Free PEI Class 7 Practice Test Sets

Learning about PEI's road signs and rules of the road doesn't have to be difficult. Use our free PEI Class 7 practice test series to help you study for your Instruction Driver’s Permit (Class 7 drivers licence). You'll gain a deeper understanding of Prince Edward Island's road & traffic signs, and the rules of road safety for a lifetime of safer driving.

Free PEI Class 7 Practice Test Sets & Practice Exams:

These PEI class 7 practice test sets have been designed in conjunction with the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook (also available in French, Chinese or Arabic), to help new drivers in PEI study for the official Class 7 licence or Instruction Driver’s Permit (also sometimes called a Beginner’s Permit). An Instruction Driver’s Permit is stage 1 of the PEI Graduated Driver's License program. The series of PEI Class 7 practice test sets are absolutely free to use as many times as you want to help you study. The practice exams can also be an excellent "refresh" that you can use just before the actual Beginner’s Permit test. We believe that one of the best ways to quickly and easily build your driving knowledge is to use these PEI Class 7 practice test sets until you consistently get a passing grade on all of the road signs and road rules quizzes and do well on the practice exams. If your eventual goal is to get through the PEI Graduated Motorcycle License program, we invite you to use our PEI motorcycle practice test series as well.

PEI Road Signs

Become a PEI Road Signs expert with our PEI traffic signs test practice series

PEI Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

PEI Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

Regulatory signs are those that help drivers to be aware of where they can drive, what restrictions are placed on their movements, and how to safely proceed. This first PEI Class 7 road signs practice test is all about regulatory road signs.


PEI Driving Knowledge Test

PEI Driving Knowledge Test

This second Prince Edward Island driving knowledge test is all about road warning signs. These are road signs that warn Prince Edward Island drivers of changing road conditions and other obstacles to be aware of on the road ahead.


PEI Driving Test Online

PEI Driving Test Online

PEI driving test online is the third in our "PEI road signs" series, and this one covers things like information and direction signs, HOV, or high-occupancy vehicle related signs, and temporary road signs.


PEI Road Signs Practice Exam

PEI Road Signs Practice Exam

This PEI road signs practice exam tests your knowledge around all road and traffic safety signs. It's a good idea to complete all three of the previous road signs practice tests before attempting this road signs practice exam.


PEI Road Rules

Become a PEI Road Rules expert with our PEI traffic signs test practice series

PEI Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

PEI Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

Our PEI Class 7 road rules practice test is the first of our "PEI road rules" series, designed to help new drivers acquire the knowledge required to get a Class 7 learners permit.


PEI Driver Practice Testing

PEI Driver Practice Testing

Our second set of Prince Edward Island road rules practice test sets completes additional PEI driver testing. Here, we present additional aspects of the rules of the road in PEI.


Prince Edward Island Driver Test

Prince Edward Island Driver Test

This PEI driver test continues the process of building a base of knowledge around the road and traffic safety rules that all drivers must understand and know how to respond to in PEI.


PEI Road Rules Practice Exam

PEI Road Rules Practice Exam

This PEI road rules practice exam challenges one's knowledge on all aspects of the road and traffic safety and should be completed before the actual PEI Class 7 learners permit test.


The Best Way to Study for the PE Instruction Driver’s Permit Test

Use the best tools to help you study, and focus on the key concepts you need to know.

The PEI Beginner’s Permit Test is a written test conducted at Access PEI locations across PEI, that determines whether you have a strong enough understanding of Prince Edward Island's road & traffic signs and the rules of road safety, to be granted the opportunity to learn to drive a motor vehicle with licensed supervision. Our PEI Class 7 practice test series can help you to learn and retain the information in the PEI drivers handbook, and also show you what to expect on the Instruction Permit test. We can help you pass on your first attempt.

Read The PEI Drivers Handbook

Make sure you devote enough time to understanding the concepts explained in the PEI Driver's Handbook. The Prince Edward Island drivers handbook should be your main source of information about PE road rules & road signs.

