Free Nunavut Class 7 Practice Test Sets

Develop a deep understanding of the rules of the road, and exactly what the traffic signs mean, not only to pass the Nunavut written knowledge test, but also for a lifetime of safer driving. Our fun & educational Nunavut Class 7 practice test series can make all the difference.

Free Nunavut Class 7 Practice Test Sets & Practice Exams's Nunavut Class 7 practice test sets can be attempted as many times as you want to help you study and get through the Nunavut Graduated Driving License process - they are completely free to use. All of our Nunavut class 7 knowledge tests have been derived from the Nunavut Driver's Manual (opens a .pdf file in a new tab), to help new car and light truck drivers study for the official Nunavut written knowledge test. We believe the best way to rapidly increase your driving knowledge is by thoroughly studying the Nunavut Drivers Handbook, and repeatedly using with our Nunavut Class 7 practice test series until you are absolutely confident with all of Nunavut's road signs and road rules. If your eventual goal is to get through the Nunavut Graduated Motorcycle License program, we invite you to use our Nunavut motorcycle practice test series as well.

Nunavut Road Signs

Become a Nunavut Road Signs expert with our Nunavut traffic signs test practice series

Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

Class 7 Road Signs Practice Test

This first Nunavut Class 7 road signs practice test deals with a class of signs known as regulatory signs. These kinds of road signs are the most common types that drivers encounter.


Nunavut Driving Knowledge Test

Nunavut Driving Knowledge Test

Our Nunavut driving knowledge test is the second in our Nunavut road signs series, and covers road warning signs like those that warn of changes or hazards on the road ahead.


Nunavut Driving Test Online

Nunavut Driving Test Online

Nunavut driving test online is the third in our Nunavut road signs series. This one tackles temporary signs, information and direction signs, and HOV signs, otherwise known as high occupancy vehicle signs.


Nunavut Road Signs Exam

Nunavut Road Signs Exam

In this Nunavut road signs practice exam, we challenge prospective drivers with a variety of questions drawn from all areas covered previously in our "Nunavut road sign practice test" series.


Nunavut  Road Rules

Become an Nunavut Road Rules expert with our Nunavut traffic signs test practice series

Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test NU

Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test NU

This first set of Nunavut Class 7 road rules practice test questions has been designed to help new drivers prepare for the "rules of the road" portion of the Nunavut written driving test.


Nunavut Drivers Test

Nunavut Drivers Test

This Nunavut drivers test is the second in our "Nunavut rules of the road" series and continues the process of building a robust knowledge base required to pass the real learners permit test.


Nunavut Drivers Practice Test

Nunavut Drivers Practice Test

This third Nunavut drivers practice test covers additional areas of the rules of the road for the Nunavut territory, which are not touched upon in the previous two road rules practice test sets.


Nunavut Road Rules Exam

Nunavut Road Rules Exam

This Nunavut practice exam touches on all areas of the rules of the road and traffic safety that new drivers are required to understand and know to get a passing grade on the real learner exam.


The Best Way to Study for the Nunavut Class 7 Written Test

Focus on the key concepts you need to know, and study smart.

The Nunavut Class 7 written knowledge test is designed to assess whether you have a strong enough understanding of Nunavut road signs and rules of the road to be granted a Class 7 driver’s licence. A Class 7 driver’s license gives the holder the right to operate a vehicle in Class 5 or 6, while learning to operate it. In addition to learning the information in the Nunavut drivers handbook, knowing what to expect can help you pass on your first attempt.

Read The Nunavut Drivers Manual

Make sure you dedicate a good amount of time to learning the material and understanding the concepts explained in the Nunavut Driver's Manual. The Nunavut drivers handbook should be your main source of information on Nunavut's road rules and road signs.

Ask Questions If Stuck

Always refer to the Nunavut driver's manual for the most comprehensive information, but if something is still confusing, feel free to ask questions in our comments section - we typically respond in a day or two, or you can do some research online.

Use Our Nunavut Class 7 Practice Test Sets

The more of our Nunavut Class 7 practice test sets you attempt the better. Practice makes perfect. Our practice tests are designed to increase your chances of passing the Nunavut written knowledge test on the first attempt.

Attempting The Nunavut Learners Test

The actual written knowledge test is a multiple choice type test. The "Nunavut Class 7 practice test" series has been designed to look just like the actual Nunavut learners driving test.

In the official Nunavut learners test, each question is followed by four possible answers, only one of which is correct. Be sure to read each question carefully and pay attention to the accompanying picture if any. After you've assessed the question and all four of the potential answers, make your choice. Using this strategy, and having as much experience as possible with the many different kinds of questions that could appear, is simply the best way to prepare for your Nunavut learners test.

Driving in Nunavut With Your Class 7 Learners Licence

Once you've passed your Nunavut learners driving test, you then have the ability to begin learning how to drive and practicing your driving skills in real world, on road practice sessions. However, there are some key Class 7 licence restrictions and guidelines you have to follow in order to stay within the Nunavut Class 7 license requirements.

Supervised Driving

You must always be accompanied by a fully licensed Class 5 driver at the 7L stage. Your driving supervisor must be seated in the front seat.

No Alcohol

When operating a vehicle at the Class 7L licensing level, your blood alcohol levels must always be at zero .

