Saskatchewan Rules of the Road Practice Test #1

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This is the first of three of 's free Saskatchewan Class 7 road rules practice test sets. Each one has been designed to help you prepare for your Saskatchewan Class 7 written knowledge test (also known as the SGI written test) for a learners license. This road rules practice test focuses on the rules of the road safety, as described in the Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook. You should be thoroughly familiar with the Saskatchewan driver's handbook before attempting the actual SGI written test

We invite you to use all of our Saskatchewan rules of the road practice test sets, to increase your driving knowledge and confidence for the real Saskatchewan learners test. Our second road rules practice test can be found here: Saskatchewan driver's license test practice, and the third road rules practice test can be found here: Saskatchewan driving test quiz - road rules. When you feel you know all the rules of the road well enough, test yourself with the Saskatchewan Class 7 road rules practice exam here: Saskatchewan driving knowledge test - road rules exam.

Additional Saskatchewan Class 7 Road Rules Practice Test Sets:

Knowing what all of the road signs mean and how to respond is also a requirement for the Saskatchewan written driving test. To increase your knowledge about road signs, we invite you to use our Saskatchewan Class 7 road signs test signs for regulatory signs, SGI driving test practice for road warning signs, and SGI practice test online for temporary, information & direction, and HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) signs. When you're confident with those, take our free exam: Saskatchewan learners test - road signs.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Saskatchewan Class 7 Written Driving Test

Saskatchewan has a Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) program to ensure that new car and truck drivers can handle the challenges of driving, especially given the enormously varied weather conditions. The Saskatchewan GDL is explained on our Saskatchewan Class 7 Practice Tests & License page. There is also additional information, like documents required, eligibility, test locations, the costs involved, and more about the Saskatchewan learners license test. For information about other kinds of Saskatchewan driving licenses, please visit Saskatchewan driving licenses.

All of the practice tests on are derived from the Saskatchewan drivers handbook, as well as from other drivers who have already taken the official Saskatchewan driving knowledge test, and received their Saskatchewan learners license. They are free to use as many times as you require to fully master driving theory, or as a quick study just before attending the official Saskatchewan Class 7 test. If you apply yourself diligently, we have no doubt that our practice tests can help you to acquire a lot of driving knowledge in a very short time. We really do strive to make our practice tests as authentic as possible. We'd love to know how the SGI test goes for you.

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