Ask Questions

If something doesn't make sense either on the road signs or rules test sections, ask questions in our comments section. However, you should always refer to the PEI drivers handbook for the most detailed information and/or research online first.

Practice PEI Class 7 Practice Test Sets

Practice makes perfect, so the more PEI Class 7 practice test sets you attempt the better. Our practice tests were designed to dramatically increase your chances of passing the Instruction Driver’s Permit Test on your first try.

Attempting The Instruction Driver’s Permit Test

The Class 7 knowledge test, or Instruction Driver’s Permit test, is a multiple choice test: a series of questions, each with four possible answers.

Be sure to read each question carefully, pay careful attention to the accompanying picture if any, read all four of the answers just as carefully and then select your answer. Don't decide too quickly - some answers can seem quite similar at first glance. Gaining as much experience as possible with the many different kinds of questions that could appear is the best way to prepare for the PEI Instruction Driver’s Permit test. This is where our PEI Class 7 practice test series really helps to boost both knowledge and confidence.

After You Obtain Your PEI Beginner’s Permit:

Once you've passed the Class 7 license test, and obtained your PEI beginner’s permit, you now have the legal right to practice your driving skills in on-road practice sessions. There are however some key restrictions and guidelines you must follow in order to remain within the Instruction Driver’s Permit requirements, and be a safe driver to others on the road. You will also be issued an identifying "L" decal which you are required to display.

Supervised Driving

At the beginners permit stage, you must always be accompanied by a fully licensed driver (at least 4 years), who is seated in the front seat. Only the driving supervisor and immediate family members are permitted in the vehicle.

No Alcohol

Your blood alcohol levels must always be at zero which operating a vehicle at the Instruction Drivers Permit stage. The driving supervisor must not have a blood alcohol content of more than .05

Passenger seat belts

Every passenger must wear a seat belt when the vehicle is in motion and your passengers cannot exceed the number of working seat belts. No cell phone or other hand-held device while driving either. A hands-free cellphone is allowed.

Restricted Night time Driving

A driver with an instruction drivers permit cannot drive even under supervision between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.

8 Demerit Point Suspension

If you do not comply with the terms of the beginners permit, you will be suspended 30 days for a first offense, and 90 days for a second offense, extending the period of your GDL program license.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Use every available opportunity to practice your driving skills. This is your time to learn to drive, so practice, practice, practice.

Questions About our PEI Class 7 practice test series and the PEI Beginners Permit? strives to make sure we have everything you need to get your Class 7 learners licence in the easiest way possible. We've put together some answers to what we've found to be some frequently asked questions, to help all Prince Edward Island drivers on the path to getting their Instruction Drivers Permit.


You must be a resident of PEI, 16 years of age or older to apply for your Beginner’s Permit or Instruction Driver’s Permit (Class 7 licence). Parent or legal guardian consent is required for drivers under the age of 18.

Parent or legal guardian consent for drivers under age 18, can be downloaded here:

PEI Parent-Guardian Consent Form


Valid identification is required to obtain a PEI Instruction Drivers Permit:

  • Primary identification
  • Identification showing citizenship/residency/residency status if born outside of Canada
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian Immigration Identification Record of Entry
  • Secondary identification (two pieces)
  • Formal lease or rental agreement
  • Current utility bills, i.e. cable, electricity, phone
  • Letter of employment on company letterhead
  • Pay stub with name and address
  • Bank documents showing name and address, i.e. personal cheque, mortgage document, credit card/bank statement
  • Federal or provincial government mail, i.e. tax, GST, correspondence

Parent or legal guardian consent for drivers under age 18, can be downloaded here:

PEI Parent-Guardian Consent Form


You will need to contact Access PEI to book an appointment for the beginners permit test. You need to bring the required documents and fees to pay for the test. The PEI beginners permit test is available at Access PEI locations across PEI.

