About the Saskatchewan Class 5 Driver License

The Saskatchewan Class 5 driver license is the last stage of the Saskatchewan graduated drivers license program administered by SGI or the Saskatchewan Government Insurance Corporation. If you want to get a Sask drivers license, you must first qualify for a Saskatchewan learners license and then pass the Saskatchewan novice license road tests. The Saskatchewan Class 5 driver license is Saskatchewan's unrestricted, full-privilege driving licence, and allows drivers complete access to all of the wonderful opportunities available to basic passenger vehicle drivers in SK. Of course, holders of a Sask drivers license also carry a lot of responsibility to always drive safely and within the law - which also means having sufficient Saskatchewan car insurance and the appropriate documentation for your vehicle.

Getting Your Saskatchewan Class 5 Licence

Class 5 Novice 2 Licence + safe driving (1 year) --> Class 5 licence

Getting Your Final Saskatchewan Class 5 Driving Licence

If you go through the entire Saskatchewan GDL process, we are sure you will appreciate the level of skill and driving capability that all Saskatchewan drivers have to build as they gradually move through the GDL program. This is a great thing as it helps to ensure the safety of all users of SK public roads and highways. In order to help you make the most of the Saskatchewan Class 5 driver license, we've made available key information about the actual Class 5 licence as well as the benefits. Click the tabs below for more.

Class 5 - Novice 2 Licence Holder

You need to successfully complete 12 months at the Class 5 - Novice 2 level without any incidents to receive your Class 5 licence card in the mail. Incidents that could potentially increase the 12-month wait period are at fault collisions, traffic violations and license suspensions.

Supervisor Licence

Once you receive your Class 5 licence, you can sit in as a supervising driver to a learner.

Looking For Information On Other SK Car Licence Types?

SK GDL Process

Saskatchewan's GDL process is designed to equip new drivers with strong driving skills for all Saskatchewan road and weather conditions.

SK 7L Licence

The Saskatchewan 7L learner licence allows new drivers to learn SK driving skills while being supervised by another Saskatchewan driver.

SK Novice Licences

The Saskatchewan Class 5 novice licensing stages allow drivers to gradually shift from moderate to more advanced driving scenarios.

Looking For A Different Saskatchewan Licence Type?

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