All About the Graduated Licensing Ontario Implements

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

Getting your first drivers licence is an extremely exciting time. But with so many steps and requirements for the Ontario GDL or graduated licensing Ontario has in place, it's often confusing to know exactly what the easiest and most logical learning path is to get your Ontario driving licence.

In order to make the Ontario graduated licensing process as stress-free as possible, our team has worked hard to put together everything you need to know in a simple, easy to learn format (see here for Ontario graduated motorcycle licensing). We can help you stop worrying and start driving as soon as possible. The graduated licensing Ontario makes available is not as hard as it may at first seem.

For car and light truck drivers, there are three stages to the graduated licensing Ontario offers: First, the Ontario G1 license, second, the Ontario G2 license, and the third and final stage, the Ontario G license.

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Navigating the Graduated Licensing Ontario Mandates:

Our goal is to make the Ontario graduated licensing system easy to understand

The Ontario graduated drivers license process is made up of three separate licensing stages which help prepare new Ontario drivers to become responsible and capable of driving on all kinds of roads and in all kinds of weather conditions. Before becoming a fully licensed Ontario driver and making it through the graduated licensing Ontario requires, you must prove adequate road signs and road rules knowledge, as well as obtain a significant amount of supervised driving experience to then be deemed a safe Ontario driver.

Ontario driver licensing journey

Get your G1 licence and your G2 licence to get your Full G licence

Getting Your Ontario G1 Licence

The G1 license is the first step in the graduated licensing Ontario implements

To get the Ontario G1 license, you must first pass the G1 test. The G1 test is a multiple choice driving knowledge test which helps new drivers learn the rules of the road and road signs before attempting in-car training. In order to successfully pass the G1 driving test, you will need to study the Ontario driver's handbook and practice G1 knowledge tests. You can do that here with our free Ontario G1 practice test series.

Getting Your Ontario G1 Licence - Find out the process

Pass your G1 written test and vision test to get G1 licence

You can get your G1 licence on your 16th birthday.

Here's how to get your G1 licence:

Bring two pieces of identification

Bring the associated test fees

Take and pass the G1 written test

Pass a vision test

Getting Your Ontario G2 Licence

Getting your G2 licence allows you to drive on Ontario roads without supervision

The Ontario G2 license is step 2 in the Ontario licensing process. After practicing with a licensed supervisor for 8-12 months, a G1 licensed driver can attempt the G1 road test and move on to the G2 license stage. At this stage you can drive without a supervisor present in the car. Remember, all drivers must have sufficient Ontario car insurance to drive on public roads. Also, make sure that you are familiar with the Ontario G2 License Rules, Restrictions & Requirements.

Here's how to get your Ontario G2 licence

Practice safe driving for 1 year and pass the G1 road test to get your G2 license

You must have your G1 licence for a min of 8-12 months before you can apply for your G2.

Here's how to get your G2 licence:

Bring a vehicle in good working order

Bring the associated test fees

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and pass the G1 road test

Getting Your Ontario G Licence

Your Ontario G licence is your final, complete Ontario car licence

The G2 road test to get your Ontario G license is designed to test that a G2 licensed driver is fully capable of driving safely on all Ontario roads. Driving practice at the G2 stage helps an Ontario driver ensure that their driving skills are well developed for the G2 road test.

Ontario G Licence process

Practice safe driving for 2 year and pass the G2 road test to get your G licence

You can get your G licence after holding a valid G2 licence for a minimum of 12 months.

Here's how to get your G licence:

Bring a vehicle in good working order

Bring the associated test fees

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment

Take and pass the G2 road test

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The Ministry of Transportation (MTO) is responsible for facilitating all G, M, and commercial vehicle driver licensing (CDL) and tests. For those looking to get the particular type of drivers license Ontario requires for various kinds of vehicles, we offer the following informational guides. While most Ontario drivers get an Ontario G license or car driving license or an Ontario M motorcycle drivers license, many others need or want a more specific type of Ontario driving licence, like an Ontario truck driving license, or Ontario bus driver license, an Ontario air brake license or an Ontario boating license. Click the links for more information.

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