How to Get the Final NL Class 5 License

If you've already gone through the Class 5 Level 1 Learner and Class 5 Level 2 Novice Driver licensing stages of the Newfoundland Graduated Licensing program, then you've already done most of the heavy lifting. A NL Class 5 License is automatically awarded to Newfoundland drivers who have demonstrated excellent driving skills over the 12 month duration of the Class 5 Level 2 novice driver stage. Once you have your final, unrestricted, full NL Class 5 license, you have complete driving freedom with your car or light truck. Obviously, you should continue to practice safe driving techniques and stay within the rules of the road, to maintain safety for all road users. And of course, you must also carry sufficient NL motor vehicle insurance, as well as have all of the required motor vehicle documentation to remain within the law.

Get Your Final NL Class 5 Licence

Class 5 II Licence + safe driving (1 year) --> Class 5 licence

Getting Your Final Newfoundland Driving Licence

By this point you should have developed a strong foundation in Newfoundland & Labrador road signs, road rules and safe driving practices. The Newfoundland GDL process is designed to ensure that once NL drivers reach the final NL Class 5 license level, they are 100% comfortable, safe and capable behind the wheel of a passenger vehicle or light truck.

Class 5 Level 2 Licence Holder

You must remain incident free (no at-fault accidents, violations etc.) for a 12-month period on your Class 5 Level 2 licence before you become eligible for the Class 5 full Newfoundland car license.

Licence Fee

You need to pay a 5 year licensing fee for your car or light truck licence. Your licence is valid for those 5 years and expires on your birthday.

  • Licence fee for non-senior - $125
  • Licence fee for a senior - $65

Vehicle Restrictions

Class 5 car or light truck licence holders can operate any 2 axle vehicle and a combination of vehicles where the towed vehicle does not exceed 4,500 Kg. In order to upgrade to a commercial licence, you must remain at the Class 5 level for a minimum of 1 year.

Looking for Information on Other NL Car Licence Types?

NL GDL Process

The Newfoundland Labrador GDL process is designed to teach new drivers how to drive in Newfoundland step-by-step so they don't miss learning any key skills.

NL Class 5 I Licence

The Class 5 Level 1 licence that Newfoundland provides, prepares new drivers with an understanding of Newfoundland road signs and road rules.

NL Class 5 II Licence

The Class 5 Level 2 licence in Newfoundland builds on the theory learned at the Class 5 Level 1 stage and helps drivers get more behind-the-wheel driving experience.

Looking for a Different Newfoundland Licence Type?

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