The Graduated Drivers License PEI Implements

Licenses for passenger type vehicles or light trucks

The province of Prince Edward Island takes road safety and driver licensing very seriously. The Graduated Drivers License PEI implements is made up of three main stages that help new drivers learn necessary standard and defensive driving skills.

Beginner drivers are introduced to the concepts of driving and understanding the road signs and road rules in the first stage of the PEI graduated driver license program (or PEI GDL), which is called the PEI Instruction Driver's Permit. As drivers build stronger driving skills, they gradually move through the PEI Class 5 Stage 2 and PEI Class 5 Stage 3, to eventually receive their full PEI Class 5 car drivers license.

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Requirements of the Graduated Drivers License PEI Administers

We can help you at every stage of the PEI GDL program

The purpose of the graduated drivers license PEI offers, is not only to teach new drivers excellent road skills but also to build a level of confidence in PEI drivers that lets them drive in most any weather or road condition. (A similar PEI motorcycle graduated drivers license program is also in place.) With the tools & guides provided by the team at, you can make the most of each of the PEI driver licensing levels, learn all the skills that will help you in your PEI driving journey and get your full PEI Class 5 car licence in the shortest time possible.

PEI Class 5 driver licensing journey

Instruction Drivers Permit + Stage 1 Licence + Stage 2 Licence + Stage 3 Licence → Class 5 Car Licence 

You PEI Instruction Driver's Permit

Step 1 of your licensing journey is learning PEI road signs and rules

To get your Instruction Driver's Permit, you need to study the PEI Driver's Handbook from cover to cover. Learn every single road sign and road rule and then test your knowledge by attempting all of our free PEI Class 7 practice test series.

Getting Your PEI Class 7 Stage 1 Driver's Permit

Pass your knowledge test and vision test to get your Class 5 Stage 1 License (also known as 7L licence)

You can get your Instruction Permit on your 16th birthday.

Here's how:

Bring valid identification

Pass the PEI knowledge test

Pass a vision test

The Class 5 Stage 2 License

Once you have your PEI Stage 2 licence you can drive unsupervised

Once you've passed the road test associated with a PEI Class 5 Stage 2 license you can drive a passenger vehicle in PEI without supervision. You must of course make sure you are driving with valid PEI car insurance, with the appropriate documents for your vehicle and within your PEI drivers license restrictions.

PEI Class 5 Stage 2 Licence

Practice safe driving for 1 year and pass the Class 5 road test to get your Class 5 → Stage 2 Licence

There is a 1 year wait time between the two licence levels:

How to get your stage 2 licence:

Make sure your car is mechanically sound for the road test

Complete Driver Education or a Novice Driver Course

Pass the Class 5 road test

Stage 3 PEI Car Licence

The last stage of the PEI GDL program is your Stage 3 car licence

You need to accumulate 1 year of driving experience without suspensions before you qualify for a stage 3 car licence in PEI. It is at this point that you can exit the system - the graduated drivers license PEI operates.

PEI Stage 3 Car Licence

Practice safe driving for 1 year with your Class 5 Stage 2 licence → Class 5 Stage 3 Licence

Make sure you drive within your licence restrictions

Getting your Stage 3 licence:

Stay at the Stage 2 level for 1 year

Avoid licence suspensions

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