About the Nova Scotia Class 6N Motorcycle License

The NS motorcycle learner's license or LM is the first phase of the Nova Scotia Motorcycle GDL program (NS MGDL). It is designed to ensure that both new and experienced drivers are able to acquire lots of actual motorcycle riding experience and skills before they graduate to a less restricted motorcycle license class. The second stage of the NS MGDL program is to qualify for a Nova Scotia Class 6 N motorcycle license or "Newly Licensed" license. The Nova Scotia Class 6N motorcycle license comes with greater freedom to ride and gets new motor bike drivers one step closer to a final, unrestricted NS Class 6 motorcycle license.

NS CLass 6N License Process

LM License for 6 months + Advanced skills test → Class 6N (newly licensed) motorcycle licence

The Steps to Getting a Nova Scotia Class 6N Motorcycle License

Follow our step-by-step approach on how to get your Nova Scotia Class 6 N licence in the shortest time period. All of our tips and resources are designed to help you pass the required Nova Scotia motorcycle tests on the first attempt. Don't forget, you will require Nova Scotia motorcycle insurance once you begin driving your motor bike on public roads, and make sure to keep all of your vehicle documentation up to date as well. Click the tabs below for more.

6 Months At The Learner Stage

You need to have held a LM licence or LM endorsement for a minimum of 6 months (3 months with an approved motorcycle training course) before you can apply for the final Nova Scotia Class 6N license.

Pay For Your Road Test

You need to pay for your Nova Scotia motorcycle road test even before you can make an actual test appointment. This $53 (tax included) payment can be made:

Book Your Road Test

Once you have your test payment receipt you need to book a road test appointment by calling either 902-424-5851 or 1-800-898-7668.

Study The Nova Scotia Motorcycle Rider's Handbook Sections

The Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook sections on motorcycles are very good resources to learn and brush up on your knowledge of how to properly ride a motorcycle. With everything from identifying controls to correct riding positions it's all detailed in the NS Driver's Handbook.  We also recommend our free NS Class 6 practice test and NS Class 7 learners test practice series as a great way to refresh your driving knowledge before the road test.

Practice Motorcycle Driving

You are going to need to demonstrate strong motorcycle riding skills to pass the advanced road test, so make sure you spend a lot of time practicing your motorcycle riding skills before you take the test. Some major maneuvers to perfect are:

  • Navigating intersections
  • Proper balance
  • Emergency stops
  • Entering and leaving traffic
  • Signaling and changing lanes
  • Parking

Pre-trip Check

Before the test can begin, the motorcycle you have brought to the test will be examined.

  • Check your road test receipt for a list of items the Examiner will be checking for
  • Ensure your vehicle is in good mechanical condition
  • Ensure your vehicle has a valid Motor Vehicle Inspection sticker

Nova Scotia Road Test

The examiner driver will follow you on another motorcycle or vehicle and communicate with you via a radio. Stay calm, focused and pay attention to the instructions given.

Post-test Debrief

Once the test is complete you will return to the examination office and be told if you passed/failed along with suggestions for improvement.

Our road test checklist is here to help you be prepared for everything.

Arrive Early

Remember your appointment time is when the test STARTS so plan to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of that time to check in, settle down and be relaxed for the actual test.

Vehicle Safety Check

Your motorcycle will be checked before you can begin the test so check all the controls are in working order before you leave home. If your vehicle is deemed to not meet safety standards, your test will be cancelled.

Ministry Approved Helmet

You need a ministry approved helmet and proper motorcycle riding gear to take the road test.

Documents To Bring

The following documents must be provided before the test can begin

  • Your LM licence/LM endorsement licence
  • Valid insurance and registration documents for your motorcycle
  • Your road test receipt

Applicable Fees

You will have to pay a $53 fee (tax included) when you book your test. You will need to pay an additional fee of $66.95 when you pass your road test and apply for your Class 6N licence card.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the road test you can re-take it but must pay the road test fee again.

Your License

Once you pass the road test, you will need to pay a $66.95 fee to get your licence card. You will be issued a temporary license card and your permanent licence card will arrive in the mail.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the Nova Scotia Class 6 N licence stage for at least 2 years before you can move to a full Class 6 motorcycle license.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

Unless you have received an exemption for employment reasons you cannot drive a motorcycle between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

No Alcohol

A Nova Scotia Class 6N newly licensed motorcycle rider cannot consume any alcohol when operating a motorcycle.

Looking to Get a Different Nova Scotia Motorcycle Licence?

Motorcycle GDL Process

The three step Nova Scotia Motorcycle GDL program helps new and experienced drivers gain the skills and confidence necessary to ride a motorcycle safely on Nova Scotia roads.

Nova Scotia LM License

The Nova Scotia LM licence or LM endorsement is step one in the NS Motorcycle GDL program and sets the base for both new and experienced drivers when it comes to learning how to ride a motorcycle.

NS Class 6 License

Getting to the final stage of motorcycle licensing in Nova Scotia means you have successfully meet the requirements and qualify for your full-privilege Class 6 motorcycle license.

Looking for a Different Nova Scotia Driving Licence Type?

Choose the type of vehicle you need to get a Nova Scotia licence for

Regardless of which Nova Scotia driver's license you need to apply for, we have it covered with information that can help make the process easier.