How to Get a Class 5 Nunavut Car Driver's License

The Class 5 Nunavut car drivers license is the full, unrestricted, non-commercial passenger vehicle license that is provided to qualified drivers. Obtaining a Nunavut passenger vehicle driver's license allows you to legally drive a car (or light truck) on any public Nunavut road. In order to get your Nunavut car driving licence, you must get a Nunavut Class 7 learners license first, and then apply for your NU Class 5 licence. Always remember to follow Nunavut road signs and road rules (refresh your driving knowledge here) and be aware of everything around you when driving. Also, a Nunavut car driver's license comes with the responsibility to maintain documentation for the vehicle you drive, as well as the car insurance Nunavut requires.

Getting Your Nunavut Class 7 Licence

Driving as a learner (1 month) + Class 7 road test → Class 5 License

Getting Your Class 5 Nunavut Car License

Once you have obtained a Class 5 Nunavut car driver's license, you can drive without a supervisor and will have a restriction-free license that allows you to drive anywhere in Nunavut. Click on the tabs below for more specific information.

Class 7 License Holder

You can attempt the Class 7 road test to get your Class 5 licence once you've held your Class 7 learner license for a minimum of 1 month.

Book Your Road Test

Contact your Nunavut driver licensing office in advance to schedule your road test appointment:

Practice Driving

Make sure you spend the waiting time period practicing as well as ensuring you have less than 5 demerit points otherwise you will have to wait 6 months before you can take the road test. Make sure you are able to identify all the controls within your car as well as demonstrate basic driving skills:

  • Starting and stopping
  • Turning, reading signs/signals and proper lane driving
  • Driving through intersections

Class 7 Road Test

The Class 7 road test to get your Class 5 licence is designed to ensure you are able to demonstrate confident and capable driving of a car, van or light truck in Nunavut. You need to be able to demonstrate basic driving skills like:

  • Driving through controlled and uncontrolled intersections
  • Parking (Stall, reverse, parallel)
  • Identifying and navigating through hazards
  • Obeying road signs and traffic signs
  • Always remaining within Nunavut driving laws and road rules

Arrive On Time

If you arrive late you will not be allowed to take the road test.

Safe Vehicle

Make sure the vehicle you bring to the road test is in good working condition and clean. An unfit vehicle could mean that your road test appointment is cancelled.

Documents To Bring

  • Make sure you bring along at least 2 government issued pieces of ID with at least one of them showing your date of birth
  • Bring along your Class 7 licence card
  • Bring along insurance and registration documents for the vehicle you will be taking to your Nunavut road test

Your License

With a full Class 5 license, you have no licence restrictions but must always remember to abide by Nunavut road laws. Drive safely, stay away from distractions (cellphones etc) when driving and always be aware of other road users when driving a car in Nunavut.

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Nunavut Class 7 Car License

The Nunavut Class 7 license is the first car driving license you can get in Nunavut. This learner licence stage allows new drivers to practice their driving with a licensed supervisor and build confidence when it comes to navigating road situations and traffic laws.

Looking for a Different Nunavut Driving License Type?

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