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Quebec Driver's License Testing

All Quebec drivers need to complete a specific graduated driver licensing program in order to get their Quebec driver's license. Regardless of whether you are getting your Quebec car license or the motorcycle license Quebec issues, you must complete a specific Quebec driving test at certain stages. At, we want to help you pass your particular Quebec driving test in the easiest way possible, so make sure you check out all of our Quebec driving license resources.

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Quebec Driving Test for Car Drivers

In order to get a Quebec car drivers license, all aspiring Quebec drivers must first pass a written Quebec driving knowledge test to get their Quebec Class 5 learner licence. The QC learner license allows you to practice driving in Quebec under the supervision of another licensed driver. Once you've accumulated enough practice hours you can then attempt the Class 5 road test to get your Quebec Class 5 probationary license and later, the subsequent full Class 5 Quebec car license.

Quebec Car Licensing

All new drivers need to understand the Quebec Road Safety Education Program in order to meet the eligibility, learning and restrictions applicable to each QC car licensing stage. can help by providing all of the important Quebec driving test information in one place.

You become eligible for a QC license once you turn 16

You must enroll in a SAAQ approved driver education course

Knowledge Test Quebec

The SAAQ knowledge test is roughly an hour in duration and covers all major Quebec road signs and road rules. You need to schedule the Quebec knowledge test appointment in advance, read the Quebec Drivers Handbook and practice Quebec Class 5 knowledge tests to successfully pass.

Read the entire Quebec Drivers Handbook

Attempt all Class 5 practice tests to get a sense of the types of questions to expect

Quebec Driving Tests

Road test appointments don't need to be a stressful Quebec driving test if you've spent enough time practicing your car driving skills in real-world scenarios. Make sure you are always accompanied by a licensed supervisor and always follow Quebec road signs and road rules when driving

Book your road test appointment through SAAQ

Log as many practice driving hours as possible.

Quebec Driving Test for Motorcycles

The SAAQ driving tests associated with motorcycle licenses in Quebec are designed to ensure all Quebec residents looking to get a motorcycle license are well-trained, capable and safe drivers at all times. The Quebec motorcycle graduated driver licensing program moves new riders through the Quebec motorcycle learners license stage, to the more advanced Quebec 6A learners license stage, and then depending on the type of motorcycle used, qualified motorcycle drivers receive a 6A, 6B or 6C Quebec motorcycle license.

Quebec Motorcycle Licensing

All drivers looking to get a Quebec motorcycle license should focus on really mastering their motorcycle handling skills and driving safely. Our free tutorials can help guide you through the 6R learner, 6A learner and Class 6A, 6B or 6C final license stages in the shortest time possible.

Only drivers 16 and older can apply for a Quebec motorcycle license

A SAAQ motorcycle training course is mandatory

Motorcycle Test Quebec

The knowledge test for motorcycle drivers is a theory based multiple choice Quebec driving test, which you should have no problem passing as long as you've read the Quebec Drivers Handbook, Operating a Motorcycle guide and spent a good amount of time with our Quebec motorcycle practice test.

Read the Quebec Drivers Handbook and Operating a Motorcycle guide

Our Class 6 motorcycle practice tests are a great learning resource

QC Motorcycle Road Test

All Quebec road test appointments are managed through SAAQ and booked in advance. On-road driving practice and being aware of your surroundings is the best way to pass this Quebec driving test. Refer to the Operating a Motorcycle guide and our QC Class 6 knowledge test practice as needed.

The right motorcycle gear is very important

The more you practice, the more confident you will be

Book Your Quebec Road Test

All Quebec driving licenses and associated Quebec driving test types are administered by the SAAQ (Societe de l'Assurance Automobile du Québec) and are coordinated through their many service offices across the province. All road test appointments must be booked in advance and it is your responsibility to reach out to your Quebec driver testing location if for some reason you cannot make your test appointment.

Quebec Road Test For Cars

  • The Quebec Drivers Handbook and QC Class 5 practice tests are your starting point when preparing for your Quebec road test
  • The more you practice, the more comfortable you will be on your Class 5 road test appointment day
  • All Quebec vehicles brought to an examination center must meet basic safety requirements before they are allowed to be used for a Quebec road test

Quebec Motorcycle License Road Test

Free Quebec SAAQ Knowledge Tests

Recognizing that a lot of people don't always do well on their first Quebec driving test, we've created practice knowledge tests so you can prepare to get your first Quebec car driving license or QC motorcycle driving license in the best possible way. Designed to imitate the real SAAQ knowledge tests, our practice tests are very similar in content and structure to what you can expect to see on the actual SAAQ knowledge tests.

QC Class 5 Knowledge Test

Our goal isn't to just get you ready for the Class 5 Quebec knowledge test, but also to help you learn key driving skills, signs and rules that should remain with you for the duration of your driving career. Use our free Quebec practice driving test series to help you pass your Quebec knowledge test and get your QC Class 5 learner license on the first attempt.

Knowledge Motorcycle Test Quebec

Practicing Quebec Class 6 motorcycle tests will help you develop a level of understanding and confidence that you would otherwise not be able to gain. Knowing what to expect on the Quebec motorcycle knowledge test and having experience attempting a Class 6 knowledge test is invaluable when it comes to getting your Quebec Class 6R motorcycle learner license.