The Nova Scotia Graduated Drivers License System

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

All Nova Scotia drivers have to pass through and successfully complete the requirements of each stage in the Nova Scotia graduated drivers license system or NS GDL. A very similar NS graduated motorcycle license program is also in place. The Nova Scotia graduated drivers license program for basic passenger vehicles (cars & light trucks), ensures that all new drivers build strong driving skills and gradually develop the driving experience needed to safely operate on public roads.

At, our team has researched and created a series of information charts, tips and process maps to help you easily navigate through everything required to get a Nova Scotia passenger vehicle driving license. Whether you're at the NS Learners License or NS Class 5N - Newly Licensed level, or going for your full Nova Scotia Class 5 License, our goal is to be with you every step of the way. We'd like to make getting your NS driver's license as stress-free as possible.

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Your Nova Scotia Car License

The Nova Scotia Graduated Drivers License Simplified

Finding the right information for each step in the Nova Scotia graduated drivers license process can be time consuming and for some, a bit confusing. In order to make the process as simple as possible we've done the research for you and put all the requirements, learning, practice tests and other driving resources in one easy to access place. We want to make sure you get your Class 5 license easily and as quickly as possible.

Getting Your Nova Scotia Driving Licence

Class 7 Learner License + Class 5N License --> Class 5R/Class 5 License

Getting Your Nova Scotia Class 7 Learner License

Knowing NS road signs and road rules is important for your Nova Scotia written test

In order to get a Class 7 Nova Scotia learners license, you must pass a written test. To pass the NS written test, you are going to need to learn all of the Nova Scotia road signs and road rules as presented in the Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook, as well as spend some time practicing for the test. A great way to practice, is with our series of free Nova Scotia learners test practice sets.

Nova Scotia Class 7 Learner License

Written Test + Vision test --> Class 7 Learner License

You must be 16 to apply:

More on how to get your Class 7 license:

Study The Registry of Motor Vehicles - Nova Scotia Driver's Handbook

Pass the class 7 written test

Pass a vision test

Bring proof of age and ID documents

How to Get Your Class 5N License

Practical Driving Skills are the Key to Passing the Road Test

Depending on the type of driver training you enrolled in, you can start the process to get your NS Newly Licensed - Class 5N as early as 3 months after you get a Class 7 learner license. Practicing on-road driving skills while at the learner stage is key to being successful on the Nova Scotia road test. Don't forget, whenever driving, you must have all of the required documentation for your vehicle, as well as the car insurance Nova Scotia requires of all drivers.

Get Your Nova Scotia 5N License

practice driving (6 months) + road test --> Class 5N License

You must wait a min of 6 months:

Here's how to get your Class 5N License:

Prepay for your road test

Book a road test appointment

Practice, Practice, Practice driving

Pass the Nova Scotia road test

Your 5R (Restricted) License and Class 5 Full License

Remain Probation Free to Get Your Full Class 5 Licence Faster

The Class 5R (restricted) license stage is the final stage in the Nova Scotia graduated drivers license process and allows you the most freedom of driving within the Nova Scotia GDL program. You must remain at this stage for 24 months before you can get your full unrestricted Nova Scotia Class 5 license.

Final Nova Scotia Class 5 Car Licence Steps

Step 1 - Class 5N Licence + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5R licence

Step 2 - Class 5R License + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5 License

You must drive safely with a 5N license for 24 months:

Here's how to get your Class 5 licence:

Practice safe driving for 24 months.

Complete a Driver Training Program

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Nova Scotia manages their driver licensing through Nova Scotia Motor Vehicle Registry offices. These sites are well-equipped for driver testing, helping drivers understand what is expected of them and dealing with any registration related tasks Nova Scotia driver's license holders may have. Click the links below for information about various kinds of NS drivers license types.

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