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BC Driving Practice Tests

Our BC driving practice tests are very similar to the actual ICBC knowledge tests.

British Columbia Insurance

Insurance in the province of BC is legally required for all motor vehicles on public roads.

Drivers Licensing In BC

We've worked to simplify the BC graduated driver licensing process from start to finish.

BC Insurance Brokers

Many British Columbia insurance brokers work directly with customers to aid in the right insurance buying choices.

ICBC Offices

The province of British Columbia's driver licensing is administered and managed by local ICBC offices.

Driving Schools In BC

A good BC driving school can give you a real advantage when you want to learn to drive in BC. We can help you make the right choice.

British Columbia Drivers License Tests

To learn to drive in BC, new drivers need to understand that all British Columbia driving licenses require prospective drivers to pass specific driving tests. Your best chance of passing the first BC driving tests is to use our BC class 7 practice test series, to prepare and understand exactly what concepts you will be tested on during the real BC driving test.

BC Driving Tests Overview

All the icandrive.ca BC driving test questions and resources are based on the ICBC Driver's Handbook. Use the Handbook along with our practice tests to ensure your success in the real ICBC knowledge tests.

BC Car Practice Tests

The BC Class 7 knowledge test is designed to ensure new drivers have a good understanding of road signs and road rules as they apply to maintaining safe driving for British Columbia car drivers.

BC Motorcycle Practice Test

In order to get your Class 6 motorcycle license in BC you need to first understand BC road signs and rules as they apply to motorcycle drivers and successfully pass the Class 6 motorcycle knowledge test.

What Makes ICanDrive.ca Unique?

ICanDrive.ca was built with British Columbia drivers in mind

We know that each Canadian province and it's drivers face unique challenges when it comes to learning how to drive and how to continue to drive safely. A great deal of our resources are targeted to help BC drivers succeed and have a comfortable place to learn to drive in BC, with everything they need to know and be aware of.

Everything on ICanDrive.ca is free

You don't need to pay a membership fee to access all the excellent, free icandrive.ca driving resources.

ICanDrive.ca helps train better British Columbia drivers

As a BC driver, you can feel confident that the information you learn on the icandrive.ca website is up-to-date, correct, and correlates with the ICBC mandated driver training. If you do your part, you can become a very safe BC driver no matter what road, traffic or weather condition you face. We can certainly help you learn to drive in BC.

How To Get A British Columbia Drivers License

The ICBC is responsible for coordinating all driver training materials and testing. The icandrive.ca team has used ICBC resources to simplify how we see driver training in the province of British Columbia. We want all drivers whether new, experienced or transferring from another province, territory or country, to be able to easily understand what their next step in their "learn to drive in BC" licensing journey is. At the end of the day, our goal is to help you get your British Columbia driving license as quickly and easily as possible.

BC Driver Licensing

If you have any questions on how to get your BC drivers license, we are your go-to resource. With license requirements, testing formats and restrictions, we have BC driver license related information covered.

BC Car License

In order to get your BC drivers license to operate a car in the province, you need to first get your BC Class 7L learner licence, then your BC Class 7N Novice licence, and finally your full BC Class 5 British Columbia driving licence.

Motorcycle Licensing In BC

A new or experienced driver looking to get a British Columbia motorcycle license, must first get a BC Class 8L/6L learner license and then move to the BC 8N or directly to the BC Class 6 license stage.

Complete BC Car, Motorcycle, Home and Life Insurance Coverage

Knowing that you have complete British Columbia insurance coverage is very important for your peace of mind. If you've done a good job of setting up proper insurance provisions for your life, auto, home and motorcycle, you won't have to worry so much about a variety of emergencies or unfortunate accidents that might occur.

Car Insurance

BC car insurance is mandatory by law and very important to most BC drivers.

Motorcycle Insurance

All motorcycle riders in BC should carry proper insurance to help in case of an accident.

Home Insurance

If you want to protect your home from unexpected damage BC home insurance can help.

Life Insurance

Proper BC life insurance is a good investment to safeguard your family's future.

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The Daily Driver

Our mission as a team is to accompany British Columbia drivers on their driving journey, well past the learning stage and help keep them updated on all driving rules, regulations and driving related matters. The Daily Driver section on icandrive.ca provides driving guides, insurance guides and keeps BC drivers aware of any legislative or industry changes that they should be aware of. Use the Daily Driver to stay in the loop on important British Columbia driving information and news.