All About the PEI Drivers License

With an economy rooted in agriculture, tourism, fishing and manufacturing, Prince Edward Island is a great place to live and visit. Famous for its red sand beaches and small-town charm, Prince Edward Island is definitely a Canadian province you don't want to miss seeing. Having a PEI drivers license opens up a world of possibilities in this wonderful part of Canada.

To make it easier to get a PEI drivers license, we've put together everything you need to do and know in order to successfully get through the graduated drivers license PEI implements - in the shortest time and in the easiest way possible. To drive a car, van or light truck, you will need a PEI Class 5 driver’s license. To drive a motorcycle, you will need a PEI Class 6 motorcycle driver’s license.

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Choose Your PEI Driving Licence Type

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Regardless of which PEI drivers license you need to apply for, we have things covered. From the typical motorcycle driver's license or regular car driving license to more specific types of driving license like the PEI boating license, or a PEI truck driving license, a PEI bus driver license, or a PEI air brake license, more information can be accessed by clicking the links below.

Follow PEI Driving Rules and Avoid Driving Licence Suspensions

If you want to avoid traffic tickets and license suspensions in Prince Edward Island and contribute to good road safety, you need to follow all PEI road signs and road rules as outlined in the PEI Driver's Handbook (you can test your driving knowledge with our free series of PEI Class 7 practice test sets). No matter what licensing stage you are at, whether it's the PEI Class 7 Instruction Driver's Permit stage, the PEI Class 5 Stage 2 driver's license or the PEI Class 5 Stage 3 drivers license, you are required to drive according to PEI driving rules and make sure you have adequate PEI vehicle insurance while keeping up-to-date documentation for the vehicle you are driving.

Valid Drivers Licence

Regardless of your age or driving experience level, you need to be carrying a valid PEI drivers licence to drive in any part of PEI.

No Distracted Driving

The use of handheld devices while driving is against the law in PEI, so make sure you are not using a cellphone or mobile device when driving a vehicle unless its a hands free device.

No Alcohol

Drunk driving is the leading cause of vehicle-related accidents. Each driver licensing level dictates the level of alcohol you are allowed to consume when operating a motor vehicle.

Obey Speed Limits

There is a large difference in the speed limits for rural, urban and highway driving. Make sure you are aware of the speed limit expected of you at all times.

Looking to Get a Drivers License In a Different Province?

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Depending on where you live, the process of getting your Canadian driver's licence can be somewhat different. Choose your province or territory of residence and allow us to direct you to the correct resources.