Quebec Motorcycle Practice Test – Class 6 Learner’s License Knowledge Test Practice

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This free Quebec motorcycle practice test can really help those wanting to obtain a Class 6 learner’s license. It's fun to use and can help build both knowledge and confidence before taking the official Quebec Class 6 knowledge test. You absolutely must pass a Class 6 learner’s license knowledge test as the first step, if you eventually want to get your motorcycle rider's licence in Quebec. Our Quebec motorcycle practice test has been carefully designed to mimic the actual motorcycle test Quebec makes available, by drawing from Operating a Motorcycle (the Quebec Motorcycle Handbook), the Quebec Driver's Handbook, and also with input from other helpful users of our site who have previously taken the written motorcycle test.

Our Quebec motorcycle practice test is set up with exactly the same multiple choice format as the real Quebec motorcycle test, with four potential answers to each question. It covers many different aspects of motorcycle driving and motorcycle operating knowledge that you as a new rider absolutely need to know. Make sure you fully understand the question as well as all of the potential answers before providing a response, because sometimes a couple of answers can seem quite similar, but only one is correct.

Additional Quebec Class 6 Learner’s License Information:

There are basically 3 classes of motorcycle license Quebec makes available: Class 6A = any motorcycle, Class 6B = motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 400 cc or less, and Class 6C = motorcycles with a cylinder capacity of 125 cc or less. After the knowledge test, new riders have to take a course, and pass 2 road tests. This process is part of Quebec's Graduated Driver Licence system operated by the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec or SAAQ as it has come to be known. SAAQ is a Quebec crown corporation responsible for licensing drivers and vehicles in Quebec and also providing insurance. Some even refer to the Quebec motorcycle test as the SAAQ motorcycle test, or SAAQ motorcycle learners test.

The Quebec Class 6 Knowledge Test - Additional Questions & Answers:

Additional info about preparing for the Class 6 learners license Quebec requires of new riders, including documents needed, eligibility, restrictions, costs etc. etc. can be found here: Quebec motorcycle license. Discover more about the various different kinds of Quebec drivers licenses available, here Quebec drivers licenses, and if you want to find out more about driver licenses available in other parts of Canada, you can do that here: Canadian Driving Licenses.

Obviously it’s impossible to know what specific questions you'll be faced with on the motorcycle test Quebec mandates because questions are drawn randomly from a database, but given the accuracy of our Quebec motorbike practice test, you just may find some of the exact same questions on the actual Quebec Class 6 written test. Our tutorials have proven to be an excellent way to improve both practical bike riding knowledge and confidence before taking the SAAQ motorcycle written test. As always, good luck, and let us know how Quebec's Class 6 learner’s licence test worked out for you.

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