All About the Northwest Territories Class 5 Licence

In order to exit the the NWT Graduated Driver Licensing program, you need to get your full Northwest Territories Class 5 driving licence. This will allow passenger type vehicles like vans, cars and light trucks to be driven without restriction. Getting this type of Northwest Territories drivers licence is not necessarily the same as in other parts of Canada, but also comes with quite a lot of work and driving practice. Drivers in the Northwest Territories must exhibit strong driving skills and excellent vehicle control in order to qualify for a Class 5 licence.

NWT Class 5 Car Licence

Drive safely with a Class 5 Probationary Licence for 12 months in order to get your Class 5 Full Licence

Your Guide to the NWT Class 5 Licence

Congratulations! If you're looking to get your Northwest Territories Class 5 Licence, you are almost at the end of your "learn to drive a car in NWT" journey. We want to help make the process to get your Class 5 license simpler, easier and faster. Read through the below tabs on how to get your Class 5 Licence as quickly as possible. Don't forget, all drivers must always have the appropriate documents for the motor vehicle being driven, as well as sufficient NWT car insurance in case something bad should happen while driving.

17 Years Old

You must be at least 17 years of age to apply for a full Northwest Territories Class 5 Licence.

Class 5P licence holder

You need to have held a NWT Class 5P probationary licence for 12 months and a NWT Class 7 learner's license for 12 months prior to that.

Demerit Points

You must have fewer than 6 demerit points on your licence.

Licence Info

Once you meet the eligibility requirements for a Class 5 licence, you can apply for one at your local NWT DMV office. The Class 5 licence has no restrictions, but it's highly recommended that you remain aware of changes in driving rules/laws and continue to practice safe driving habits.

Looking for Information on Other NWT Car Licence Types?

GDL Process For NT

The NWT GDL process is designed to gradually move drivers from a learner stage to a probationary stage and finally help NWT residents get their full Class 5 licence.

NWT Learner License

The learner licence in the Northwest Territories can be obtained after you pass a knowledge and vision test. A learner licence will allow you to drive under supervision.

NWT Class 5P Licence

The Class 5 probationary licence can be obtained by successfully passing the standard NT Class 5 road test. The Class 5P licence comes with reduced restrictions.

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