The Class 6 New Brunswick Motorcycle License

The purpose of the NB graduated motorcycle licensing program is to turn out riders who demonstrate strong motorcycle handling capability, are safe riders and are able to confidently drive in all road conditions. By fulfilling the requirements of the NB motorcycle GDL stage and the prerequisites set in place for the Class 6 New Brunswick motorcycle license, you are setting yourself up for long-term motorcycle riding safety and success.

NB Class 6 Full License Process

Class 6 GDL Licence + Safe Riding (12 months) + Road Test → Class 6 Full Licence

Getting Your New Brunswick Motorcycle License

The NB motorcycle road test is the single, key requirement to getting your New Brunswick motorcycle license. You need to thoroughly practice riding a motorcycle before you can attempt the motorcycle road test and pass on the first attempt. Make sure you have motorbike insurance and the other required vehicle documentation as well.

Motorcycle GDL Licence Holder

You need to fulfill the requirements of the GDL licensing stage and attempt the Class 6 motorcycle road test within 12 months to get your NB GDL licence.

Read The New Brunswick Drivers Handbook

Use the New Brunswick drivers handbook to brush up on your knowledge of New Brunswick road signs and rules before attempting the road test. An easy way to refresh your motorcycle driving knowledge is with our New Brunswick motorcycle practice test

Practice Motorcycle Riding

In order to be prepared for the road test portion of the New Brunswick motorcycle license program, you need to consistently practice motorcycle driving and learn all of the skills necessary to be a safe, capable rider.

Pre-book Your Class 6 Road Test Appointment

You need to pre-book and take your road test within 12 months of passing your written exam. Call/Visit a New Brunswick Motor Vehicle service location to book your appointment.

Practice Motorcycle Riding

Use the 12 months prior to your Class 6 motorcycle road test appointment to practice as much motorcycle riding as possible, and get really comfortable navigating around traffic, other hazards, other motorists and anything you could expect to see on New Brunswick roads.

Our test day checklist will keep you organized and worry-free on your motorcycle road test day.

Arrive Early

Don't be late - aim to be at least half an hour early for your road test appointment.

Documents to Bring

You will need to bring along documents to show proof of identify, proof of New Brunswick residency and proof of name change if applicable.

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts to drive, make sure you bring them with you.

Applicable Fees

The cost of the road test is $25 and you will need to also pay a licence fee of $90 after passing the road test.

Test Re-takes

There is a $25 road test fee every time you re-take the road test. You can retake the road test after 2 weeks on the first fail. The length of time you are required to wait increases with each unsuccessful attempt at the NB motorcycle road test.

Your Licence Specifics

Your New Brunswick motorcycle license is valid for 4 years after which you will have to renew your licence at any Service New Brunswick Center.

No Alcohol

If you are under the age of 21, you must maintain zero blood alcohol concentration while driving with a New Brunswick motorcycle license.

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New Brunswick GDL Licence

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