Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test – SGI Class 6 Learners Practice Test

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This Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test provides a way to test one's motorcycle driving knowledge as it pertains to the kinds of questions found on the SGI Class 6 test or 6 endorsement for a motorcycle learners permit. For those who don't know, SGI stands for Saskatchewan Government Insurance - the institution responsible for Saskatchewan's Motorcycle Graduated Driver Licensing (MGDL) program. The MGDL program is a three stage process for new motor cycle riders to safely operate and get a Saskatchewan motorcycle license. Our Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test is very similar to the actual SGI motorcycle learners test, having been developed from the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook and the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver's Handbook, and also with the assistance of bike riders who have already taken the official SGI Class 6 written test.

This Saskatchewan Motorcycle Practice Test - Very Similar to the Real SGI Class 6 Test

As explained earlier, our SGI Class 6 learners practice test is extremely similar to the real thing. Questions are presented in the same multiple choice format as the official SGI motorcycle learners written test. For each question, there are four potential answers to choose from. Make sure you fully understand both the question and all of the potential answers before responding, because some answers can seem quite similar at first glance - only one answer is the correct one. While it’s not possible to know exactly what questions you'll face on the official SGI written test, our Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test series has been developed in such a way that you may in fact find some of the exact same questions on your actual SGI Class 6 learners test. It is a highly productive way to study in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook.

The SGI Motorcycle Learners Test - Additional Questions and Answers:

Certain conditions must be met to acquire a full unrestricted Saskatchewan motorcycle license. To learn more about preparing for the SK motorcycle permit test, visit our Saskatchewan graduated motorcycle license page. If you want to find out more about different kinds of Saskatchewan (or SGI) driving licenses available, please visit Saskatchewan drivers licenses. To find out more about Canadian driving licenses in general (in other parts of Canada), see here: Canada Drivers Licenses.

This practice test (and all the others on is completely free to use as much as you want, so take your time and perhaps revisit this test over the course of a few days to reinforce things, and let the motorcycle driving knowledge really sink in. We are confident that if you study the Saskatchewan driver's handbook and the Saskatchewan Motorcycle Driver's Handbook, and use this SGI Class 6 learners practice test until you consistently get a passing grade, you should have no problems with the official SGI Class 6 endorsement test and probably pass on your first attempt.

As always, we would love to know how things go for you, and we invite your comments - help us make our Saskatchewan motorcycle practice test even better.

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