Free Yukon Class 7 Practice Test Sets

Don't let the road signs and road rules in the Yukon scare you. It's not just about passing the Yukon learners test, it's about safer driving and gaining a thorough knowledge of the road signs and driving rules. This Yukon Class 7 practice test series can really help you study.

Yukon Learners License Road Signs & Rules Practice Quiz Sets

The Yukon Class 7 practice test sets are completely free and can be attempted as many times as you want to help you study for the first stage of the Yukon graduated car drivers license. These class 7 knowledge tests are designed in parallel with the official Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook to help new drivers study for the real Yukon written test. We believe the best way to quickly increase your driving knowledge is by repeatedly using these practice tests until you are relaxed and comfortable with all of the Yukon's road signs and road rules. If your eventual goal is to get through the Yukon graduated motorcycle license program, we invite you to use our Yukon motorcycle practice test series as well.

Yukon Road Signs

Become a Yukon Road Signs expert with our Yukon traffic signs test practice series

Yukon Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

Yukon Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

This is the first of our three Yukon Class 7 road sign practice test series. It deals with the regulatory road signs aspect of the Yukon beginners driving test.


Yukon Driving Knowledge Test

Yukon Driving Knowledge Test

Our second Yukon driving knowledge test, covers another type of road signs all drivers need to know how to identify and respond to, namely, road warning signs.


Yukon Driving Test Online

Yukon Driving Test Online

Our third Yukon driving test online, deals with a variety of additional kinds of road signs namely direction signs, information signs, temporary signs and HOV signs.


Yukon Road Signs Practice Exam

Yukon Road Signs Practice Exam

This Yukon road signs practice exam tests new drivers you on a wide variety of road sign knowledge, all of which could possibly appear on the real Yukon knowledge test.


Yukon Road Rules

Become an Yukon Road Rules expert with our Yukon traffic signs test practice series

Yukon Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

Yukon Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test

This Yukon Class 7 road rules practice test focuses on building a foundation of road & traffic rules knowledge, to help new drivers with the Yukon learners license test and to build superior vehicle driving skills.


Yukon Drivers Test Practice

Yukon Drivers Test Practice

This is the second in our series of Yukon drivers test sets which continue on the path of building a strong foundation of road rules & traffic safety rules as they apply to the Yukon car driver licensing process.


Yukon Learners Practice Test

Yukon Learners Practice Test

Our third Yukon learners practice test addresses additional aspects of the rules of the road not covered in our previous two rules of the road practice tests and will complete your Yukon road rules knowledge.


Yukon Road Rules Practice Exam

Yukon Road Rules Practice Exam

The Yukon road rules practice exam is for those who feel comfortable with all of our previous rules of the road practice test series and touches upon all aspects of the rules of the road in the Yukon Territory.


Let Us Help You Study Smart for the Yukon Knowledge Test

The key is to maximize your ability to learn and test on all Yukon road signs and road rules.

The purpose of the Yukon knowledge test is to make sure that all Yukon drivers have a good understanding of Yukon road signs and road rules. After having read through the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook you need to practice as many Yukon knowledge tests as possible in order to improve your chances of passing the Yukon knowledge test on the first attempt.

Study The YT Driver's Basic Handbook

The Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook is your main source of information on Yukon road rules and signs. If you read the entire handbook from start to end you should build a very strong foundation of exactly what is expected of you as a new driver on Yukon roads.

Ask Questions

While the Yukon Driver's Handbook is extremely helpful, sometimes you might come across concepts that are difficult to understand. In those situations research on other Yukon government sites or leave the team a comment or note.

Practice Class 7 Knowledge Tests

The more Class 7 knowledge practice tests you complete the higher your chances of passing the actual Yukon knowledge test. Our practice tests cover everything in the Yukon Driver's Basic Handbook and really help YT drivers test their knowledge of Yukon road signs and rules.

The Yukon Learners Test

The Yukon learners test is a multiple choice question test divided into two sections between Yukon road signs and Yukon road rules.

Each question is accompanied by 4 answer options and you need to carefully read the provided answers before making a selection. In order to pass you must correctly answer 80% of the questions on each section. The best way to prepare for the knowledge test is using our identical format and Yukon Driver's Handbook based practice tests. These tests will help you be 100% prepared, confident and ready to ace your Yukon Class 7 written test.

Driving With Your Yukon Learner's Licence

Successfully passing your Yukon knowledge test means you can now drive under supervision with your learner licence. The learner licensing stage is to allow Yukon drivers time to practice necessary driving skills. New drivers must adhere to all learner licence restrictions at this stage to avoid tickets, suspensions or any other licence interruptions.

