SAAQ Driving Test Practice: Road Rules in Quebec #3

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Welcome to the third of 's free SAAQ driving test practice sets for the Quebec beginner driver's license. In this practice SAAQ driving test, we cover more of the practical driving knowledge questions new drivers are likely to encounter on the official SAAQ knowledge test. This particular SAAQ theory test practice covers aspects of driving like merging and what to do when accidents happen, driving in inclement weather, passing other vehicles and what to do when encountering railway crossings.

For our previous SAAQ driving test tutorials about road rules, please visit Quebec class 5 road rules practice test which covers general rules of the road, and Quebec driver's test - road rules, which is about right of way and how demerit points work. When you have acquired some confidence with all three, challenge your road rules driving knowledge with the Quebec driving test questions practice exam, which covers all aspects of the road rules in Quebec.

All of our SAAQ driving test material has been developed from the Quebec Driver's Handbook (which you should thoroughly familiarize yourself with), as well as from previous graduates of the official SAAQ knowledge test - Class 5 learner's license.

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New drivers must also prove that they fully understand all of the the road signs in Quebec. Because of this, we offer three different road sign practice tests that beginners can use to study more efficiently. Visit our Quebec road signs test for regulatory signs, and Quebec knowledge test practice for road warning signs, and Quebec driving test practice online for questions about high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) signs, temporary, information & direction signs etc. When you've developed some confidence with those Quebec driving test practice sets, see if you can pass our road signs practice exam here: Quebec road signs and traffic signals practice exam.

Additional Resources for the Class 5 Quebec Driver's License Test

Preparing for the Quebec driver's license test also means becoming familiar with the costs involved, documents required, certain restrictions and more. To learn more about this, see this page: Quebec Class 5 license - practice test and info. Information about other kinds of Quebec driving licenses can be found here: Quebec driving licence.

We believe our free driving test tutorials are an excellent way for new Class 5 drivers to acquire the driving knowledge they need to have. We're convinced that if you study the Quebec drivers handbook as well as all of the practice test materials available on our site, you'll have an excellent chance of getting your learners licence on the first try (this can save you some money). Let us know how you did with our SAAQ driving test tutorials or how you think we can make them even better.

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