Free NWT Class 7 Practice Test Sets

Our NWT Class 7 practice test series is about perfecting the road signs and staying on top of the driving rules in the NT, for a lifetime of safer driving.

Free Northwest Territories Class 7 Practice Test Sets & Practice Exams

The Northwest Territories Class 7 practice test sets are completely free to use, and therefore can be attempted as many times as you want, to help you study and get through the first stage of the Northwest Territories Graduated Driver Licensing program. These class 7 knowledge tests are designed in parallel with the Northwest Territories Drivers Handbook (link opens a .pdf file in a new tab) to help new drivers study for the official NWT written test. We believe the best way to quickly increase your driving knowledge is by thoroughly practicing these NWT practice tests until you are perfectly comfortable with all of the road signs and road rules in the Northwest Territories. If your eventual goal is to get through the NWT graduated motorcycle license program, we invite you to use our NT Class 6 motorcycle practice test series as well.

Northwest Territories Road Signs

Become a Northwest Territories Road Signs expert with our Northwest Territories traffic signs test practice series

NT Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

NT Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

In this first Northwest Territories Class 7 road signs practice test, regulatory road signs are covered, which are among the most common type of road sign you will encounter as a driver and you should recognize at all times.


NT Driving Knowledge Test

NT Driving Knowledge Test

Our second Northwest Territories driving knowledge test, pertains to a class of road signs known as road warning signs. It is vital that you as a new driver be able to recognize them and understand what they mean.


NWT Driving Test Online

NWT Driving Test Online

NT Driving Test Online is the third in our NT road signs practice test series and addresses temporary, informational, direction and high occupancy vehicle signs and how to react to them on the road.


NT Road Signs Practice Exam

NT Road Signs Practice Exam

Our Northwest Territories road signs practice exam is for people who feel they know the material in all of our previous road signs practice test sets well enough to attempt this broad ranging road signs practice exam.


Northwest Territories Road Rules

Become an Northwest Territories Road Rules expert with our Northwest Territories traffic signs test practice series

NT Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

NT Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

Our first Northwest Territories Class 7 road rules practice test begins to build a knowledge base around NT's rules of the road. It's the first step toward preparing for the real NT learners test.


NWT Drivers Practice Test

NWT Drivers Practice Test

This Northwest Territories drivers test is the second in our NT "rules of the road" series. Here we cover additional rules of road and traffic safety for the NT drivers permit test.


NT Learners Practice Test

NT Learners Practice Test

Our third NT learners practice test continues on the path of building knowledge about the rules of the road, further preparing prospective drivers for the Northwest Territory learners permit test.


NT Road Rules Practice Exam

NT Road Rules Practice Exam

The NT road rules practice exam challenges new drivers on all aspects of road rules knowledge and passing this exam is a good indication that you may be ready for the real NWT drivers test.


The Best Way To Study For Your NWT Class 7 Knowledge Test

It's important to study smart and remain focused on the key concepts you need to know.

The NWT Class 7 knowledge test is a written test that will determine whether you have a strong enough understanding of NT road signs and road rules to be granted a Learner Class 7 licence. In addition to studying all of the information in the NWT Basic Drivers Handbook, knowing what to expect on the actual NT Class 7 knowledge test can really help you pass on your first attempt. That's where our NWT Class 7 practice test series can make a big difference.

Read The NWT Drivers Handbook

The Northwest Territories drivers handbook is your main source of information about the Northwest Territories road signs and road rules. Make sure you take the time to learn the material and thoroughly understand the concepts explained.

Ask Questions

Always refer to the NWT drivers handbook for the most detailed information, but if something doesn't make sense on either the road signs or rules of the road sections, feel free to ask questions in our comments section - we'll try to help. Of course, you can always research online as well.

Practice NWT Class 7 Knowledge Tests

Practice makes perfect so the more NWT Class 7 practice test sets that  you master, the better. Our practice tests are designed to increase your chances of passing the NT Class 7 knowledge test on the first attempt.

Attempting The NWT Learners Test

The NWT Learner Class 7 test is a multiple choice test conducted in various locations across the Territory. Our NWT Class 7 practice test sets are designed to look just like the actual NWT learners licence test.

The Class 7 NWT Learner License test is conducted at various NWT Driver and Vehicle Licensing Offices. The questions are presented in a multiple choice format, with each question being followed by four possible answers, only one of which is correct. Read each question carefully, pay attention to the accompanying picture, read all four of the answers carefully as well, and then select your answer.

Take your time and allow yourself to choose the best possible answer without deciding too quickly. Using this strategy and having as much experience as possible with the many different kinds of questions that could appear (see our NWT class 7 practice test series), is the best way to prepare for the official NWT class 7 learners test.

Driving in the Northwest Territories With Your Class 7 Learners Licence

When you've passed your Class 7 learners test, as a new holder of a 7 Learners Licence, you now have the ability to start learning how to drive in real life, on-road practice sessions. There are some key 7 L licence restrictions and guidelines you must follow in order to remain in compliance and be a safe driver to others using the roads and highways of the Northwest Territories.