Passenger seat belts

Every passenger must wear a seat belt and your passengers cannot exceed the number of working seat belts.

Night time Driving Is Restricted

A Nunavut Class 7 learner driver is not allowed to drive between the hours of midnight and 5 am.

8 Demerit Point Suspension

Unlike a fully licensed Nunavut Class 5 driver, a Nunavut Class 7 learner license will automatically be suspended if you reach 8 demerit points.

Practice, Practice, Practice.

This is your time to learn to drive safely. Use every available opportunity to practice your driving skills with a qualified supervisor.

Additional Questions About the Nunavut Class 7 Learners Licence?

We've put together some answers to what we've found to be some frequently asked questions. At, we want to make sure you have everything you need to get your NU Class 7 learners licence in the most stress-free way possible, and help all prospective Nunavut drivers on the path to getting their 7L licence.


To acquire a Nunavut Class 7 drivers license, you must be a resident,
who is 15 years of age or older (must provide parental/guardian consent if you are under the age of 18).


You must pass the written knowledge test.
You must meet basic vision standards.
You must provide suitable identification (e.g.
health care card, birth certificate, passport, etc.)

And you must submit an application form:

Nunavut Driver's Licence Application


You need two government issued identification documents as Primary ID (at least one showing your date of birth) and Secondary ID showing your residence.

  • Primary identification
  • Identification showing citizenship/residency/residency status if born outside of Canada
  • Secondary identification
  • Proof of residency


You can take your Nunavut learners test at any one of the Motor Vehicle Services locations located across Nunavut. The Motor Vehicle Services office will have a driver testing system in place.

You can find a location closest to you here:

Nunavut Motor Vehicle Services Locations


While every Nunavut Class 7 practice test on is absolutely free, there is a fee to take the Nunavut Class 7 written test.

As of 2018, a new Nunavut Driver’s Licence fee is $68.40 ($38.40 if age 60 or older)


All of the Nunavut Class 7 practice test sets on have been carefully designed to be among the most accurate and effective study tools you can use in order to pass your learners permit written test on the first try. Many new drivers have already used our Nunavut Class 7 practice test series with great success.

By using each Nunavut class 7 practice test, in the order presented, you will build your driving knowledge over time, and you'll be able to take the real Class 7 test with a good idea of what to expect, and be more prepared. You'll be able to handle any question that comes your way.


In our opinion, a combination of the use of traditional study methods (study the Nunavut driver's manual), along with our Nunavut Class 7 practice test series is by far the most effective method of studying for the driving test Nunavut requires you to pass to get your learner’s permit.

Our Nunavut Class 7 practice test sets will allow you to build your knowledge and go through the various sections of the Nunavut drivers handbook slowly and methodically. The two practice exams provide a realistic impression of the look and feel of the official Nunavut written drivers test.

To sum it up, our practice tests and exams, combined with traditional study methods are by far the best way to prepare yourself for the real class 7 test.


The questions on each of our Nunavut Class 7 practice test sets have been derived from exactly the same source as the real test - namely the Nunavut Driver's manual. However, we don't stop there. To help create our series of learners tests, Nunavut drivers who have taken the official written test have also provided feedback, allowing our Nunavut Class 7 practice test series to be even more accurate, and truly reflect not only the kind of questions real people have seen on the actual test, but also the look and feel of the real test...

Prospective Nunavut drivers can challenge their driving knowledge on all of the road signs and rules of the road that they need to know.


When you take the actual written test, you will face 30 questions, all of which are generated randomly by a computer system from a database. On the actual test, you cannot make more than 5 mistakes and still pass. There's no way to predict which questions you will face. If you practice with our series, it won't matter one bit - you'll know your stuff.


Every one of our Nunavut Class 7 practice test samples are designed to be as close as possible to the real Nunavut learners test. In fact, it is quite possible to see some of the exact same question on your written test.

Our practice tests and practice exams present a wide variety of different questions on the road signs and rules of the road, to thoroughly prepare new drivers for the many different possible questions they could face on the real test.

It's simply one of the best study tools available to prepare you for the real thing.

After Passing - Next Steps:

You should practice your driving as much as possible under the supervision of a fully licensed Nunavut driver. You have to remain at the 7L stage for a minimum of 1 month, while also being probation free before applying for your class 5 licence. You will be required at that point to take a Class 7 road test and convince the examiner of your driving ability under a variety of circumstances and conditions.

More Information On the Nunavut GDL System:

The Nunavut GDL system is a process whereby new drivers build their driving knowledge over a period of time and become experienced drivers in a safe and orderly manner. Beginning with the theoretical learning at the 7L stage, to driving under supervision, and eventually getting a full Class 5 licence, all Nunavut drivers must work their way through the Nunavut GDL process before they can get their full unrestricted Nunavut driving licence.

NU GDL Process

The Nunavut GDL process is not as strongly administered as the other provinces but does help new drivers get a license quite quickly.

Nunavut Class 7

The Nunavut Class 7 learner licence stage allows new drivers to practice their driving with a licensed supervisor and build confidence.

Nunavut Class 5

Once you have met all Nunavut driver licensing requirements you will be able to get your full, restriction free Class 5 car license.