The PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 Driver's License (G)

As part of the graduated drivers license PEI implements, getting a PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 driver's license can feel like a huge task. But, if you practice your driving enough with a licensed supervisor, you will be ready for your Class 5 road test. The whole purpose of the Class 5 road test is to confirm that you are a confident, safe driver who is able to handle your vehicle in almost any road or weather condition. Once you've gotten your PEI Class 7 Instruction Permit and completed either a Driver Education Program or the required Novice Driver Course through Access PEI, you are ready to start working towards getting your PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 or "G" license, and are well on your way to acquiring the unrestricted, full Class 5 driver’s license PEI makes available to qualified drivers.

Getting your PEI Stage 2 car licence

Practice safe driving for 1 year and pass the Class 5 road test to get your Class 5 - Stage 2 Licence

Your PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 (G) Guide

The PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 passenger vehicle license allows holders to drive without supervision. At this stage you will learn more practical, in-car driving skills and become confident driving a vehicle anywhere in Prince Edward Island. In order to get your PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 licence you need to pass a mandatory Class 5 road test.

Instruction Permit Holder

You need to have held a Class 7 Instruction Permit for at least 1 year (275 days with Driver Education) before you can apply for a Class 5 - Stage 2 (G) license. If you are under the age of 18, you will be required to provide parental consent.

Novice Driver Course

If you didn't take a Driver Education Course, you need to complete a mandatory Novice Driver Course through Access PEI before you can begin the process to get your PEI Stage 2 licence. The mandatory course is 5 hours in length and covers concepts like the GDL, demerit points, driving-related criminal code, alcohol and drug education and the handling of certain driving conditions.

Book Your Road Test

You will need to get in touch with a representative at Access PEI to book your road test appointment.

Study The PEI Driver's Handbook

The PEI Driver's Handbook is designed to prepare new drivers for the knowledge test and the road tests. The combination of knowing your PEI road signs, road rules and extensive driving practice will almost certainly ensure that you pass the PEI road test on the first attempt.

Practice Driving

The time between when you get your PEI Instruction Permit and your PEI road test should be dedicated to practicing as much driving as possible. You need to master all major road maneuvers, for  example:

  • Following road signs/rules
  • Navigating intersections, stop signs
  • Parking on a hill and parallel parking
  • Following the speed limit and being able to navigate around hazardous situations

*Review the PEI Driver's Handbook for more skills you need to learn for your road test, and use our free PEI Class 7 practice test series to refresh your rules of the road and road signs driving knowledge.

Pre-trip Check

Before the PEI road test can begin, an examiner at the PEI driving test centre will examine your vehicle to make sure it's mechanically sound and able to take the test. Make sure you check all the controls (horn, brakes lights, indicators, windshield wipers etc.) before leaving home. In the event there is an issue with your vehicle, your road test could be cancelled.

Road Test

The road test will basically be you driving through a route pre-set by your driving examiner. The examiner will provide instructions on where to turn and what skills he/she needs you to demonstrate. Remember the examiner is not trying to trick you, but is instead giving you the opportunity to demonstrate the strong driving skills you would have practiced after getting your Class 7 Beginners Permit. Once the PEI road test is complete, you will return to the driver examination centre and be advised if you failed or passed. Be confident, drive safely, stay 100% aware of your surroundings and good luck!

Cancelling or Rescheduling

If something comes up and you need to cancel or reschedule your PEI road test, make sure you call the Access PEI location you've booked your appointment at as soon as possible, otherwise you could risk losing your road test fee.

Vehicle Safety Check

Make sure your vehicle is mechanically sound and all the controls work before leaving home.

Documents To Bring

Make sure you put aside all the necessary documents the day before so you're not missing anything on your PEI road test day:

  1. Valid PEI vehicle insurance and registration documents for your vehicle
  2. A valid Class 7 Instruction Driver's Permit
  3. Proof that you've completed Driver Education or the Novice Driver Course

Arrive Early

Arriving right at your appointment time means you'll be rushed and potentially late. Try to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of your appointment.

Vision Aids

Prescribed glasses/contact lenses must be worn for the PEI road test.

Applicable Fees

Check out all PEI driver licensing fees so you know what to expect.

Test Re-takes

You have to wait 14 days before you can re-take the road test if you fail. You don't have to pay an additional road test fee for a re-take.

Minimum Licence Holding Period

After you pass your PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 road test and pay the required PEI driving licence fees, you will have your photograph taken and be moved to the Class 5 Stage 2 licensing level. You must remain at this level for at least 1 full year (365 days). Any license suspensions will extend the 1-year time period.

Licence Suspensions

You must abide by the Class 5 Stage 2 license restrictions. If you fail to stay within your licence restrictions, the following license suspensions will apply

  • First offense - 30 days license suspension
  • Second offense - 90 days suspension

Display G Sign

Once you get a Class 5 Stage 2 licence, you will also be issued a bright yellow G decal which you need to display on the windshield of your car whenever you are driving.

No Alcohol

Your blood alcohol concentration level should always be zero

Passenger Limits

The number of passengers in your vehicle is limited to the number of working seatbelts, and only one of your passengers can be a non-family member. All other passengers must be immediate family.

Restricted Driving At Night

Drivers under the age of 21 are restricted from driving between the hours of 1 am and 5 am unless accompanied by a driver who has held a valid license for at least 4 years with a blood alcohol level below 0.05. An exemption to this restriction can be requested for work purposes.

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