All About the NL Class 5 Learner License - Level 1

The team at is committed to ensuring that new drivers have everything they need to succeed at each level of the Newfoundland Graduated Licensing process. Every NL car driving license journey begins with preparing for the NL Class 5 learner license tests. In addition to a basic vision test, you will be required to demonstrate a strong understanding of Newfoundlands road signs and rules of the road.

NL Class 5 Level 1 Licence steps

Written Test + Vision test --> Class 5 Level 1 Licence

Getting Your Level 1 NL Class 5 Learner License.

Studying the Newfoundland Driver's Handbook (otherwise known as the Newfoundland Road User's Guide) and then testing your driving knowledge with our NL permit test practice series of quizzes is simply the best way to prepare for your Newfoundland driving knowledge test.

16 Years Old

At minimum, you have to be 16 years old to begin the Class 5 licensing process in Newfoundland. You will need to provide parental/guardian consent if you are under the age of 19. This consent form will be included with your licence application form.

Study The Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide

The Newfoundland Labrador Road Users Guide is your best resource when it comes to learning all Newfoundland road signs and road rules. Read the road users guide from beginning to end and revisit any sections that you don't understand 100%.

Practice Newfoundland Permit Tests

The best way to be prepared for the NL Class 5 learner license test (or driving knowledge test) is to challenge your road sign and rules of the road knowledge by attempting as many of our Newfoundland practice permit tests as possible. Our practice test material will help you understand which areas you may need to do some additional work, and will also help you get comfortable with the format of the test, so that you don't get nervous on your test day.

Newfoundland Permit Test

  • The written permit test is designed to thoroughly test your knowledge of Newfoundland & Labradors road signs and road rules
  • The test can be taken at any Motor Registration Division, and is marked on the spot. You need 85% correct to successfully pass the NL permit test. Each Motor Registration Division office has different hours that you can take the written test, so make sure you double check the hours at your nearest location before going for the NL Class 5 learner license written test.

Vision Test

To ensure that your vision is good enough to drive safely, a vision test will also be completed.

Medical Test

For drivers over the age of 75, a medical test will also be required. A second medical test is required at 80 and then every two years after that.

Our written test day checklist can help you feel more relaxed and stress-free. Use it to get your NL Class 5 learner license exactly as planned.

Get A Good Nights Sleep

Don't stay up late the night before, but instead focus on getting at least 8 hours of sleep so your mind is fresh on the day of the test.

Arrive Early

Depending on the time of year, it could be very busy at the Motor Registration Division you plan on taking your written test at. Arriving a little early ensures you get a chance to write the test and aren't worried about running out of time before the office closes.

Documents To Bring

Proof of Age & Identification Documents

You will need to provide proof of age, identification and parental consent if under the age of 19 (included as part of your licence application)

Vision Aids

Drivers that use glasses or contacts to help them drive must bring them along to the test.

Applicable Fees

There is no fee associated with writing the NL driving permit test or knowledge test, however once you've successfully passed the permit test, you will need to pay for your licence card. The NL Class 5 Level 1 Licence is $60 and the senior fee is $26.

Newfoundland Driver Education Program

If you take a government approved Driver Education Program, you can reduce the time spent at Class 5 Level 1 by 4 months and potentially qualify for NL car insurance discounts.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

You will have to stay at the NL Class 5 learner license - Level 1 stage for a minimum of 12 months (8 months if an approved driver education program has been completed) before you can move to the NL Class 5 Level 2 - Novice Driver stage.

Licence Expiry

Your Class 5 Level 1 licence is valid for 2 years. You must take a road test in order to move to the Class 5 Level 2 stage during that time period.

Display Your N Sign

You need to display a novice sign in your rear window when driving. The lettering on your N sign must be a minimum of 5 cm in height and with black lettering on a white background.

Supervised Driving

Always drive accompanied by a licensed driver (4+ years of driving experience with a full Class 5 driving license or higher).

No Alcohol

A NL Class 5 learners license holder must have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of zero.

No Passengers

You cannot carry any passengers at this level. If you are participating in a driver education program accompanied by a licensed instructor, your parent/guardian may be present in the vehicle.

No Night time Driving

Driving between the hours of midnight and 5:00 am is not allowed.

No Electronic Devices

It's illegal to use handheld devices at any Newfoundland Graduated Driving License stage.

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