The Nunavut Graduated Driving License

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

Nunavut does not currently have a formal Nunavut graduated driving license program similar to the rest of the Canada, however, Nunavut does have two levels of licensing that new drivers must complete in order to get a Nunavut car or light truck drivers license (similar to the Nunavut graduated motorcycle license process)

In order to provide as much clarity as possible on getting a driving license in Nunavut, our team at has put together a basic framework on the skills you need to master in order to eventually get your full Class 5 Nunavut car license.

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Getting Your Nunavut Passenger Vehicle License

Helping You Understand the Nunavut Graduated Driving License Process

Trying to find the right information on how to get your car driving license in Nunavut can be a confusing process, so, in order to make things as simple as possible, our team has put together the requirements of each stage. The intention of passing through the two separate Nunavut graduated driving license stages is to help Nunavut drivers build driving skills that will help them remain safe and careful drivers in all road situations - to the benefit of all users of the road. Don't forget, a Nunavut driver's license comes with a great deal of responsibility, including having sufficient Nunavut car insurance and the appropriate documentation for your vehicle.

Getting Your Nunavut Driving Licence

Class 7 Learner License → Class 5 Car License

Your Nunavut Class 7 Learner License

Learning Nunavut road signs & road rules is the way to get a Class 7 license

In order to pass your Nunavut learners license test, you need to properly learn all Nunavut road signs and road rules. The Nunavut written test, is a multiple choice exam, that tests your understanding of how to correctly follow Nunavut road laws and drive within the required guidelines. A good way to determine whether you are ready for the Nunavut learners test, is to see how well you do on our free Nunavut Class 7 practice test series of tutorials.

Nunavut Class 7 Learner License

Written Test + Vision test → Class 7 Learner License

You must be 16 to apply:

Getting Your Class 7 License:

Study The Nunavut Driver's Manual

Practice Nunavut Learners Tests

Pass the class 7 written test

Pass a vision test

The Full Class 5 Nunavut Car License

The unrestricted, full-privilege Nunavut car license

Getting your Nunavut Class 5 license is the the final stage in the Nunavut car licensing process and allows you to drive without supervision or any restrictions on your licence.

Final Nunavut Class 7 License

Driving as a learner (1 month) + Class 7 road test → Class 5 licence

You must wait 1 month between licenses:

Here's how to get your Class 5 licence:

Practice driving with a supervisor

Take the Class 7 road test

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You must be a resident of Nunavut to get a Nunavut driving license, but, depending on where in Canada you live, the process of getting your Canadian driver's licence can differ. Choosing your province or territory of residence below, allows us to direct you to the appropriate resources to get a driver's license in that part of Canada.