compare Canadian car insurance" service, whereby once you provide a few details along with the kind of coverage you require, we can quickly search multiple competing Canadian auto insurance companies and show you a variety of quotes that fit your requirements. You can then select the best policy at the cheapest rate. We in effect do all the research for you and provide side by side auto insurance comparisons, so you can quickly find the best insurance quote for your needs. It sure beats going from one insurance company to another and taking notes as you go.

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Finding the right auto insurance policy doesn't have to be a difficult and time-consuming process. With today's Internet technology, a driver should be able to compare auto insurance< quotes in Canada with almost no effort at all. That's exactly what you'll find when you use our Canadian auto insurance quote comparison system - car insurance quotes in minutes.

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Our focus is our visitors, and we know how important it is to find low auto insurance rates without sacrificing high quality coverage in case of an accident or other misfortunes like theft etc. Cheap car insurance rates aren't worth much if the insurance company is unreliable when it comes to making an insurance claim.

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We work hard to deliver multiple quotes customized to your individual driving profile almost instantly. All quotes come from top Canada car insurance companies. You can drive away knowing that you've searched thoroughly and gotten one of the best deals possible on your Canadian auto insurance policy.

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In order to protect yourself, your family and others on the road, and to ensure you are able to cover any costs in the event you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, you are required by law to have insurance for your vehicle. A basic level of coverage is mandatory, but there is considerable flexibility when it comes to additional coverage.

Understanding all the different types of motor vehicle insurance that is available can seem complicated, but in reality there are only 6 major types of Canadian auto insurance that you can incorporate into your car insurance policy. Obviously the more extras you add, the more it will cost. It makes sense to decide on the kind of coverage you want for your vehicle before you compare Canadian car insurance products. Below is a brief explanation of the kinds of protection that is available.

  • Mandatory insurance required by all drivers
  • Covers both liability and medical payments to any accident victims
  • Purchase enough insurance to cover yourself in case of a major accident without impacting your assets

  • Insurance that pays for vehicle repairs and medical costs of the insured driver
  • Covers costs even in situations where the insured is at fault
  • Additional cost for which the associated benefits outweigh the costs

  • Insurance that covers for damages from non-collision related situations, for example: vandalism, falling objects, flooding etc.
  • Greatly helps reduce risk based on an individuals needs and insurance assessment
  • Often very reasonably priced to provide peace of mind against uncontrollable situations

  • Provides for medical care and income replacement in the event the insured is injured or killed in a car accident
  • Covers costs for items such as medical, funeral and income replacement
  • In the event of a fatality payments are made to surviving family of the insured

  • Covers for perils named within your policy, for example, fire, theft etc.
  • Often a much cheaper alternative to comprehensive insurance
  • The policy would also cover anyone you hired to drive your vehicle

When it Comes to Canadian Auto Insurance Prices,
it Really Pays to Compare Canada Car Insurance Quotes

Each Canadian auto insurance provider has their own unique concepts regarding how they assess risk. They each use similar factors like your driving record, your location, where you park, the type of vehicle you operate and the distance you drive, but they weigh these factors differently from each other. This routinely results in a considerable range of prices when you compare quotes. If you've ever shopped for Canadian auto insurance before, you’ve probably realized that there is an opportunity to save, because the premiums for the same or similar coverage can be hundreds of dollars apart - sometimes even more.

An excellent method to be sure that one is signing on to the best achievable auto insurance plan is by comparing rates from as many auto insurance providers as possible. An educated final choice can then be made. We're proud to say that our Canadian car insurance comparison service is second to none, and will search multiple providers for the best coverage at the cheapest rate on your behalf. Below are some additional simple tips on how you can save money when looking for your cheapest car insurance in Canada.

Take An Accredited Driving Course

The best place to start when it comes to getting cheap car insurance especially for teenagers, is to ensure every new driver takes a driving course at an accredited driving school.  This will increase the driver’s safe driving skill set and help them to qualify for discounts when shopping around for car insurance quotes online or elsewhere.

Check For Winter Tire Discounts

Many car insurance companies provide a discount for drivers who purchase winter tires.  Proof of the purchase and installation on the vehicle is required, so simply contact the insurance company and find out what is required for the discount.

Drop Unnecessary Coverage

While it’s important to make sure the coverage is adequate to the driver’s needs, sometimes there is coverage that can be eliminated because it truly isn’t needed.  Drivers who don’t ever rent a car don’t need to pay for rental car coverage.  Drivers who carry roadside assistance don’t need to pay for it again on their insurance policy.

Review Other Possible Discounts

Many drivers qualify for discounts they aren’t receiving simply because neither the insurance company nor the driver is aware that they qualify.  Discounts like the good student discount require documentation to qualify, and sometimes it must be provided again on renewal.  The array of discounts available from insurance companies today means most drivers can get a lower rate by ensuring that they’re getting all the discounts for which they qualify.

Shop Around For Rates

The biggest savings often come from shopping around to compare Canadian car insurance quotes. Shopping online for auto insurance quotes is the fast and easy way to fit savings into a busy schedule and get a lower car insurance rate fast.  Because every car insurance company calculates rates a little differently, nearly every driver can save by shopping around, even if they have tickets or accidents on their driving record. Make sure you fully understand your policy, so that there are no unpleasant surprises in the event that one day, you have to make a claim.

Buy The Right Car

When shopping for a vehicle, take into account how much that particular vehicle will cost to insure.  High value cars, sports cars and SUVs are often among the more expensive to insure.  Shopping for car insurance quotes online makes it easy to get multiple quotes for a variety of vehicles quickly and easily.  Make it part of the car buying process, so that there is no surprise on the insurance bill.

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