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As a website dedicated in large part to Prince Edward Island drivers – we strive to provide the best information about things that matter to motor vehicle drivers on Prince Edward Island's public roads. From learning to drive in Prince Edward, to Prince Edward License information, to tips for finding the best, cheap PEI car insurance quotes that local motorists want and need, our mission is to serve drivers. more....

When it comes to purchasing insurance in Prince Edward Island, you have three main options.

Get Insurance Quotes Online

Understanding that many consumers now choose to purchase products online, many insurance providers now offer the option to search, select and purchase Prince Edward Island insurance products online.

PEI Insurance Companies

If you are looking to purchase insurance from a particular Prince Edward Island insurance provider, and want to deal directly with them, you do have the option to reach out directly to the insurance company of your choice.

PEI Insurance Brokers

PEI insurance brokers use their experience and professional knowledge to help individuals and businesses properly assess their insurance needs. They can be a great help with finding the right product at the best price.

Find Competing Car Insurance Quotes Online in 3 Quick & Easy Steps

A quick, easy and completely free way to find a cheap PEI car insurance policy is through the quote comparison service. We offer an outstanding PEI car insurance calculator that is fast, friendly, and can quickly find the best, cheap PEI car insurance quotes available, all of them, completely tailored to your particular needs. If you have a high-risk profile, we can still help you find high risk insurance coverage, whether through our featured Quote Comparison Tool, the insurance companies we profile, or the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory. We are confident you will be able to find an Insurance provider, broker or agent that will meet your needs.

Start a quote

A diverse group of insurers will display their best offer for your consideration - it’s your decision to select the best PEI auto insurance company for your needs after reviewing all available options. It's you who decides who will get you as an insurance customer.

Compare Insurance Rates

Comparing insurance quotes with as many PEI insurers as possible is the right way to get the best achievable rate for your situation. We work hard to make this easy.

Choose the Best Insurance Quote

Being able to narrow down and choose your quote options, and then choosing the best rate, is the final step before a move to purchase your Prince Edward Insurance coverage online. It's often surprising and rewarding 🙂 just how wide ranging quotes can be.

Try it now. Compare Cheap PEI Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

Find PEI Insurance Broker (s) and Agents

For Prince Edward Island insurance shoppers that have unique needs or problems obtaining the insurance that they require, please check our Prince Edward Island insurance directory to find PEI insurance professionals and insurance firms that cater to islanders needs. We're confident you'll find someone who can help.

Sometimes there's just no substitute for a face to face chat with an insurance pro, especially if your needs are a bit more complex than the ordinary. Our directory may be able to help you find the right advice.

Professional insurance agents and brokers covering the Prince Edward Island area, must have in depth comprehension of the coverage they offer - they may be aware of insurance discounts that could apply to you. Is it worth it to get winter tires? What about insurance claims? Do you have traffic tickets or vehicle accidents on your driving record? Insurance professionals have the answers.

Fortunately, when it comes to insurance, Prince Edward Islanders are served by many different companies and their representatives, with a vast array of insurance products.

Among them:

  • Car /Auto Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Pet Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • RV Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Title Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Oil and Gas Industry Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Life Insurance

The Secrets Behind Finding Cheap PEI Car Insurance

Many Prince Edward Island residents often talk about the "best PEI Insurance rates" as if it's only about getting a cheap rate, and yet, customer service, reputation, reliability and fairness with customers, can greatly improve the overall quality of a cheap PEI car insurance quote. It is therefore recommended that you invest some time in assessing insurance providers objectively. It's no secret that the experience and ongoing support provided by some is better than their competition. An affordable policy combined with great service and a track record of honest dealing with policyholders contributes to creating the best cheap PEI car insurance quote. Some key things that could be beneficial are checking the insurance company consumer ratings and reviewing past customer complaints if any, before you decide to actually buy insurance coverage through any particular provider.

Shop Around For Insurance Quotes

Insurance companies assess different driving hazards independently. This can result in quite different quotes for the same driver from one insurance company to another. To get the best possible cheap PEI car insurance quotes for your driver profile, its always best to shop around among competing insurance companies.

Check Your Driving Record

A substandard driving profile typically means higher insurance premiums. Auto insurance providers use extremely complex mathematics to determine the exact dangers that they're prepared to insure and at what cost. Always drive safely for obvious reasons, but also if you want the lowest insurance premiums.

Good Drivers Are In Demand

At the end of the day, the insurance business is a for-profit business which means they are always looking for customers. Unless you are a particularly high-risk driver, each insurance firm operating in Prince Edward Island desires your current business, in addition to keeping you as a long-term client.

