Getting the NL Novice Driver License - Class 5, Level II

As you progress through the Newfoundland GDL process, after getting your NL learner's permit, the next step of your licensing journey is the NL novice driver license, or Class 5 Level 2 licence. This particular licensing stage will require you to demonstrate strong on-road driving ability through a road test. Practicing your driving skills at the learner (Level 1) stage is key to successfully passing your Class 5 Level 1 road test to acquire a NL novice driver license or Class 5 Level II licence.

NL Class 5 II Licence Steps

practice driving (12 months) + road test --> Class 5 Level 2 Licence

Driving Practice is Essential for Passing Your Road Test

For a better sense of what to expect at the NL novice driver license stage, click through the tabs below. We've included all of the necessary steps you should take, to make the process as easy as possible and successfully obtain a Newfoundland Class 5 Level 2 licence. Keep in mind, anyone driving on public roads in Newfoundland and Labrador, must carry sufficient Newfoundland vehicle insurance, and have the appropriate vehicle documentation.

Drivers under the age of 19 require parental consent to take any driver licensing test.

17 Years Old

You must remain at the Class 5 Level 1 licensing stage for a minimum of 12 months, and can start the application for the NL novice driver license - Level II, at the age of 17.

16 Years + 8 Months With Driver Training

If you take a government certified Driver Education Program, you can reduce the time spent at the Class 5 Level 1 Learner licensing stage and apply for your Class 5 Level 2 licence at the age of 16 years and 8 months.

Book Your Level 1 Road Test

You need to pre-book your Level 1 road test appointment with a Service NL office.

Study The Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide

It's a good idea to refresh your memory on the road signs and road rules before you take the road test to make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Besides reviewing the information in the Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide, we suggest going through our NL permit test practice series, as a great way to make sure you know are fully prepared.

Practice Driving

The NL Level 1 road test is designed to test your basic driving ability as well as some defensive driving skills. Some key requirements are:

  • Showing an understanding of how to modify driving behavior (speed etc) based on weather and road conditions (construction zones, school zones)
  • Correctly following all road signs, rules, speed limits etc
  • Correct lane driving
  • Driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Performing 3-point turns, U-turns and regular right/left turns
  • Signaling, lane changing and safe passing
  • Entering and exiting traffic roadways
  • Parking (stall, reverse and parallel)

Pre-trip Check

Prior to the test beginning, the examiner will check your vehicle to make sure it meets all safety standards. Some key items to check before you arrive for the test are

  • Are your lights correctly functioning?
  • Are you brakes working properly?
  • Are the Horn, tires, mirrors and other controls fully functional?

Refer to the Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide section on Vehicle Equipment and Standards for more details on your vehicle safety check.

Level 1 Road Test

The actual NL Level 1 road test is usually about 20 minutes, but can take longer depending on traffic and weather conditions. Make sure you focus on the examiners instructions, stay calm and try your best to demonstrate the skills you've extensively practiced prior to your Class 5 Level 1 road test.

Post-test Debrief

After the test is complete, you will return to the examination center and learn if you passed or failed the road test, along with suggestions for improvement.

The day of your Level 1 road test to get a NL novice driver license will eventually arrive. To avoid any additional stress on your test day, use our test day checklist to make sure you've got everything covered.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

If you are up late the night before, you will be tired and not at the top of your game. Get a good nights sleep the night before your Level 1 road test.

Arrive Early

Even when you have a booked appointment, arriving 10 minutes earlier than the time specified, gives you the opportunity to settle in, relax and avoid a last minute rush.

Vehicle Check

Before the actual road test can begin, the examiner will check the vehicle you have brought to the Class 5 Level 1 road test, to make sure it meets safety standards and all controls are in good working condition.

Vision Aids

Glasses or contacts must be worn for the test if they have been prescribed.

Applicable Fees

  • The cost of the road test which you would have paid when you booked your test appointment is $78 ($39 senior fee)
  • Once you successfully pass the road test and apply to get your NL novice driver licence card, you have to pay a fee of $125 ($65 senior fee)

Documents To Bring

Test Re-takes

If you fail the road test, you can book another appointment but you will have to re-pay the road test fee when booking.

Class 5 II Card

Once you've passed the level 1 road test, you will need to pay the Class 5 Level 2 licence fee of $125 (senior fee $65) to get your licence card.

Minimum Holding Period

The Class 5 Level 2 NL novice driver license stage is 12 months in duration.

Licence Expiry

Your licence is valid for 5 years.

No Alcohol

You cannot consume any alcohol before or during the time that you are operating a vehicle.

No Electronic Devices

Distracted driving is a very serious offense, and there is zero tolerance for drivers caught using cellphones, tablets etc. while driving.

Passenger Limit

  • You can carry as many passengers as there are working seat belts in the vehicle.

Restricted Night time Driving

If you are driving between the hours of midnight and 5 am you need to be accompanied by a fully licensed driver (minimum 4 years of experience at the Class 5 or higher level). There is an exemption for drivers traveling to and from work during these hours, but those drivers must provide proof of employment to the police.

No Commercial Upgrade

You cannot upgrade to a commercial driving licence from this stage and must wait untill you have a full Class 5 Newfoundland drivers licence.

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