Getting the Class 5 License NB Offers

The Class 5 License NB makes available to qualified drivers is the final car licensing level in New Brunswick, and allows holders complete freedom to drive on all New Brunswick roadways, as long as they drive lawfully and possess the appropriate NB car insurance and other documentation required. New Brunswick residents who reach this licensing level have gone through all three levels of the New Brunswick Graduated License Program, demonstrating gradual development of strong driving skills. These drivers are typically able to drive a car safely in any sort of driving environment.

The Class 5 License NB Process

Class 7 Level 2 licence + safe driving (1 year) --> Class 5 licence

How to Get the Class 5 License NB Offers to Qualified Applicants

If you're looking for information on how to get the final, full Class 5 License NB can provide, Congratulations! It means you are ready to take the final step toward becoming a fully licensed driver in New Brunswick. Always remember that you can refresh your knowledge of road signs, rules of the road or driving techniques by reading through the New Brunswick Drivers Handbook, or simply challenge yourself with our free New Brunswick practice permit test series. It's fun, educational and a great refresh of essential driving knowledge.

Class 7 Level II Holder

Once you've held a Class 7 Level II licence for a minimum of 12 months and shown yourself to be a safe driver during that time period, you become eligible to apply for your Class 5 licence. See NB Driver Examiner Services for more information.

Licence Expiry

While there is no road test required to move to the Class 5 level, it is your responsibility as a New Brunswick driver to apply for a Class 5 licence as soon as you've fulfilled the minimum 12-month wait period requirement.

No Alcohol

If you are under the age of 21, regardless of the licence class you hold, you must maintain a zero blood alcohol concentration level at all times. This restriction will be identified on your NB driving licence as Restriction 23.

Looking for Information on Other New Brunswick Car Licence Types?

NB GDL Process

The 3 step NB GDL process is designed to help drivers build strong driving skills and good confidence in their ability to independently handle a car in NB.

NB Class 7 I Licence

The NB Class 7 Level I license or New Brunswick Drivers Permit Test is the learner level or first stage of passenger vehicle licensing in New Brunswick.

NB Class 7 II Licence

The Class 7 Level 2 stage is designed to help NB master more complicated driving skills and better judgement when it comes to driving on NB roads.

Looking for a Different New Brunswick Driving Licence Type?

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We've assembled information on many kinds of NB drivers license classes to help you find what you need. Whether it's a NB motorcycle license or a NB car driving license, or a more particular kind of Canadian driver's license like a NB truck license, or a NB bus license, a NB air brake license or a NB boat license. Click the links for more information.