PEI Rules of the Road Practice Exam #2

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This free PEI rules of the road practice exam covers all aspects of the road rules that new drivers in Prince Edward Island are required to know in order to obtain a Class 7 beginner’s permit or instruction driver’s permit. It has been designed to mirror what a beginner driver is likely to find on the official written PEI drivers permit test, with multiple choice questions and four potential answers. Just like the real test, our Prince Edward Island road and traffic safety rules practice exam has no trick questions, but in some cases, some answers may seem quite similar at first glance. You will need to find the correct answer from within these choices, so, make sure you examine each of the answers thoroughly before choosing one.

All of the questions in our PEI rules of the road practice exam have been developed from the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook, as well as with input from recent graduates who have already completed the Prince Edward Island instruction driver’s permit stage of the graduated driver license program. If you prefer, the PEI Driver's Handbook is also available in French, Chinese or Arabic.

To do well on this PEI Class 7 practice exam, you need to know and understand all of the road rules covered in our previous PEI road & traffic rules practice test series. These address aspects of driving knowledge like right of way and how demerit points work, railway crossings, driving in inclement weather, passing, merging and accidents etc. etc. You can find the first one here: PEI class 7 road rules practice test, the second one here: PEI new driver test - road rules, and the third one here: PEI road rules practice test.

Additional Knowledge Requirements Beyond this PEI Rules of the Road Practice Exam

In addition to the road rules, new PEI drivers must also be highly knowledgeable about exactly what various road signs mean. For this reason, has created 3 different road sign practice tests that are also free to use as much as desired. See our PEI driver's license practice test for regulatory signs, PEI driving test online for temporary, information & direction, and high-occupancy vehicle signs, and also PEI driving knowledge test for road warning signs. When you feel you are reasonably competent with those three, challenge yourself with our Prince Edward Island beginners permit practice exam.

Prince Edward Island Instruction Driver’s Permit - More Information:

Additional information about the Prince Edward Island instruction driver’s permit, including vision testing, eligibility, documents required, test locations, the costs involved, etc. etc. can be found on our PEI Class 7 License & Practice Test section. Other kinds of PEI driving licensing information can be found on our Prince Edward Island driving licenses page.

We strive to make our PEI practice test questions and answers as realistic as possible. If you study the Prince Edward Island drivers handbook, and apply yourself to the material we present, you should be very well-prepared for the real PEI driving test. Let us know how it goes, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

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