See here for a location nearest you:

Access PEI Locations


Unfortunately, there is a cost to getting a Prince Edward Island Instruction Drivers Permit:

The instruction permit itself is $20
And the test for the instruction permit is $20

Thankfully, if you fail the test, there is no extra charge to re-write it, however, you do have to wait 7 days to re-do the exam.


By using each PEI Class 7 practice test in the order presented, you can build your driving knowledge in conjunction with the PEI drivers handbook. You'll go in to take the real PEI beginners test far more prepared, and with a great idea of what to expect. This will make it less stressful, and you'll be prepared you to handle any questions about the rules of road safety or the road and traffic signs that is presented to you. believes the PEI Class 7 practice test series is one of the most useful and effective study tools available. They provide greater confidence and a superb understanding of the PEI instruction drivers permit test.


By far the most effective method of studying for the PEI Class 7 driving test is to combine typical study methods with the full series of our PEI Class 7 practice test sets. Start by obtaining your copy of the drivers handbook, which can be downloaded for free right here on Read the whole thing from cover to cover - ideally more than once. Then, practice with all six of our PEI Class 7 practice test sets, as well as the two practice exams until you can consistently get a passing grade on all.

Combined with traditional study methods, our PEI Class 7 practice test series is simply a fantastic way to prepare yourself for the real test.


As explained elsewhere, our free PEI Class 7 practice test series has been developed from the Prince Edward Driver's handbook, and draws from the same information which is used to create the real test.

But, to make the PEI Class 7 practice test series even more accurate, we also use information provided to us by previous graduates of the PEI Instruction Driver's Permit Test, who give us feedback and insider information on the test they have just taken. This combination of sources ensures the highest accuracy in our series, and enables us to present you with questions that you might actually see on your own beginners permit test.


The actual PEI Beginners Permit test has 30 questions on both the rules and the road signs, all of which are generated randomly by a computer system from a database. You must not make more than 5 mistakes - if you do, you will have to re write the test.


Our PEI Class 7 practice test series has been designed to resemble the real class 7 beginners test as closely as possible. They present a wide range of different driving knowledge questions, to fully prepare you for the many different types of questions you could face on the real instruction driver's permit test PEI offers.

The  PEI Class 7 practice test exams - 2019 edition is completely up to date and covers all of the current rules of the road and road & traffic signs knowledge you are required to know. This makes it highly accurate and a very good representation of the actual test -  simply one of the best study tools available to prepare new drivers for the real thing.

Next Steps.

After you've passed the PEI Instruction Driver’s Permit Test, you are allowed to start practicing your driving under the supervision of a fully licensed driver. You must stay at the Beginner stage (L) for a minimum of 12 months without issue before you can apply for your next licence (PEI Class 5 - Stage 2). The Instruction Permit is valid for two years from the date it is issued.

In order to get a PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 drivers license, you will be required at that point to take a Class 5 road test and demonstrate strong driving capability behind the wheel.

Need More Information on the PEI Graduated Driver License Program?

The Prince Edward Island Graduated Driver License Program is a three step process, where new drivers move through each stage over time, building their driving knowledge and ability as they go, until they are experienced drivers. All PEI drivers must work their way through Prince Edward Island's Graduated Driver License Program before they can get their full unrestricted PEI driving license.

PEI GDL Process

The PEI graduated driver licensing program helps PEI residents develop car driving skills over a time period to ensure their well equipped to deal with any PEI driving situation.

PEI Stage 1

The Stage 1 or Prince Edward Island Instruction Permit/Learner Permit is designed to help new drivers learn driving skills while being fully supervised by a licensed driver.

PEI Stage 2

The PEI Class 5 - Stage 2 (G) licence is obtained after passing a road test and is step 2 in the PEI graduated driver licensing program. Stage 2 drivers can drive without a supervising driver.

PEI Stage 3

The Stage 3(G) licence that PEI provides is the final GDL stage you must complete in order to exit the PEI graduated driver licensing program and become a fully licensed Class 5 driver.