PEI Beginners Permit Practice Test – Rules of the Road #1

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This is the first of our three free PEI beginners permit practice test sets for the Class 7 drivers license test PEI requires for all new drivers. This rules of the road practice test addresses many (but not all) of the different kinds of PEI driving test questions one is likely to find on the official Prince Edward Island instruction driver’s permit test. All of our PEI beginner’s permit practice study material has been developed from the Prince Edward Island Driver's Handbook (Also available in French, Arabic, and Chinese), and also with helpful suggestions from people who have already taken the written Prince Edward Island learners test.

Additional rules of the road study material can be found here: PEI beginner driver test, and here: PEI road rules practice test. When you've developed some confidence with those PEI beginners permit practice exercises, challenge yourself with the PEI rules of the road practice exam.

Additional PEI Beginners Permit Practice Test Material:

Our series of free Prince Edward Island Class 7 practice test sets also includes a series about road signs, which new drivers need to study as well. The first is available here: PE driver license practice test, which covers regulatory signs. The second is here: PEI driving knowledge test for road warning signs, and the third road sign series is here: PEI driving test online, which covers information & direction signs, temporary signs and HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) signs. When you can do well with all of those, you are definitely ready for the PEI Instruction Driver’s Permit practice exam, which covers all aspects of the road signs knowledge required.

More About the PEI Instruction Driver’s Permit Test & Frequently Asked Questions

You can find other important information about the PEI Class 7 written test on our Prince Edward Island Class 7 Practice Test & License Info page. It contains additional information you need to know like the kinds of documents required, eligibility, the costs involved, and more. For information about other PEI driving licenses, please visit Prince Edward Island driving licenses.

All of the PEI Class 7 practice tests on are completely free to use. So take advantage of all of them over a couple of days to let the driving theory knowledge really sink in. Or, you can use our practice exams as a quick refresher just before attending the actual PEI instruction driver’s permit test.

If you study the PEI drivers handbook, and really apply yourself to our road signs and rules of the road driving tests, you'll almost certainly gain a lot of confidence and quickly acquire the driving knowledge required for the drivers license Prince Edward Island makes available. We work hard to make our PEI Class 7 practice test sets as close as possible to the real thing, so, we'd love to hear your feedback. Good luck with your test.

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