The Quebec Road Safety Education Program

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

Through the Quebec Road Safety Education Program, the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) has implemented a strict driver education program whereby new, inexperienced drivers can learn key skills to become capable and confident Quebec drivers (a similar QC motorcycle driver education program is also in place). New drivers first practice under supervision with a Quebec learners permit and then perfect their driving skills with the Class 5 probationary licence Quebec offers. Most prospective Quebec drivers are able to build strong driving skills before they graduate to the full Class 5 license Quebec makes available to qualified drivers.

The SAAQ is the organization responsible for driver licensing and the associated services for the province. By enforcing a mandatory Quebec Road Safety Education Program and issuing comprehensive SAAQ knowledge tests, the SAAQ is able to train aspiring Quebec drivers to anticipate and handle all road situations. Driver licensing in Quebec from the learner, through the probationary and eventually at the Class 5 licence stage, is all managed through SAAQ offices.

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Getting Your Quebec drivers licence

Getting a Quebec car driving license is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

The Quebec Road Safety Education Program is the basic equivalent of graduated drivers licensing in other provinces. While extensive, the Quebec Road Safety Education Program is not complicated if you complete the requirements and training at each phase. Each of the three stages is set up to teach you a different type of driving knowledge and skills. Acquiring the knowledge to be a good Quebec driver at the right time and building that driving knowledge into your driving practice sessions will set you up for safe driving in the years to come. Don't forget, once you start driving on public roads, you must have adequate Quebec car insurance, and maintain the proper documentation for your vehicle.

QC graduated car license system

Class 5 learner + Class 5 probationary → Class 5 Licence 

Driving With a Quebec Learner Licence

Step 1 is mastering the theoretical knowledge of how to drive in Quebec

In order to get a Quebec learners licence (or Quebec learners permit), you need to first enroll in a recognized driver education course. The Quebec Driver education courses fulfill a large part of the requirements to get your learner licence. In addition to the testing set by your driving school, you will also be required to pass a SAAQ knowledge test. We have an excellent free series to help new Quebec drivers learn. See our free Quebec driving test practice series for more information.

QC Class 7L Steps

Complete Driver Education + Vision Test + Knowledge Tests → Class 5 Learner Licence

You can get your learners when you turn 16:

Here's how to get your Class 5L licence:

Enroll in Driver Training

Bring the required ID

Pass a vision test

Pass the SAAQ knowledge test

Steps to Getting Your Quebec Probationary Licence

The probationary license Quebec issues, comes with increased freedom to drive

You will have to demonstrate strong driving skills and excellent knowledge of relevant parts of the Quebec highway safety code, through a Class 5 road test (or SAAQ driving test) in order to qualify for and get the probationary license Quebec makes available.

QC Class 5P Licence

Class 5 learner licence (12 months) + Class 5 Road Test → Class 5 Probationary Licence

There is a 12 month wait period before you can get your 5P

Here's how to get your probationary licence:

Hold a Class 5L for 12 months

Complete Driver Education

Bring your own, mechanically sound vehicle

Take and pass the Class 5 road test

The Final, Full Class 5 Quebec Driver's Licence

Getting your Quebec Class 5 car licence signifies the end of your learning to drive journey

Once you have completed a suspension free 24 month period as a probationary driver in Quebec, you have earned the right to apply for a full Quebec Class 5 driver's license. While the Class 5 licence is the final stage of the Quebec Road Safety Education Program, depending on your age, there are still some restrictions you should be aware of. Make sure you review the Class 5 licence restrictions (available here) before driving with your new licence.

Class 5 Licence - the final stage

Drive safely for 2 years with a Class 5P Licence to get a Class 5 Licence

You must wait 24 months before applying for a Class 5:

Here's how to get your Class 5 licence:

Drive suspension/probation free for 12 months

Review all Class 5 license restrictions

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