The Saskatchewan M Motorcycle License Endorsement

The SK motorcycle learner and SK motorcycle novice stages of the Saskatchewan MGDL (motorcycle graduated drivers licence), helps both new motorbike drivers and experienced passenger vehicle drivers develop strong motorcycle handling skills before they can be awarded the unrestricted, full Saskatchewan M motorcycle license endorsement. This helps to ensure the safety of all road users. You should always first refer back to the Saskatchewan drivers handbooks, if you ever have questions about the proper way to handle a motorcycle under various circumstances and conditions. Being granted a Saskatchewan M motorcycle license comes with a great deal of responsibility, including always operating with a "safety first" attitude, having the appropriate documentation for your bike, and carrying the appropriate SK motorcycle insurance.

SK Class 6M Motorcycle License Process

Novice 2  + Safe Riding (12 Months) → Motorcycle M Licence

Your SK "M" Endorsement Motorcycle License

If you're almost at the full, unrestricted Saskatchewan M motorcycle license stage, you should be feeling fairly confident in your motorcycle handling skills and able to independently drive a motorcycle in almost any road or weather condition. If you ever want to brush up on the basics and test your driving knowledge, we highly recommend our series of free SGI written test practice and Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test sets. In the tabs below are some additional items you may need to know.

Novice 2 Licence Holder

You have to hold a Novice 2 licence, incident free for 12 months in order to qualify for a full, unrestricted M endorsement on your Saskatchewan drivers licence. This means no traffic convictions, accidents or probation on your licence history.

Licence Rebates

If you got a Saskatchewan M motorcycle license endorsement through the MGDL program after Jan 1, 2016 and completed an SGI-approved motorcycle course, you could be eligible for a $450 rebate.

Motorcycle Registration

All motorcycles in Saskatchewan must be properly registered and the registration certificate should be carried with you whenever you're riding your motorcycle.

Insurance Coverage

In addition to keeping your motorcycle registration documents current, you need to ensure you set up adequate motorcycle insurance coverage for your motorbike.

Looking For Information On Other SK Motorcycle Licence Types?

Saskatchewan MGDL Process

The Saskatchewan motorcycle graduated driver licensing process is designed to help new motorcycle drivers learn all the essential motorcycle riding skills

Saskatchewan Learner Licence

Your Saskatchewan motorcycle learner licence allows you to practice riding a motorcycle under supervision while developing strong motorcycle handling skills.

SK Motorcycle Novice Licence

The Saskatchewan motorcycle novice licensing stage gives riders more freedom to ride in Saskatchewan and perfect their motorcycle handling skills.

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