PEI Motorcycle Practice Test – Prince Edward Island Class 6 Practice Test

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A Class 6 driver’s license allows you to legally operate a motor cycle in Prince Edward Island. This PEI motorcycle practice test has been carefully constructed to mirror the kinds of questions you will find on the official PEI Class 6 written test. Our PEI motorcycle practice test covers a variety of motorcycle specific information, and can help new motor bike riders to quickly achieve the knowledge and confidence they need for a Class 6 motorcycle license. A class 6 motorcycle licence can be obtained through various Access PEI locations. A Class 8 driver’s license allows you to operate a motor-assisted pedal bicycle or moped.

Be sure you fully comprehend both the question and all four of the available answers before answering, because, while there are no trick questions in our Prince Edward Island Class 6 practice test series (just like the real test), on occasion, some answers can seem quite similar at first glance. The idea is that you use these practice tests along with a thorough study of the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook  - be sure to pay special attention to CHAPTER 5: motorcycles and mopeds. The PEI Driver's Handbook is also available online in French, Chinese and Arabic on our Prince Edward Island Class 7 practice test page.

More about our PEI Motorcycle Practice Test Study Materials:

All of our PEI Class 6 motorcycle practice test study materials have been derived from the PEI drivers handbook, as well as with help and guidance from previous graduates of the official Class 6 knowledge test. We work diligently to ensure our practice tests are accurate and very similar to the real PEI motor cycle test. Along with a thorough understanding of the PEI driver's handbook, our study materials have proven to be a very effective method to quickly gain the knowledge required to pass the Prince Edward Island class 6 written test - typically on the first attempt. The key is to practice, practice, practice until you can consistently pass the practice version of the test.

The Prince Edward Island Motorcycle License Test - Additional Questions & Answers:

Additional information about preparing to get the motorcycle permit PEI requires for all new bike riders can be found on our PEI graduated motorcycle license section. If you want to learn more about the different kinds of Prince Edward Island driving licenses that are available, please visit Prince Edward Island drivers licenses. More about the many different kinds of driver licenses available in Canada can be found here: Canadian Driving Licenses.

We would love to know if you found this PEI motorcycle practice test helpful in your quest to obtain a PEI motorcycle license. Do let us know.

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