Prince Edward Island Beginners Test Practice Exam #1: Road & Traffic Safety Signs

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This free Prince Edward Island beginners test (or practice exam) is all about road signs, and covers all aspects of road sign knowledge required for a PEI beginner’s permit or instruction driver’s permit license. This practice exam covers regulatory road signs, temporary, information and direction road signs, as well as HOV Signs (high-occupancy vehicle signs) and road warning signs. To recap of all of the different PEI road signs test sets available on, please see the following: Prince Edward Island drivers license practice test, which is all about regulatory signs, PEI driving knowledge test - about road warning signs, and Prince Edward Island online drivers test - a practice test about temporary, information and direction, and high-occupancy vehicle signs (HOV signs).

This PEI beginners driving practice test has been created to mimic the experience of the road signs portion of the official Prince Edward Island beginners permit written driving test. It is set up in a very similar manner as the real PEI beginners driving test, with multiple choice questions and four potential answers, and just as with the official Class 7 instruction driver’s permit test, there are no trick questions. However, just like the real beginners test PEI mandates, some answers may appear quite similar at times, so, make sure you understand each question and all of the answers perfectly before responding.

Additional Prince Edward Island Beginners Test Study Sets

In addition to our Prince Edward Island road signs series, we provide three different PEI beginners permit practice test sets for road rules. PEI road rules test number one is: PEI beginner’s permit practice test, road rules test number two is: PEI new driver test and road rules test number three is: PEI road rules practice test. Our PEI rules of the road practice exam, covers everything from railway crossings, driving in inclement weather, passing, merging and accidents, and right of way and how demerit points work.

Each of our different PEI beginners test sets address a different aspect of the official PEI learners test, and if you apply yourself with purpose, and also study the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook (Also available in French, Chinese and Arabic), in just a short time, you'll have the confidence & knowledge you need to pass - typically on the first try.

More Info for PEI Beginner Drivers - Class 7 through Class 5

Additional information for the PEI driving test, including eligibility, restrictions, test locations, documents required and the costs involved etc., can be found on our PEI class 7 practice test & licensing info page. For information about other kinds of Prince Edward Island driver licensing, click: Prince Edward Island drivers licenses.

All of our PEI beginners practice test sets are developed from the Prince Edward Island drivers handbook, and feedback from previous graduates. We advise that you practice these exercises over several days to allow the driving knowledge to fully sink in. After using all of these practice tests, you'll almost certainly have enough confidence in your driving knowledge to take the actual Prince Edward Island Class 7 driving license test and obtain your instruction driver’s permit on the first try. Remember, the practice tests on are free to use as much as you require. Let us know how our PEI beginners test series worked for you.

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