Getting a Class 5 Yukon Drivers License

A Class 5 Yukon drivers license is the final Yukon Graduated Drivers Licensing level for car, van & light truck drivers. (For motorcycle riders, see here.) Once you have completed the Yukon Learners & Yukon Novice stages, you can qualify for a Class 5 licence, with which you can drive anywhere in the Yukon restriction free. Having a full Class 5 Yukon drivers license means you can also act as a supervising or co-driver for learners, so make sure you take this responsibility very seriously and continue to always practice safe driving. Obviously, you must also have the appropriate documentation for your vehicle and adequate Yukon vehicle insurance to drive legally on public roads.

Getting Your Yukon Class 5 Licence

Novice licence (18 months) + no violations --> Class 5 licence

How to Apply For a Class 5 Yukon Drivers License

The Yukon learner and novice stage licenses are the hardest part. Once you've got your novice licence, you just have to stay violation free and remain within your licence restrictions to graduate to the next licensing stage. Click the tabs for more.

Novice Licence Holder

You must remain violation free and drive within your novice licence restrictions for a minimum of 18 months before you can apply for a Class 5 Yukon drivers license.

Licence Expiry

A Yukon Class 5 license is valid for 5 years. You will need to renew your licence every 5 years to keep it valid.

Supervising Driver

Once you've held a Yukon Class 5 license for a minimum of 2 years, you can act as a supervising or co-driver to a Yukon learner driver. Make sure you pass on the correct driving skills and techniques, and encourage all learners to continue to maintain safe practices when driving on Yukon's roads.

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Yukon Graduated Driver Licensing Process

The Yukon GDL process is designed to assist new Yukon drivers on the best, quickest way to get their Yukon car driving licence.

Yukon Class 7 Learner Licence

A learner license is the first licensing stage you qualify for after successfully passing the Yukon knowledge test & vision test.

Yukon Class 5 Novice Licence

Once you've gotten your Yukon novice licence your one step closer to being able to drive completely independently in Yukon.

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