Understanding NWT Graduated Driver Licensing

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

If you want to drive a vehicle like a car, van or light truck in the Northwest Territories, you must be properly licenced and obey all road signs and rules of the road. You must also be able to demonstrate that you can safely operate under a variety of conditions. The NWT Graduated Driver Licensing program ensures that all new drivers gradually acquire all of the skills and confidence to drive safely over a period of time. A similar NWT Graduated Motorcycle License program is in place for bike drivers. All new passenger vehicle drivers must follow the NWT GDL process in order to get their Class 5 car driving licence.

There are three stages to the NWT GDL program where our team at icandrive.ca can help you navigate through the NT Class 7 learner stage, the NT Class 5 probationary stage and eventually get your NT Class 5 licence.

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Completing the NWT Graduated Driver Licensing Program

We want to help you understand how the NWT GDL system works

The three step NWT Graduated Driver Licensing program is designed to help aspiring drivers learn key driving skills at each stage of the process, building skills that help them become confident and safe drivers over time. There are mandatory wait times between each of the stages that allow a new driver adequate time to practice the skills learned at that level and prepare for the next stage. All residents must follow the exact same process in order to get their NWT car licence.

NWT Class 5 License Process

Class 7 learner licence + Class 5 Probationary licence → Class 5 Full licence 

Getting Your NWT Learner Licence

The Class 7 licence allows you to practice driving in NT

By studying the Northwest Territories Driver's Handbook and testing your driving knowledge with our NWT Class 7 practice test series, you can dramatically improve your chances of passing the written exam required to get a NWT Class 7 learner's license on the first attempt.

NWT Class 7 Learner Licence

Pass the Class 7 written test and vision test to get Class 7 licence

You can get your Class 7 on your 15th birthday:

More on how to get your Class 7:

Study the NWT Basic Driver's Handbook

Practice Class 7 written tests

Take and Pass the Class 7 written test

Pass a vision test

The NWT 5P Probationary Licence

A NWT probationary driver has greater opportunity to drive without supervision

The purpose of the NWT Class 5P probationary licence stage of the NWT Graduated Driver Licensing program, is to allow drivers greater freedom to practice their driving skills and become more capable and confident road users, and master the skills necessary to drive free of restrictions. At this stage, drivers must also have appropriate documentation for the vehicle being driven, as well as adequate NWT car insurance.

NWT Class 5P Licence

Practice safe driving for 12 months as a learner and pass the Class 5 road test to get your Class 5P Licence

You qualify for a 5P licence after 12 months:

Here's how to get your 5P licence:

Pay for your Class 5 road test in advance

Bring a vehicle in good working order

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and Pass the Class 5 road test

Getting Your NWT Class 5 Licence

Exiting the NWT GDL means getting your Class 5 licence

After you've demonstrated safe driving, with minimal accumulation of demerit points and completed the mandatory 12 months at the probationary stage, you complete the NWT Graduated Driver Licensing process, and will qualify for a full NWT Class 5 car license.

NWT Class 5 Licence

Drive safely with a Class 5 Probationary Licence for 12 months in order to get your Class 5 Full Licence

You can get your Class 5 after you turn 17:

Here's how to get your Class 5 licence:

Be 17 or older

Drive with your 5P licence for 12 months

Accumulate less than 6 demerit points

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In the Northwest Territories, driver licensing is handled by Driver and Motor Vehicle (DMV) offices located across the region. All new drivers are expected to complete mandatory licensing requirements and follow the road rules implemented. Regardless of what type of licence you are looking for, the ICanDrive.ca team has you covered. Choose your licence type below for more information.

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The process of getting a Canadian driver's license can be quite different depending on where in Canada you live. Choose your province or territory of residence to allow us to direct you to the appropriate resources.