Getting a Yukon Class 5 Novice License

Once you've built a good understanding of Yukon road signs and road rules, passed the Yukon class 7 learners license test and had an opportunity to practice your behind-the-wheel driving skills, it's time to start preparing to get a Yukon Class 5 Novice License. The Class 5 Novice license stage is designed to ensure that new Yukon drivers are able to demonstrate strong driving skills in a road test environment, and gets you one step closer to your final Yukon Class 5 licence - the final stage of the Yukon GDL.

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Novice Licence

16 years of age + practice drive (6 months) + 50 hours of driving + road test --> Yukon Class 5 novice licence

Practice Driving Before Applying For a Yukon Class 5 Novice License

Before any driving examiner will give you a pass on the Yukon road test, you need to invest a lot of hours (50+) driving with a supervising driver in real world driving scenarios. (Remember, you must have appropriate documentation for your vehicle and adequate Yukon car insurance to legally drive on public roads.) The more you practice, the stronger the driving skills you will develop and the higher your chances of passing the Yukon Class 5 novice license road test on the first attempt. Explore the tabs below for more information.

16 years old

You need to be 16 years old to qualify for a Yukon Class 5 novice license.

Yukon Learner Licence

At a minimum, you need to have held a Yukon learner license for 6 months.

Min 50 Hours Driving Practice

You must have logged a minimum of 50 hours of supervised driving practice.

Book Your Road Test

You have to book your road test appointment in advance with a Motor Vehicles Office.

Study The Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook

Brushing up on key concepts like the Yukon road signs and road rules is a great way to refresh your mind on skills you may need to practice and demonstrate during the Yukon road test.

Practice Driving

The minimum 6-month wait period between getting your learner licence and the earliest date you can apply for a Yukon Class 5 novice license should be used to practice driving under supervision as much as possible. Some key skills you need to master are:

  • Navigating through intersections (traffic awareness, driving through, turning)
  • Parking (straight, parallel, angle,¬† on hills and reverse)
  • Entering/Merging on to traffic ways/highways and changing lanes
  • Pulling over and stopping on the side of the road
  • Stall parking (driving forward and backing up);
  • 2 and 3 point turns

Remember, the Yukon Class 5 novice license road test is designed to assess how comfortable, confident and safe you are behind the wheel of a car, so stay calm and try to confidently demonstrate the required driving skills.

Pre-trip Check

Before the test can begin, the driving examiner will asses whether the vehicle you have brought for the test is able to take the test. In addition, you must also ensure that your vehicle has valid insurance and registration paperwork.

Road Test

The Yukon Class 5 novice license road test typically takes less than hour. You will be instructed to drive through a predetermined driving route. Make sure you listen carefully to the driving examiners instructions and be aware of road conditions. Proactively identifying potential hazards and appropriately responding to them will demonstrate to the examiner that you have enough experience to drive in the Yukon.

Some key things to keep in mind

  • Stick with the posted speed limit and don't go over it
  • Keep an eye out for school zones and school buses
  • Maintain a safe following distance from other vehicles
  • Use turn signals appropriately
  • Stop before the white line on red lights and come to a complete stop before the white line at stop signs
  • Always check your blind spots

Post-test Debrief

After the road test is finished, you will drive back to the driver examination center and be told if you passed or failed along with any suggestions for driving improvements.

Test day can be stressful, so use our test day checklist to make sure you've got everything for you need for the road test:

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Rest = Improved mental ability, so make sure you're not up late the night before your test and get at least 8 hours of sleep.

Enough Fuel

Check your vehicles fuel tank on the way to the test and top up to ensure you have enough fuel to complete the test.

Arrive Early

Despite pre-booking your road test appointment, arriving 30 minutes in advance will give you the opportunity to settle in and be relaxed before the test.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

If for some reason you can't make the test appointment, make sure you cancel with as much notice as possible to avoid losing your pre-booked appointment fee.

Safe Vehicle + Vehicle Safety Check

Your vehicle needs to be road worthy, have appropriate insurance and registration documentation - so make sure you double check everything before arriving at the test location.

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts to drive, make sure you take them along.

Applicable Fees

The Yukon road test costs $20 and you will most likely have prepaid when you booked your test appointment time.

Your Current Licence

Be sure to bring your learner licence to the road test appointment.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the Yukon road test, you need to speak with the Motor Vehicle Office about when you can re-test to get your Yukon novice licence.

Min Licence Holding Period

You must remain at the Yukon novice license stage for a minimum of 18 months, violation free.

No Alcohol

Both you and any supervising driver cannot consume any alcohol or drugs before driving.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

You must be accompanied by a supervising driver who has held a Class 5 license for a minimum of 2 years when driving between the hours of midnight and 5 am. This restriction does not apply to individuals who have been approved for the midnight work travel exemption by the Yukon Motor Vehicle Office.

No Electronic Devices

All handheld devices (phones, tablets etc.) are banned while driving.

Vehicles a Novice Can Operate

Novice licence holders are limited to driving passenger vehicles not exceeding a 9-person capacity. You are not allowed to tow a trailer at this stage.

Passenger Limit

Your passengers are limited to the number of working seat belts. If driving a truck, no passengers are allowed in the box of the truck.

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