Your Profile Counts

Some other factors that result in more expensive or cheap PEI car insurance are: your residential address, where you park your car, what kind of car you drive and how often you drive. The most important factor however in obtaining the cheapest vehicle insurance is whether you are a low risk or high risk driver.

Multiple Policies Discounts

An additional way to save on insurance rates is to get a consolidated insurance policy for your auto, your house, motorbike and any other insurance products you may own. Getting insurance for them all together can contribute to getting you the cheap PEI car insurance premiums you desire.

Be Aware Of Profile Groups

Insurance providers are more likely to concentrate on a certain motor vehicle group such as mature drivers, teenagers, high-risk drivers, low-risk drivers, modest risk etc. There's competition for every group and it helps to know which groups you could be included in when you apply for an insurance policy.

Ask For Additional Savings

Under certain circumstances, professional insurance agents and brokers can often point to additional savings on your Prince Edward insurance quote. There is no harm in asking if there are any other discounts that can be applied to your profile or situation in order to get the cheap Prince Edward car insurance you desire.

Rely On Competition

Simply put, buying cheap PEI car insurance is centered around insurance companies competing for your insurance business. You can even present a competitors quote to your insurance company of choice to see if they will offer a better deal on their insurance quote and/or throw in free add-ons.

Auto Insurance Coverage is Compulsory in Prince Edward Island

The Prince Edward Island government requires drivers to have motor vehicle insurance. Fortunately, insurance companies in Prince Edward Island offer more than just auto insurance coverage; they often offer flexible car insurance payment options that can work with your income level. Different car insurance companies offer different auto insurance rates, some rates being more economical than others. Before deciding on a particular Prince Edward Island auto insurance company, you should know the basic car insurance laws in PEI.

Auto Insurance Providers

Private insurers who are non-government insurance providers are responsible for providing Prince Edward residents with comprehensive Prince Edward auto insurance policies.

Coverage Limits

The minimum requirement is $200,000 for any Prince Edward auto insurance policy and must be clearly stated within the policy criteria.

Accidents Benefits

Provides benefits that you, certain family and passengers are entitled to receive if injured or killed in a collision. These benefits include income replacement; payment for medical treatment and rehabilitation costs; payment for funeral expenses and payment for grief counseling for family members.

Third Party Liability

Provides coverage in a situation where you are liable to pay for collision resulted damages to another person (injury/death) or damages to their property

Motor Vehicle Insurance is Essential - Don't Drive Without It!

As per law, in order to drive in Prince Edward Island, it is mandatory for all PEI drivers to be covered under the minimum mandatory insurance coverage. Failure to carry valid auto insurance while operating a vehicle in Prince Edward Island can lead to numerous fines and place you in a sorely disadvantaged position when being considered for future auto insurance policies.

If you are found driving without a valid PEI auto insurance policy you could be:

After being convicted of driving without valid auto insurance you could now be identified as a high-risk driver which would put you at a disadvantage and prevent you from being able to enjoy future savings on insurance rates from any Prince Edward Island insurance providers

Fined anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000

Your driving license could be suspended and your vehicle impounded

If you are involved in an accident without a valid PEI auto insurance policy:

In the case of an at-fault accident, held personally responsible for the medical costs/losses incurred by the individual harmed

Denied entitlement to receive any form of accidents benefits insurance for loss of income, hospital expenses etc

Denied the option to sue an at-fault driver for compensation for any injuries sustained during an accident

Why You Should Compare PEI Car Insurance Quotes.

Auto insurance rate comparisons are an effective way to lower your insurance rates.

When islanders speak of the best car insurance quote, they are almost always referencing the lowest priced quote they've seen. Nevertheless, the highest quality insurance companies are not just about the lowest insurance quote.

Consider for a moment how important service to end users might be at a time of stress. In our opinion, a track record of trustworthiness & honest dealing with policyholders when you really need it most, beats out the lowest price every time.

It might surprise you to learn that one may key in the exact same customer details through a variety of insurance policy comparison systems, and it's unlikely you'll find the exact same insurance quote provided by each company you survey.

If in the past, you've shopped for cheap PEI car insurance rates, you have in all probability found that the quotes you get for your distinct personal driving history, your home address and your particular insurance preferences vary from provider to provider - sometimes surprisingly so.

It's an interesting fact that different car insurance providers have their own unique philosophy on how they assess risk and a driver’s capabilities.

This inevitably results in divergences between the car insurance rate you get from one provider to another. Sometimes the differences are quite large.

