The Graduated Licensing Yukon Implements

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

If you are looking to get a car driving license in the Yukon, you need to complete the Yukon GDL process (the graduated licensing Yukon administers) and build strong driving skills to help you safely drive on all Yukon roadways. While this section deals with getting a car or light truck driver's license, a similar process exists for Yukon graduated motorcycle licensing.

Our team wants to help you with your "learning how to drive in Yukon" journey. Our Yukon driving license resources, practice tests and road test tips can help you get your license in the easiest way and in the shortest possible time frame.

The first stage of the graduated licensing Yukon offers to aspiring passenger vehicle drivers begins with the Yukon Class 7 Learner stage, followed by the Yukon Class 5 Novice stage and finally, the full, unrestricted Yukon Class 5 driving license.

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Getting Your Yukon Driving Licence

We're About Helping You Learn How To Drive In Yukon

The graduated licensing Yukon offers, or the Yukon GDL process is made up of three stages whereby you gradually build on your skills to go from a learner licensing level to a novice driver level and ultimately get your advanced Class 5 licence. The purpose of the Yukon GDL process is to ensure that every new driver (and sometimes experienced drivers) learn the skills that help everyone remain safe on all Yukon roads.  While the process may seem to be a long one, it actually goes by pretty quickly and before you know it you're an experienced Class 5 Yukon driver. You must of course also have sufficient Yukon car insurance and the appropriate documentation to legally drive in the Yukon territory.

Getting Your Yukon Driving Licence

Class 7 Learner Licence + Class 5 Novice Licence --> Class 5 licence

Getting Your Yukon Class 7 Learner Licence

Learning Yukon Road Signs and Road Rules

Learning how to drive in the Yukon begins with building a strong base of knowledge of the Yukon's road signs and rules of the road. Along with studying the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook, there is no better way to prepare for the first stage of the graduated licensing Yukon offers than our free Yukon Class 7 practice test series. It's a great way to get ready for the Yukon driving knowledge test.

Getting Your Yukon Class 7 Learner Licence

Written test + Vision test --> Class 7 Learner Licence

You can get your learner licence after you turn 15:

Here's how to get your Class 7 learner licence:

Bring 2 pieces of identification

Get parental consent if under 18

Pass the Yukon written test

Take the vision test

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Novice Licence

Building Strong On-Road Driving Skills With Your Novice Licence

A learners license will give you the opportunity to practice driving and accumulate valuable behind the wheel driving hours. This driving practice is essential in the process of getting a Yukon novice license (the second stage of the Graduated licensing Yukon implements). In order to get your novice licence, you will need to pass a road test during which the examiner will ask you to demonstrate strong driving capability and confidence.

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Novice Licence

16 years of age + practice drive (6 months) + 50 hours of driving + road test --> Yukon Class 5 novice licence

You can get your YT novice licence after you turn 16:

Here's how to get your Class 5 novice licence:

Be at least 16 years old

Practice with a learner licence for a min 6 months

Accumulate a min of 50 driving hours

Take and Pass the road test

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Licence

The "Learning To Drive In Yukon" Journey Ends With A Class 5 Licence

Only when a Yukon driver has proven themselves to be a competent driver by getting through all of the stages of the graduated licensing Yukon operates, are they assigned a full privilege Class 5 Yukon drivers licence. At this point, they have earned the privilege of driving.

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Licence

Novice licence (18 months) + no violations --> Class 5 licence

You must practice as a novice for 18 months.

Here's how to get your Class 5 Licence:

Practice safe driving for 18 months

Remain violation free while driving

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