Driving With Your L Sign

All learner drivers must display an "L" sign on the back of their passenger vehicle when driving.

No Alcohol

Both the learner driver and their supervising driver must maintain a blood alcohol of zero when driving.

Vehicle Limitations

Learner drivers can only drive passenger vehicles that do not exceed 7-person capacity.

No Electronic Devices

The use of all cellphones, tablets and other hand-held devices while driving is against the law in Yukon.

Passenger Limits

Learner's can only carry immediate family members, limited to the number of working seat belts in the vehicle with them.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

At the learner stage you need to accumulate a minimum of 50 driving practice hours so use every opportunity to practice driving with a supervising driver.

Questions About the Learners Test or Yukon Class 7 Practice Test Series?

To help with any questions you might have regarding the Yukon learner license or our Yukon Class 7 practice test series, we've put together answers to some frequently asked questions.


You must be a resident of the Yukon to take the Yukon Class 7 knowledge test.
You can take the Yukon written test to get your learner licence after you turn 15. The next stage which is the novice level can only be attempted after the age of 16.


Identity Documents:

You need to bring along 2 pieces of identification showing:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Photo
  • Signature
  • Proof of Yukon residency


Consent Documents: Learners under the age of 18 must provide parental/guardian consent.


The Yukon learners license test (also known as the Yukon written knowledge test) can be taken at any Yukon Motor Vehicle Office. The knowledge test can be taken in 5 languages including French and English, but reach out to your local Motor Vehicle office for languages available in your region.

Make sure you arrive at least 1 hour in advance of office closing time otherwise you might not be allowed to take the Yukon knowledge test and have to come back another day.


By using our series of Yukon Class 7 practice test sets, new Yukon drivers have a higher chance of passing the real test on the first try. The Yukon Class 7 practice test series has been demonstrated to be a highly effective and efficient means of studying for the Class 7 drivers licence exam. The 2019 version is among the most effective tools for new drivers seeking to obtain their Class 7 in the shortest time possible.

By using the practice sessions, you can go in to take the real test more prepared, and with an excellent idea of what to expect. The test will be much less stressful and you'll be ready to answer any question that comes your way.


We've found that dedicated practice with our Yukon Class 7 practice test series combined with traditional study methods are simply the best way to prepare yourself for the actual Yukon written knowledge test.

You should start by obtaining a copy of the official Yukon drivers handbook, which can be downloaded for free here. Read the whole thing cover to cover.

Then, see how you do with the first six practice tests we provide. These Yukon Class 7 practice test sets will allow you to increase and retain knowledge as you go through the various sections of the handbook again. Finally, take the advanced practice exams we provide. The practice exams will almost identically reflect the real learners test Yukon drivers must pass for a Class 7 licence.

When you can consistently get a passing grade on both practice exams, you know you're ready for the real thing.


All of our Yukon Class 7 practice test content has been developed directly from the Yukon drivers handbook, using the exact same information which is used to create the real test. We also use information provided by visitors to who pass us information on the test they have already taken. This way, we can offer the best possible accuracy, not only with the questions, but also with the appearance and format of the real test.


  • 40 multiple-choice question format
  • Section 1 (20 questions) is dedicated to Yukon road signs and section 2 (20 questions) is dedicated to Yukon road rules
  • The test is marked on the spot and you must score a min 16/20 on each section in order to pass


The cost of the Yukon learner's licence test is $20. If you don't pass the Yukon written test the first time, you can try again as early as the following day for another $20.

However, every Yukon Class 7 practice test here is absolutely free, so take advantage and practice until perfect - you could save yourself $20 or more.

Next Steps.

After you've passed the Yukon knowledge, test you can start driving with a supervising driver.

The next stage of your Yukon GDL process involves logging a minimum of 50 hours of in-car driving practice and waiting a minimum of 6 months before you can attempt the road test that will allow you to get your Yukon novice licence.

Looking For More Information On the Yukon GDL Process?

The three step Yukon GDL process is focused on training all Yukon drivers with the best possible driving skills. Gradually moving from learning Yukon road signs and rules through practicing under supervision and eventually becoming independent drivers allows Yukon drivers to gain confidence and the ability to maintain road safety in any situation.

GDL Process

Following the Yukon GDL process is the best way to get your Yukon driving licence in the quickest manner possible.

Learner Licence

The Yukon learner licence can be obtained after practicing Yukon knowledge tests and successfully passing the Yukon written test.

Novice Licence

After 50+ hours of driving practice and successfully passing the Yukon road test you can get your Yukon novice licence card.

Class 5 Licence

The Yukon Class 5 full licence can be obtained at the end of the Yukon Graduated Driver Licensing Process.