For folks living in Prince Edward Island, it's wonderful that there are lots of insurance firms in competition with each other. Compare car insurance rates with as many insurance providers as you are able to, then you can make a really well-informed purchase.

Many Insurance Providers

There are certainly a lot of insurance organizations you could choose from. Privately owned insurance usually means competition, and competing insurance firms implies that insurance providers work harder to earn your business.

Compare Quotes

We encourage our website visitors to examine our quotes alongside what alternative rate comparisons services provide - we want you to find the best and least expensive coverage.

Check Renewal Dates

When it comes to insurance it's especially important to start paying attention to Prince Edward Island auto Insurance rate comparison websites right before your auto insurance policy is up for renewal.

Ready to compare cheap PEI Car Insurance Rates online
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Online Advantage

The Internet has changed the world of insurance significantly. And now, we can help you search online for cheap PEI car insurance rates without having to leave your home or even pick up the phone.

No Pressure Shopping

You can shop for competitive insurance quotes from the comfort of your home without having to worry about purchasing on the spot or feeling pressured to make an immediate decision. It's never been faster or easier to find your best cheap PEI car insurance quote.

Free Service

Shopping for insurance quotes online costs you nothing but a bit of time. It's a completely free service to help you get the best possible cheap PEI car insurance quotes. Online, there is no obligation or pressure to immediately buy anything.

Competitive Quotes

By shopping online, you have access to dozens of insurance providers without having to invest the time into calling each and every one of the companies. You can be assured that you are receiving the most market competitive insurance quotes available across your region.

Try it now. Compare Cheap PEI Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

What statistics can tell us about Prince Edward Island Insurance

Prince Edward Island (capital city is Charlottetown) or PEI as many like to call it, is Canada’s smallest provinces and one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces. While referred to as an island, it’s actually made up of 232 different islands (the largest of which is actually called Prince Edward Island). Although small in size, the province is still an important insurance marketplace. PEI is Canada’s richest province.

PEI insurance companies and the agents and PEI insurance brokers that sell vital coverage and protection plans to the individuals and corporations that operate there, fulfill an essential economic function. For some insight into what the dominant PEI insurance associations might be, the team at looked at the data complied by Statistics Canada in their 2016 Census Report:

Prince Edward Population By Age Group

According to the data, the population grew 1.9 percent from the previous census in 2011 from 140,204 inhabitants to 142,907 inhabitants in 2016, with 69,305 being male, and 73,605 being female. No surprise that the majority of residents (92,510) were between the ages of 15 and 64 years of age. 22,685 inhabitants were under the age of 15 and 27,710 were over the age of 65. Only 30 individuals were recorded as being 100 years and over, with 25 of those being female. It seems likely that insurance products such as life insurance, medical insurance, dental insurance, various types of holiday or business travel insurance and pet health insurance will continue to be important for Prince Edward Island residents.

Prince Edward Housing and Insurance Products

PEI is a beautiful part of Canada, with a land area in square kilometers of 5,686.03 (which is tiny compared to Canada as a whole with a land area in square kilometers of 8,965,588.85). The number of private dwellings recorded was 71,119 units and the region is fairly densely populated with an average of 25.1 people per square kilometer as compared to the whole of Canada with only 3.9 people per square kilometer. Wherever there are people who rent their homes or own their homes, there is a market for insurance products and solutions which include property Insurance, home mortgage insurance, homeowners insurance, tenant insurance, title insurance, and condo insurance. While small, PEI is still significant.

Prince Edward Income And Insurance Needs

When looking at the income statistics for Prince Edward Island, we see that the average after-tax income in 2015 among recipients was 32,504 dollars, with men earning an average of 36,004 dollars and women earning an average of 29,249 dollars. This is slightly below the average for Canada, which is 38,977 dollars (men: $45,404 and women: $32,828). However, averages only tell a part of the story, and many PEI residents have achieved a diploma or degree at bachelor level or above, and these professionals often require certain kinds of insurance to protect themselves. Errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance, building construction liability insurance packages will probably continue to be in somewhat elevated demand.

Prince Edward Vehicle Types and Insurance Needs

While not as large an insurance market as some other areas of Canada, the need for auto insurance is obvious, with passenger vehicles like a car, light truck or van being the preferred method of commuting to work. With 53,200 residents commuting to work as a driver, and only 4,735 commuting to work as a passenger (815 took public transit, 3,375 walked, 300 cycled and 635 used another method like a motorcycle). PEI car insurance is an extremely significant part of the total PEI insurance sector, with motorcycle insurance and commercial auto insurance being much smaller.

Source: Statistics Canada, 2016 Census of Population.

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