The Class 5 Driver's License Alberta Offers

Congratulations! If you're at the point of going for the Class 5 driver's license Alberta makes available, it means that you're almost at the end of the graduated drivers license Alberta process. Driving a vehicle in Alberta comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility (including having appropriate Alberta car insurance and other required documentation when driving). The process for getting the full privilege Class 5 driver's license Alberta offers, is structured to ensure every new driver demonstrates excellent driving skills before becoming certified. Below, we've put together everything you need to know and learn before attempting the final road test (the Class 5 Alberta driving test).

Class 5 Driver's License Process

Drive for 2 years with 5 GDL Licence and pass the Class 5 Advanced Road test to get your Alberta Class 5 Licence

Details About the Class 5 Driver's License Alberta Mandates

In order to get your final, full privilege class 5 driver's license, you need to demonstrate superior driving skills to an Alberta driving examiner. You have to demonstrate that you have fully absorbed and understood the material from the Alberta Class 7 learner stage and used the Class 5 GDL Alberta stage to gain full competency as a driver in a variety of driving situations. In order to help you understand everything required for this licensing stage, we've put together all the information in an easy to follow format which you can read through at your own pace. Click the tabs below for more.

Class 5 GDL licence holder

You can take the Class 5 Alberta driving test after holding a Class 5 GDL licence for a minimum of 2 years.

18 Years Old

You must be 18 or older in order to apply for the Class 5 driver's license Alberta makes available.

Book Your Road Test

You have to pre-book your Class 5 advanced road test through your preferred Alberta registry agent location.

Study The Alberta Drivers Handbook

Take some time to refresh your memory on the road rules and road signs detailed in the Alberta drivers handbook. Our free Alberta class 7 practice test series (especially the two practice exams) can be a great help with this.

Practice Driving

The Class 5 advanced road test (ART) is structured to allow drivers to demonstrate strong driving skills and techniques in all sorts of driving environments. It's a good idea to practice driving in different scenarios (school zones, industrial areas, residential areas, commercial areas) and review the below list of driving skills every time you practice:

  • Making right turns, left turns and changing lanes
  • Stopping, checking for pedestrians and driving through intersections
  • Correctly stopping at pedestrian crosswalks
  • Speeding up, entering and exiting high-speed roadways
  • Knowing how to navigate both controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Understanding road signs and rules
  • Handing¬†controlled and uncontrolled railway crossings
  • Driving in heavily congested traffic
  • Being aware of and obeying speed limits
  • Driving through playground and school zones
  • All types of parking (parallel, hill, angle and perpendicular parking)

It's also a good idea to review and remember how to drive around potentially hazardous situations, for example:

  • Dangerous drivers
  • Emergency vehicles
  • Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycles
  • Blind spots and hidden driveways
  • Animals
  • Icy or snowy roads
  • Uneven roads
  • Construction sites

Pre-trip Check

The pre-trip check is when the examiner will examine your vehicle and determine if it's test worthy. This is also a good time to ask the examiner any questions you might have. In order to discover and fix any vehicle issues before your test, it's a good idea to do your own vehicle check before arriving at the Alberta road test office. Some of the key things you should review in advance are:

  • A valid vehicle licence plate and Alberta car insurance
  • Correctly working brake lights and signal lights
  • Ensure you're driving with tires in good condition
  • A working horn
  • Ensure no¬†obstructions on the windshield / wipers
  • Working speedometer
  • Working brakes / parking brake
  • Functional seats/seat belts
  • Properly working¬†exhaust system / muffler
  • Intact and clean mirrors
  • Adequate gas in the tank to complete the test

Road Test

Once the vehicle pre-check is complete and the instructor is satisfied with the condition of your vehicle, your Class 5 Advanced Road Test will begin. This test will take approximately 60 minutes to complete and you will be instructed on which specific driving skills the instructor needs you to demonstrate. Remain calm, focused and pay attention to the areas you're driving through. You may be required to perform any or all of the following driving skills:

  • Navigating through uncontrolled and controlled intersections
  • Entering, merging on to and exiting high speed roadways/highways
  • Driving through high traffic areas
  • Parking (parallel, hill etc)

Post-test Debrief

As soon as the test is complete, you will return to the driver testing office and be advised if you have passed or failed the test for the Class 5 driver's license Alberta makes available. The examiner will review your test with you indicating areas where you did well and where you need more practice.

Before you know it your Class 5 Advanced Road Test day will be here and you will have the opportunity to demonstrate all those driving skills you should have mastered by now. To ensure you are 100% prepared, review our test day checklist on everything you need to know and do on your Class 5 road test day.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

You need to cancel or reschedule your road test appointment a minimum of 48 hours in advance to avoid losing your pre-booked test fee.

Arrive Early

Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment to take care of any administrative items as well as have time to settle down and be relaxed before your test.

Identification Documents

You must bring along ID confirming your name, date of birth and Alberta residency status.

Vehicle Documentation

Bring along valid vehicle insurance and registration documentation for the vehicle you intend to use during the road test.

Vehicle Safety Check

Your vehicle needs to be capable of taking the test so make sure you review it against our vehicle safety checklist before arriving at the Alberta registry driver test location.

Enough Gas

Make sure your car has enough gas to complete the test. Just to be on the safe side a full tank of gas is always a good idea.

Vision Aids

If you need glasses or contacts to drive, make sure you take them along.

Applicable Fees

Alberta test and licensing fees are set by the Alberta registry agents, so make sure you review any potential fees and bring along the funds on your Class 5 road test day.

Road Test Permit

Whether you booked online or in person, you need to bring your road test permit to your test and provide it to the examiner before the test can begin.

Current Licence

Bring your valid Class 5 GDL licence with you.

Test Re-Takes

If for some reason you fail the test, you cannot retake it the same day and must practice driving all the necessary maneuvers prior to re-taking it again.

Licence Expiry

Once you pass your Class 5 Advanced Road Test, you will get the road test permit back from the examiner and must take it to the Alberta registry agent to be exchanged to for a temporary licence. The actual class 5 driver's license Alberta provides will come in the mail and is valid for 5 years (assuming you paid the 5-year validity fee). Once your licence is close to expiry, you will receive a notice in the mail asking you to renew.

Other than obeying the law, there are no restrictions associated with the Class 5 driver's license Alberta drivers get after completing all stages of the Alberta graduated drivers license program. The Class 5 is considered a full privilege licence. It is however strongly recommended that you continue to always drive safely, refrain from using handheld devices and never drive when under the influence.

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