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Alberta Drivers License

Alberta Drivers Licence Test

An Alberta driving test for any sort of Alberta driving license, is administered through Alberta registry locations. They are authorized to provide an Alberta driving test to individuals looking to get their Alberta car licence, Alberta motorcycle license or other types of motor vehicle license. The Alberta graduated driver licensing programs for Alberta car license holders and Alberta motorcycle licence holders are similar in the sense that they allow new drivers or riders the opportunity to master key skills before they are allowed to drive independently in Alberta.

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Alberta Driving Test - Class 7

Alberta car drivers must follow the three-step Alberta GDL program whereby they pass the AB Class 7 learners test, pass the Alberta Class 5 road test and eventually pass the advanced road test to get their full Class 5 Alberta car licence. The information summarized below by the team can help you navigate everything you need to do in order to pass the various kinds of Alberta driving test you will encounter and need to pass to get your Alberta car licence. Don't forget, you must have the correct documentation for your vehicle and Alberta car insurance in place before driving your vehicle on public roads.

Car Licensing In Alberta

The process to get your Alberta car licence may seem long but it is designed to ensure that you learn everything needed to be a capable Alberta driver. Our team can help you navigate the Alberta Class 7 learners stage, the AB Class 5 GDL stage and eventually help you get your full Alberta Class 5 licence.

You can begin the process at the age of 14.

The Drivers Handbook is the best resource for Alberta driver licensing information.

Alberta Learners Test

The test to get your AB Class 7 learners licence is structured to test your knowledge of road signs and rules. Make sure you read the Alberta Drivers Handbook cover to cover, and spend enough time practicing with Alberta Class 7 practice tests until you are confident, before you take the actual Class 7 test.

Thoroughly Study the Alberta Driver's Handbook

Attempt all free Alberta Class 7 practice tests until you can consistently get a passing grade

Alberta Road Tests

There are two Alberta road tests that you will need to successfully pass in order to get your Class 5 GDL licence and your Class 5 licence. These road tests are also administered by Alberta registry agents and you need to be very confident and capable behind the wheel of a car to pass.

Ensure your vehicle will meet vehicle safety requirements for the Alberta road test.

Practice all your driving skills until you are a safe and confident driver

Alberta Motorcycle Licence Driving Test

Individuals looking to get an Alberta motorcycle license have to pass through a series of Alberta driving test challenges before they can get their full Class 6 Alberta motorcycle licence. The Class 6 knowledge test will allow a rider to become an Alberta motorcycle learner licence holder. Once you've mastered more on-road motorcycle driving skills, you can then book an Alberta motorcycle road test and work towards getting your Class 6 GDL and Class 6 full licence. Make sure you have appropriate Alberta motorcycle insurance in place before driving your motorcycle on public roads, as well as the correct documentation for your bike on hand, just in case you are stopped by police.

Alberta Motorcycle Licensing

Each stage of the Alberta motorcycle licensing process has specific requirements. Knowing what is expecting of you at the AB Class 7L stage, AB Class 6 GDL stage and AB Class 6 full license stage will ensure you are always prepared and drive within the law.

Only Alberta residents 14 and older can apply for an Alberta licence

Alberta motorcycle training courses can really help build your motorcycle riding skills.

Class 6 Knowledge Test

Whether you are a new rider or an experienced driver who holds a Class 7L or Class 5 licence, you will still need to complete a knowledge test in order to practice driving as a learner and eventually apply for your Class 6 licence. Our class 6 motorcycle practice tests are among the best resources to know what to expect.

Study the Alberta Motorcycle Handbook

Use Class 6 motorcycle practice tests

Alberta Road Test

You will need to demonstrate superior motorcycle handling during an Alberta road test in order to graduate from a learner stage to a Class 6 GDL/Class 6 motorcycle licensing stage. The Alberta road test will assess your ability to confidently navigate traffic and all sorts of driving situations. Our Class 6 GDL road test section will help you better prepare.

Buy a safety approved riding helmet

Practice motorcycle riding as much as possible

Book Alberta Road Test

In order to attempt a road test for the GDL Alberta Class 5 License, the full Class 5 Driver's License Alberta offers, or the Alberta Motorcycle Learners or Motorcycle Class 6 GDL license, you need to pre-book an appointment with an Alberta registry agent of your choice. The road test is will be divided up into a pre-trip check to ensure your vehicle meets safety standards, an on-road testing component and a final post-test debrief.

Road Test Alberta For Car Drivers

  • Reading through the Alberta Driver's Handbook and testing your driving knowledge with some Alberta Class 7 practice tests will help you remember key Alberta road signs and road rules
  • Practice driving under supervision as much as possible in the time leading up to your Alberta road test appointment
  • Make sure your car is in good condition and will be deemed mechanically sound to take the Alberta road test

Alberta Motorcycle Road Test

Free Alberta Learners Practice Tests

The best resources to use when studying for your Alberta learners test are the Alberta Drivers Handbook and the Alberta learners tests. The more free Alberta driving practice tests you attempt the more confident you will feel when you attempt an actual Alberta class 7 practice test for cars or an Alberta motorcycle learners test.

Alberta Learners Driving Test

Step 1 of the Alberta GDL for individuals looking to get licensed to drive a car in Alberta is getting your AB Class 7 learners licence. This is the first Alberta driving test. The learner's licence in Alberta is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated a good understanding of Alberta road signs and rules through the successful completion of an Alberta learners test.

Alberta Class 6 Knowledge Test

Motorcycle licensing in Alberta requires residents to first get an Alberta Class 7 learners licence and then proceed with the various motorcycle licensing stages. Once you have your Alberta Class 7L licence, you must pass a motorcycle knowledge test which will ensure you have a good understanding of Alberta road signs, rules and driving practices as they apply to motorcycle drivers.