About the Class 5 License Quebec Issues

In order to exit the QC probationary license stage of the Quebec Road Safety Education Program for passenger vehicles, you need to qualify for the final, full Class 5 license Quebec issues. While there is no road test associated with getting a Quebec Class 5 license, you do need to demonstrate safe, capable driving over your 2 year probationary period to finally qualify for the Class 5 license Quebec makes available.

Quebec Class 5 Licence

Drive safely for 2 years with a Class 5P Licence to get a Class 5 Licence

How to Get the Class 5 License Quebec Offers

The quickest way to get the full Class 5 license Quebec makes available and complete the Quebec Road Safety Education Program (or graduated driver licensing program), is to remain within the license restrictions at the Quebec Class 5 probationary license stage. Any situation where your licence is suspended or cancelled will increase the 2-year wait time. Consequently, it will take much longer to get your Quebec passenger vehicle licence. Also, don't forget, anytime you drive on public roads, you must have adequate Quebec car insurance in place, and have all of the necessary documentation for your vehicle available. Explore the tabs below for more details.

Class 5P Licence Holder

You need to have held a Quebec Class 5 probationary licence for a minimum of 24 months to qualify for a Class 5 licence.

License Info

Once you've completed the mandatory 2 years at the Class 5P stage, you will automatically be eligible to get your full Class 5 licence.

No Alcohol Under 22

If you are under the age of 22, regardless of your licence level, it is illegal for you to drink and drive. If you are caught with any alcohol level while driving:

  • Your vehicle will immediately be seized and impounded
  • Your licence will be suspended for 90 days
  • You will have to pay a $300-600 fine
  • You will have 4 demerit points entered onto your record

Obey Speed Limits

You need to drive within the speed limit specified in each traffic area, and obey all of the road signs and road rules for the safety of all road users. If you ever want to refresh your Quebec driving knowledge, see our free Quebec driving test practice series - it covers the rules of the road and road signs in Quebec.

No Handheld Devices

The use of handheld devices while driving is illegal and you could face immediate roadside suspension if caught driving distracted.

Demerit Point System

All Quebec driver's license holders will have their licence revoked (3, 6, or 12 month periods) if they exceed a certain number of demerit points

  • Under the age of 23 - your licence is revoked at 8 or more demerit points
  • 23-24 years of age - your licence is revolved at 12 or more demerit points
  • 25 or older - your licence is revoked at 15 or more demerit points

Looking For Information On Other QC Car Licence Types?

QC GDL Process

Follow the Quebec Road Safety Education Program to move through the Class 5L and Class 5P stages to get your full Class 5 licence.

QC Class 5L Licence

The Quebec Class 5 learner license is stage 1 in the Quebec car licensing process and allows brand new drivers the opportunity to learn how to drive.

QC Class 5P Licence

The Class 5 probationary licence is step two in the Quebec Road Safety Education Program and allows you to drive without supervision.

Looking For A Different Quebec Licence Type?

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