Getting Your NB Driver's License Class 7 Level 2

The NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 stage of the New Brunswick Graduated License system lets you practice driving without being accompanied by a supervising driver. It is the last stage before you can get the full Class 5 license NB makes available. While many New Brunswick drivers find this stage a little scary, in reality it's a very exciting time and really gives you a chance to show your level of driving ability in any sort of weather or road conditions. Lets get started with getting your NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 as quickly as possible.

Getting Your NB Driver's License Class 7 Level 2

practice driving (1 year) + road test --> Class 7 Level 2 licence

Practice is Key to Getting Your NB Driver's License Class 7 Level 2

The road test for the NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2, is designed to test a drivers actual driving skills, and determines their real driving ability in a variety of conditions. The best way to prepare for the NB drivers test, is to practice driving as much as possible at the NB learners license (Class 7 Level 1) stage.

Class 7 Level 1 licence holder

You must be either 16 years + 8 months (with Driver Education) or 17 years old before you can begin the process to get your Class 7 Level 2 license.

Book Your New Brunswick Driving Test

You will need to book your NB drivers test in advance through a Driver Examiner Services location.

Study The New Brunswick Driver's Handbook

While you will be demonstrating on road driving skills during the NB drivers test, it's still very beneficial to review the NB road signs and road rules in the New Brunswick Driver's Handbook. Knowing the road signs and road rules will help you make the right decisions while driving during your driving test. Practicing some of our free New Brunswick practice permit tests is also a great way to brush up on your knowledge.

Practice Driving

The NB driving test is an examination to see how well you handle a car in a variety of different road situations while obeying all New Brunswick road signs and road rules. The key to passing the NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 driving test, is to practice driving as much as possible in different road conditions, and at different times with a supervising driver. Some of the main driving skills you might be tested on are:

  • Starting and stopping your car either on a level road or a hill scenario
  • If you're driving a manual vehicle, you might be asked to demonstrate correct changing of gears
  • Turning (left, right) and driving through both controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Backing up, reverse parking, stall parking and parallel/angle parking
  • Signaling correctly and being aware of other road users (vehicle's, pedestrians, transit services)
  • Being aware of and following all traffic control devices (signs, signals, road markings and pavement markings)

Pre-trip Check

The vehicle that you bring to your New Brunswick driving test should be considered safe under the New Brunswick Motor Vehicle Act and pass all New Brunswick Justice and Public Safety Motor Vehicle Inspections criteria. If the examiner deems your vehicle to be unsafe, the test will not be conducted. Make sure you have appropriate NB car insurance in place, as well as proper vehicle registration documents.

Road Test

Typically, the NB drivers test is conducted over a 3 km predetermined route. The driving examiner will take you through different driving situations, traffic situations and potential hazard areas to see how well you demonstrate driving confidence, knowledge of road signs/rules and proper judgement. Stay calm, listen carefully to the examiner, and stay focused on driving properly.

The New Brunswick road test evaluation form will have a grading and comments area per test section.

Vehicle Handling 

  • Starting
  • Backing up
  • Parking
  • Starting from a curb
  • Stopping from an upgrade
  • Posture

Traffic Conditions

  • Following
  • Passing
  • Being passed
  • Use of horn
  • Right of way
  • Stop signs
  • Traffic lights
  • Left turns
  • Left turn from a one way street
  • Right turn
  • Blind intersection
  • Multiple lanes
  • Other signs
  • Attention
  • One-way street

Post-test Debrief

After your test ends, the examiner will give you feedback on areas of improvement and where you could have done better on the test along with a pass/fail grade on the test.

It's important to be calm and 100% prepared for your driving test day, so we've put together a checklist you can follow for your test day.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Don't stay up late the night before and make sure you are well rested before taking the test.

Arrive Early

Even with a pre-booked appointment, aim to be at the Driver Examiner Services location at least 30 minutes early, so that you are in a good mindset to take the test and not rushing or stressed.

Cancelling or Rescheduling

If you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, do it as far in advance as possible, otherwise you could be charged an administration fee or lose the entire pre-booked test fee.

Safe Vehicle + Vehicle Safety Check

Your vehicle must meet New Brunswick vehicle safety standards, have a valid motor vehicle registration and insurance card in it. You could be asked to show these documents during the vehicle inspection before your road test, so be prepared.

Vision Aids

If you wear any sort of vision aid (glasses/contacts) make sure you wear them for the driving test.

Applicable Fees

The NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 test fee is $25 for each attempt, so try to get as much practice as possible before your test to avoid having to take the test again.

Documents to Bring

You need to bring three types of ID documents to your driving test

  1. Minimum 1 document to provide proof of identification
  2. Minimum 2 documents to provide acceptable proof of New Brunswick residency
  3. Proof of name change (if applicable)

Your Current Licence

Always carry your current licence with you. In this case, you would bring your Class 7 Level 1 license to the driving test.

Test Re-takes

If you fail the NB drivers test, you can re-take it after paying another fee. Keep in mind that the New Brunswick licensing process is structured to ensure that only capable drivers graduate to the next level of driver licensing, so you need to practice in between test attempts to correct any driving mistakes that prevented you from passing previously. The minimum wait times between attempts are:

First Failure - one week
Second Failure - two weeks
Third Failure - three weeks

If you continue to fail past a period of 6 months, you will be required to re-take the written exam again.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You can apply for Class 5 licence after 24 total months at the Class 7 level (12 months at level 1 and 12 months at level 2). You will not be required to complete a road test to get your Class 5 licence but it's your responsibility to apply for the Class 5 licence once you've completed the mandatory 12 months at level 2.

No Alcohol

The Class 7 licensing level mandates that drivers have a zero blood alcohol level at all times.

No Electronic Devices

It is illegal and could result in a license suspension if you're caught driving and using a handheld device (cell phone, tablet etc).

Passenger Limit

At the NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 stage, you are limited to only 3 passengers in the vehicle with you.

Restricted Nighttime Driving

A NB driver's license Class 7 Level 2 driver under the age of 21 is not allowed to drive between the hours of midnight and 5 am unless accompanied by a licensed driver (Class 5) with at least 3 years of driving experience. This restriction is automatically waived if the driving is for work or education but you are still not allowed to carry passengers even with the waived restriction.

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