Getting Your Nova Scotia Class 5 License

Getting a full Nova Scotia Class 5 license (for non-commercial passenger vehicles like cars and light trucks) is a multi step process. After getting a NS Learner's Licence, and then driving with your Newly Licensed - Class 5N licence for a minimum of 24 months, you must also meet certain Nova Scotia driver's license restrictions and conditions, before you are eligible for a Class 5R (restricted) license. After these conditions have been met, a full, unrestricted Class 5 license will be granted. Each of the licensing stages before the full Class 5 have been designed to maximize your learning potential, while providing the necessary structure to becoming a confident and capable Nova Scotia driver.

Getting Your Class 5R and Class 5 Licence

Step 1 - Class 5N Licence + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5R licence
Step 2 - Class 5R License + safe driving (2 years) --> Class 5 License

Getting Your Class 5R and Nova Scotia Class 5 License

A Class 5 R License comes with fewer restrictions than the Newly Licensed stage, and way fewer restrictions than the Class 7 NS learners license stage. A Class 5 R License is the final step new drivers must complete before exiting the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing program, to get an unrestricted, full Nova Scotia Class 5 license. Click the tabs below for more information.

Class 5N Licence Holder

You must have continuously held (no interruptions due to suspensions etc) a Class 5N licence for 24 months in order to qualify for a Class 5R license. Once you've completed the 24 months, you will automatically move to the Class 5R licensing stage.

Minimum Holding Period

You must remain at the 5R stage for a minimum of 24 months before you can qualify for your full Class 5 Nova Scotia car licence.

Driver Training Program

You have the option to take a Nova Scotia Driver Training Program at any point in the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing process and must be able to provide a copy of your graduation certificate to any Registry of Motor Vehicles or Access Nova Scotia center for their records before you can move to the final Class 5 licensing stage. There are two options for Nova Scotia driver training programs:

Long Driver Training Course

  • 25 in-classroom hours + 10 hours of driving time
  • If you take the long course while in the Class 7 stage, you can take your road test after only 3 months (instead of 6)

Short Driver Training Course

  • 6 in-classroom hours

No Alcohol

Your blood alcohol level must remain at zero at the NS Class 5R licensing level.

Supervisor Driving

Until you get your full Nova Scotia Class 5 license, you cannot be a supervising driving for a learning driver.

Once you have completed the mandatory 24-month wait time with a Class 5 R license and graduated from a ministry-approved driver training program, you are eligible for a full Class 5 car license and can exit the Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing program. Always remember to drive safely, remain free of distractions and be completely aware of other road users. Also, don't forget, you must maintain sufficient Nova Scotia vehicle insurance, as well as the required documentation for your vehicle.

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NS GDL Process

The Nova Scotia graduated driver licensing process is designed to help new drivers navigate all the steps required to become safe, capable and confident drivers.

NS Class 5L Licence

Nova Scotia's Learner License helps new drivers build behind the wheel driving skills while being 100% under the supervision of a qualified, experienced driver.

NS Class 5N License

The Class 5N (Newly Licensed) stage allows Nova Scotia drivers greater independence as they further develop their car driving skills and prepare for the Class 5R stage.

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