The NB Graduated Motorcycle Licensing Program

In recent years the NB Graduated motorcycle licensing program has changed quite a bit. The current NB Graduated motorcycle licensing program has evolved to a single stage process which lasts a minimum of 12 months. To ensure New Brunswick motorcycle riders are as well equipped as possible to ride safely on NB roads and to minimize the possibility of motorcycle accidents, the NB Graduated motorcycle licensing program has a prescribed format that all New Brunswick motor bike riders must follow.

The NB Graduated motorcycle licensing program combines in-class learning, on-road riding practice, written testing (see our New Brunswick motorcycle practice test for more) and on-road testing. This process is tried and tested, and produces motorbike riders that can handle the complexities of a variety of road and weather conditions. The process begins with the NB motorcycle GDL license, and is complete with the attainment of a Class 6 New Brunswick motorcycle license.

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How to Get Your New Brunswick Motorcycle Riding Licence

Let us help make learning how to drive a motorcycle in New Brunswick easier.

If you want to complete the NB Graduated motorcycle licensing program in the shortest time possible, there are some key steps you need to complete within the 12 month period to successfully pass the road test and get your full Class 6 licence. Make sure you pay attention to the information learned over the 12 months and make it a permanent part of your riding routine - safety should always be your first consideration.

NB Class 6 License Process

Class 6 GDL Licence  → Class 6 Full Licence

How To Get Your New Brunswick GDL Licence

The New Brunswick GDL licence is licensing stage 1 for all motorcycle drivers.

The NB motorcycle GDL licence stage is achievable after successfully completing mandatory driver training, a written test and vision test. You must of course also have appropriate motorcycle insurance. The intention of the program is to ensure all beginning New Brunswick motorcycle riders possess strong motorcycle handling skills and contribute to maintaining safety on New Brunswick roadways at all times.

NB Class 6 GDL License Process

Motorcycle Driver Training Course + Written Test + Vision Test → Class 6 GDL Licence

You can start the process on your 16th birthday.

Here's how to get your NB GDL licence:

Take a motorcycle training course

Study the NB motorcyclist handbook

Take and pass the written test

Pass a vision test

The New Brunswick Full Class 6 Motorcycle Licence

Your New Brunswick motorcycle licensing journey ends with a full Class 6 licence.

Getting your Class 6 motorcycle license after demonstrating strong riding skills in an on road test is the last step in becoming fully licensed to drive a motorcycle in New Brunswick.

NB Class 6 Full License Process

Class 6 GDL Licence + Safe Riding (12 months) + Road Test → Class 6 Full Licence

After 12 months you can apply for a Class 6 licence.

Here's how to get your Class 6 licence:

Bring your ministry approved motorcycle

Bring your motorcycle GDL drivers licence

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and Pass the NB motorcycle road test

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A Canadian drivers license is a valuable item, which not only provides an essential form of identification, but also the ability to drive in all provinces and territories and many other countries as well. However, if you reside in New Brunswick, you need to apply for the New Brunswick version of a Canadian drivers license. Click the links for more information.

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