Supervised Driving

At the 7L stage you must always be accompanied by a fully licensed (Class 5 non-GDL) driver, who is seated in the front seat.

No Alcohol

Your blood alcohol levels must always be at zero which operating a vehicle at the Class 7L licensing level, which is Stage 1 in the Graduated Driver Licensing Program.


A Learner may not have any passengers other than the fully licensed supervisor.

Restricted Night time Driving

A Learner driver cannot drive even under supervision between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.

6 Demerit Point Suspension

Unlike a full NWT drivers license a Learner will automatically be suspended if they reach 6 demerit points.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Remember, this is your time to learn to drive, so use every available opportunity to practice your driving skills.

Questions About the NWT Class 7 Learners Licence or Our NWT Class 7 Practice Test Series?

We try to make sure we have everything you need to get your Class 7 learners licence in the most stress-free way possible. Along with the series of NWT Class 7 practice test sets, we've put together some answers to what we have found to be frequently asked questions:


To obtain a Learner Class 7 license, you must be a resident of the Northwest Territories and be 15 years of age or older. You must also pass a vision test.

You are required to submit an application form:

N.W.T. Application for Driver’s Licence or General Identification Form


To get your NWT Learner Class 7 license you need to provide the following:

  • Primary identification
  • Identification showing citizenship/residency/residency status if born outside of Canada
  • Secondary identification
  • Proof of residency

More detailed information can be found here:

 Acceptable NWT Identity Documents


You can take your NWT learner licence test at any one of the DMV offices located across the territory.

To find a location nearest you, visit the website:

NWT - DMV office locations


While every NWT Class 7 practice test on is free, there is a cost for taking the official NT Class 7 test.

At the time of writing, the Written Examination for NWT Class 7 is $44.00.


Our NWT Class 7 practice test series has been shown repeatedly to be a highly effective means of studying for the Class 7 drivers licence exam. With these written practice test sets, NWT drivers have a much higher chance of passing the real test on the first try. The NT learners practice test 2019 version is among the best tools a new driver can use to obtain their Class 7 this year (along with the NWT driving handbook of course).

Our NWT Class 7 practice test series is accurate and effective. Many people have already used them with great success. By using each test in order, building your knowledge over time, you can go in to take the real NWT learners test more prepared, and with an excellent idea of what to expect.

Our NWT Class 7 practice test series will make it less stressful for you and also prepare you to handle any question you might find on the test.


We've found that the most effective way to study for the class 7  test is to combine traditional study methods with our NWT Class 7 practice test series. Start by obtaining your copy of the NWT drivers handbook, which can be downloaded for free on our site, and reading it in full. Maybe take notes on which areas seem to be difficult to remember or problematic.

Then try the first six practice tests. They will allow you to build your knowledge along with the various sections of the handbook. When you feel you are ready, challenge yourself with the more advanced practice exams, which will reflect the real learners test Northwest Territory drivers must pass for a Class 7 licence.

With this NWT Class 7 practice test series, NT drivers can get the best possible sense of the real test before taking it.


All of our NWT Class 7 practice test study material comes from the NWT drivers handbook, and uses the exact same information as is used to create the real NWT learners test.

However, we also use information provided by visitors to the site who give feedback on the test they have already taken. This ensures the highest possible accuracy in the questions, and allows our series to present a look and feel that is accurate, and also with questions that you might actually see on your own test.


When you take the actual NWT learners test, you will face 30 questions, all of which are generated randomly by a computer system from a database. There is no way to predict which question will come up on your test. On the actual NWT learners test, if you make more than 5 mistakes, you fail and have to re write the test.

What are the Next Steps?

Once you've passed the Northwest Territory Class 7 learners knowledge test, you practice driving as much as you can under the supervision of a fully licensed NWT driver. You must remain at the Class 7L stage for a minimum of 12 months, probation free before you can apply for your next licence, which is a Class 5 probationary license.

In order to get the Class 5 probationary license, you will be required to take a Class 5 road test and demonstrate to the examiner that you are fully competent behind the wheel.

Looking for More Information on the NWT GDL Process?

Getting a typical drivers license is a three stage process, where drivers move through each stage building their driving knowledge and becoming experienced drivers. From the theoretical learning at the Class 7 Learner stage, to driving under supervision, and eventually getting their full Class 5 licence, all NWT drivers must work their way through the GDL process before they can get their unrestricted full driving licence.

GDL Process for the NWT

The NWT GDL process is designed to gradually move drivers from a learner stage to a probationary stage and finally help NWT residents get their full Class 5 licence.

NWT Learner License

The learner licence in the Northwest Territories can be obtained after you pass a knowledge and vision test. A learner licence will allow you to drive under supervision.

NWT Class 5P Licence

The Class 5 probationary licence can be obtained by successfully passing the standard Northwest Territories Class 5 road test. The Class 5P licence comes with reduced restrictions.

NWT Class 5 Licence

Once you've successfully completed the NWT graduated driver licensing program you will receive your full, unrestricted Class 5 car licence to drive anywhere in the NWT.