Getting Your Manitoba Class 5 Full Drivers License

The Manitoba Class 5 Full drivers license is the final stage of the Manitoba graduated license program, which allows a person to legally drive a car or light truck in Manitoba. The Manitoba Class 5 Full car drivers license or Class 5F, is only awarded to Manitoba drivers who have completed the MB learners license and MB intermediate license stage, and who are deemed capable and responsible enough to drive without restrictions. You must use the minimum 15 month Class 5I (intermediate) period to continue to become more and more familiar with driving, by practicing your driving skills.

Manitoba Class 5 Full Drivers License

Drive safely for 15 months with Class 5I Licence to get the Class 5F Licence.

Your Manitoba Class 5F Licence Explained

Congratulations! You're almost at the end of your Manitoba graduated licensing journey and ready to get your Class 5F licence. Make sure you continue to refer to the Manitoba drivers handbook if you ever have any questions and always focus on driving in an alert, safe and considerate manner when on Manitoba roads. You can also quickly refresh your driving knowledge with our free Manitoba Class 5 practice tests.

5I licence holder

Once you've completed the mandatory minimum 15 months at the Class 5I stage, you will automatically graduate to the Class 5 full licence stage.

Licence Expiry

Once your licence becomes due for renewal, you should receive a notification in the mail indicating that you need to renew your licence.

No Alcohol

You must maintain a zero blood alcohol concentration for the first 36 months of driving with your Manitoba Class 5 full drivers license.

Licence Upgrades

Once you've passed the appropriate tests, you can upgrade to a Full Class 1-4 licence if you want to.

Supervising Driver

You will be allowed to supervise novice drivers after completing three years at the Class 5F stage.

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Manitoba 5L Licence

You Manitoba learners licence will give you the opportunity to practice driving skills in a safe and supervised environment

Manitoba 5I Licence

Your Class 5I licence is your licence to drive unsupervised and to build on your on-road driving skills.

Looking for a Different Manitoba Driving Licence Type?

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We've assembled information on several different kinds of Manitoba drivers license types to help drivers quickly find what they need. Not all drivers are looking to get a Manitoba Class 5 Full drivers license, or a Manitoba motorcycle license, so if you need a more specific kind of drivers licence, click the links for more information.