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The insurance market in Whitehorse is a function of many different small & large insurance firms competing to offer superior quality insurance products to Whitehorse consumers. Essential coverage like Whitehorse car insurance and motorbike insurance but also non-essential coverage like residential, life and many others are available. All these Whitehorse insurance types are geared to bring peace of mind and protection from accidents, theft, vandalism and various acts of nature.

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A local insurance professional can bring the often highly beneficial person to person support and assistance for more complicated insurance matters. It can be very helpful to sit down and chat, with an opportunity to ask in depth questions about your Whitehorse insurance coverage.

To assist Whitehorse insurance shoppers who have special situations or difficulties and complications obtaining the insurance that they want, we invite you to explore our Whitehorse insurance directory where you can locate Whitehorse insurance companies and insurance professionals who might be of assistance.

All kinds of different insurance agents, brokers, firms and their representatives serve the Whitehorse region with an incredible spectrum of insurance products, for instance, such as:

  • Boat Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Car /Auto Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Industry Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Title Insurance

In order to help Whitehorse insurance consumers as much as possible, we are always looking to expand our partner list so we can truly provide Whitehorse drivers with as many car insurance options as possible. We encourage all Whitehorse insurance companies, agents and brokers to add their listing to our Whitehorse Insurance Directory. We invite interested parties to become more familiar with what's mission is, what our specific privacy standards are and how to advertise with us if desired.

What Can Statistics Tell us about Whitehorse Insurance?

Whitehorse, refers to itself as “The Wilderness City”, with over 40 neighbourhood parks in this relatively small Canadian city (but also the largest city in northern Canada). It is also the capital of the vast Yukon Territory, with the modern Erik Nielsen Airport enabling tourism and significant commerce to flourish in the area. Whitehorse straddles the Yukon river and is blessed with a milder climate than many northern cities. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it has the lowest air pollution recorded for any city in the world.

Using the Statistics Canada 2016 census report, we explored the data to try to make some educated guesses about the types of Whitehorse insurance relationships that are most prevalent.

Whitehorse Population by Age Group

In Whitehorse, the percentage change in the population between 2011 and 2016 was a substantial 7.8%, increasing from 23,276 inhabitants in 2011 to 25,085 inhabitants in 2016. Almost 20 % of the population (4,595 inhabitants) were 14 years of age or younger, while 17,745 residents were 15 to 64 years of age. It’s safe to say that on balance, Whitehorse has a relatively young population, and this, combined with the substantial population growth rate indicates a healthy and growing need for the types of insurance products that protect individuals and families. We can assume that medical care insurance coverage, dental insurance plans, term life insurance, different kinds of holiday insurance and pet insurance will continue to be in increasing demand for a long time into the future.

Whitehorse Housing and Insurance Products

With a land area of 416.54 square kilometres and a population density per square kilometre of 60.2 individuals, Whitehorse lives up to its moniker of “Wilderness City”. With such a rapidly growing population and 10,710 recorded total private dwellings, it seems highly likely that the need for insurance products and solutions such as property and assets insurance, mortgage insurance, home insurance, renters insurance and title insurance etc. will almost certainly increase in the years to come.

Whitehorse Income and Insurance Needs

In 2015, the average after-tax income of Whitehorse residents was $48,704. This was split between men earning an average of $52,357, while women earned an average of $45,233. These numbers are heavily skewed by the 4675 individuals in Whitehorse who earned $80,000 or more. Many of these high earning individuals are professionals and business operators who could benefit from having certain kinds of insurance protection such as errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, building construction liability insurance and other specialized types of coverage.

Whitehorse Commuting To Work and Insurance Products

With the rapid expansion of Whitehorse over the last few years, the car insurance business has most likely seen excellent growth as well.  According to the Statistics Canada data, 5,325 men and 5,105 women drive themselves to work each day, with the commuting time for the vast majority being less than 30 minutes. 845 individuals reported getting back and forth to work in a car, truck or van as a passenger. No doubt, the need for auto insurance is on the increase in Whitehorse, along with other kinds of vehicle insurance like commercial vehicle insurance and motorcycle insurance.

What is the Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in Whitehorse?

The very best insurance cannot just be just about the lowest rates. What about outstanding customer support, long term dependability, and fair and honest dealings with clients when they are at their most vulnerable? It can be devastating to be involved in an accident. The last thing one needs at such a challenging time is more stress and financial strain. For that reason, commit to reviewing insurance proposals carefully. Perhaps it would help you to explore a few insurance company consumer ratings or complaints from previous clients before deciding to obtain a policy from a given provider. With the assistance of partners and affiliates, we try to feature the best Whitehorse car insurance offers from top Canadian insurance companies in our quote compare service. In addition to the comprehensive quote list insurance consumers in Whitehorse should also stay updated on all applicable Yukon car insurance discounts which can save you additional money.

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Working with a free of charge online insurance quote software tool has never been swifter or simpler. Our car insurance calculator was created to help as many Whitehorse insurance consumers as possible. We want to match every consumer with the best Whitehorse auto insurance quote suited to your needs. The free calculator is easy to use, asks for some basic information your driver profile and presents insurance solutions tailored to your needs. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk demographic we can still help you find good Whitehorse insurance coverage through our featured Insurance Quote Comparison Tool, with one of our Whitehorse insurance companies or the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

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The same motorist can find that Whitehorse insurance rates from one company to another can be significantly different so spend some time researching and weighing your options.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Whitehorse?

You are by law required to carry a minimum level of Whitehorse car insurance like every other city in Yukon. Keeping in mind this minimum compulsory Whitehorse insurance coverage you still have lots of options from insurance companies in Whitehorse. When reviewing an insurance quote, a Whitehorse insurance company will keep your budget in mind, ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and will present additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a Whitehorse insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car insurance laws in the Yukon prior to purchasing insurance.

Why Comparing Whitehorse Car Insurance Quotes is an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates.

Do you realize that you can type exactly the same information into multiple insurance quote compare systems, and you're almost sure to not end up with the same exact prices from individual insurance providers? In the event that you have tried it before, you've very likely recognized that the quotes you will receive for your particular personal driver history, location, vehicle etc, are usually quite different from company to company. Every auto insurer has their own unique assumptions and calculations about how they judge a motorist's level of expertise, situation, and the risk to themselves if they write a policy. These differences in risk assessment, among other things, lead to the differences you see in the prices of policies you are offered. In the Yukon, there are lots of insurers competing with each other to persuade Whitehorse drivers to sign up with an insurance plan from their own auto insurance firm. This provides an opportunity for savings.

A great way to be sure that one is signing on to the best achievable motor vehicle insurance policy that truly meets your needs as well as your budget, is to compare a large number of quotes. The more the better, but without a comparison tool, this process can be very time-consuming. Luckily for you, the auto insurance quote comparison shops the Whitehorse insurance market on your behalf and then quickly compiles a list of the best auto insurance quotes for your specific needs. Our mission is to help improve the experience of shopping for cheap Whitehorse car insurance quotes, and to connect Whitehorse residents with the right fit insurance providers and greatly reduce the time spent finding low-cost vehicle insurance in Whitehorse.

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