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Toronto is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario and is the largest city in Canada by population, with over 2,730,000 residents recorded in the 2016 census. The name "Toronto" is believed to be derived from the Iroquoian word "tkaronto" which means "place where trees stand in the water". Rich with history, arts, technology and culture, it is the capital city of the province of Ontario. Today, Toronto is a major financial hub, with many business headquarters located in the city. Toronto is also widely recognized as one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan and multicultural places on earth. Source: Wikipedia - Toronto.

As part of the free services we provide to Canadian drivers, our mission at is to ensure our visitors have everything they need in order to safely and legally drive in Toronto, and that includes insurance. If you're driving any sort of vehicle on public roads, you must carry a minimum amount of insurance coverage, and when it comes to purchasing the best Toronto insurance coverage, you have three main ways to get it. Our suggestion is to start with our Toronto insurance quote comparison tool, which is perfect for most people's insurance needs, and only explore the more time-consuming options in the rare instance you are unable to find the insurance you need through our quote comparison system.

Toronto Insurance Quotes

Knowing that many Toronto insurance consumers prefer shopping online for their insurance needs, many Toronto insurance providers now offer the option to search, compare and purchase Toronto insurance products online right from the comfort of your home.

Toronto Insurance Companies

Sometime because of a referral or just past experience you already know exactly which Toronto insurance company you want to purchase from. In that case we can help you connect directly with your particular Toronto insurance company either on the phone or their website.

Toronto Insurance Brokers

If you are looking for a little more expertise and information from an insurance professional, connect with a Toronto insurance broker and get all your questions answered. An insurance broker in Toronto will help you understand all your options and available products.

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Find a Toronto Insurance Broker or Agent

An Insurance broker is a person who is licensed to sell insurance coverage, and more often than not, works with a variety of Insurance firms, selling all sorts of insurance products and solutions to deal with lifes challenges. A qualified insurance person is driven to deliver excellent insurance products and services that go above and beyond the objectives of purchasers. To find the right insurance broker for your needs we invite you to explore our extensive directory of Toronto Insurance Brokers.

Insurance professionals can add the sometimes vitally important person to person support and help tailored to individual needs. In addition, they can occasionally help expedite the undertaking of dealing with insurance claims should they arise.

Agents & brokers serving the Toronto vicinity, are required to know a lot about the products they sell and they may be able to steer you toward Toronto insurance discounts and savings that you may be unaware of but entitled to.

A lot of insurance companies and their representatives serve the Toronto region with a huge number of insurance products, including things like:

  • Boating Insurance Cover
  • Health Insurance Policies
  • Auto Insurance Coverage
  • Classic Car Insurance Policies
  • Commercial & Industrial Insurance Plans
  • Small & Medium Size Business Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance Coverage
  • Home Insurance Cover
  • Errors & Omissions Insurance Protection
  • Life (Whole, Term etc.) Insurance Policies
  • Motorbike Insurance Cover
  • Home Loan Insurance Plans
  • Oil and Gas Insurance Coverage
  • Family Pets Insurance Coverage Plans
  • Contents Insurance Policies
  • Recreational Vehicle Insurance Protection
  • Lenders and Owners Title Insurance Coverage
  • Business Travel Insurance Protection seeks, whenever possible, to be helpful for all Toronto motor vehicle drivers, Toronto insurance buyers and Toronto residents in general. Thus, we are always looking to extend our Drivers Directory of Auto Related Services. We want to provide Toronto residents with as many auto insurance opportunities and auto-related services as possible. We encourage all Toronto insurance organizations, agents and Toronto insurance brokers to contact us to create a free listing in our Toronto Insurance Brokers directory. In addition, as new or gradually learning drivers progress through Ontario driver licensing levels they often need to get in touch with quality Toronto driving schools, and we can help Toronto driving schools reach more drivers by having them submit a free listing to our Toronto Driving Schools listings.

For those users wanting to find the absolute best, cheapest car insurance in Toronto, and who live in a particular part of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), please make use of our find an insurance broker near me in ... service to find an appropriate insurance broker for all of your insurance wants & needs.

What Might Statistics Tell Us About The Toronto Insurance Market?

Obviously, with such a large population, the Toronto Insurance industry is huge, but to explore what kinds of interesting insurance relationships might exist, we decided to take a look at the information compiled by Statistics Canada (StatsCan) in the 2016 Census Report and make some educated guesses.

Toronto Population by Age Group

A healthy population growth of 4.5% was recorded from the time of the previous 2011 Census, with the population growing from 2,615,060 inhabitants in 2011 to 2,731,571 inhabitants in 2016 – an increase of 116511 people (larger than many cities in Canada), with substantially more female residents (1,417,985) than male residents (1,313,590). The large population is a fairly good indication that the need for insurance products and solutions like health care insurance, dental insurance, life insurance policies, different kinds of travel insurance and even more exotic types of insurance like pet insurance will continue to be in high demand for a long time into the future.

Toronto Housing and Insurance Products

No one can deny that Toronto’s housing market has boomed during this time. Total private dwellings were recorded as 1,179,057 units, with a land area of 630.20 square kilometres and a population density per square kilometre of 4,334.4 people. There is no question that insurance products and solutions like for example property Insurance, home mortgage insurance, home owners insurance, tenant insurance, title insurance and condominium insurance, will probably carry on being among the most highly used types of insurance policies.

Toronto Income and Insurance Needs

Based on the StatsCan information, the average after-tax income in 2015 was $41,462 , with 209,575 residents earning $100,000 or more and with many residents having earned a qualification or certification at bachelor grade or more. People like legal professional, doctors, and a variety of other trained professionals are frequently the subject of legal actions, and as a consequence, it’s no surprise that certain types of insurance coverage like building construction liability insurance, errors and omissions insurance, commercial general liability insurance and numerous kinds of liability insurance coverage will likely continue to be important in the Toronto insurance market.

Toronto Commuters and Auto Insurance

Ontario’s private auto insurance system ensures that there is healthy competition between Toronto car insurance providers, and there is no doubt that the Toronto car insurance market is one of the most important to Toronto insurance brokers and agents. According to the data, the main mode of commuting for the employed labour force aged 15 years and over was as a driver in a car, truck or van, with 575,260 residents (348,270 male and 226,990 female) involved. 57,170  individuals were driven to work as a passenger in a car, truck or van indicating that commercial vehicle insurance was involved. 13,605 individuals indicated using another method like a motorcycle for their daily work commute. Clearly there is a massive need for auto insurance, with motor cycle insurance and commercial car insurance policies also having a significant and essential role.

What is The Inside Scoop on Cheap Car Insurance in Toronto?

When shopping for a Toronto insurance quote make sure you consider other factors in addition to saving money on your insurance quote premium.  Devote some time to looking at the company's reputation, reliability, level of customer service and past history. You want to eventually pick a company that treats it's customers well, makes an effort to help them understand their insurance coverage and goes the extra mile to make their insurance claims process simpler. Taking in to consideration these factors and other Ontario insurance discounts upfront can save you lots of stress later.

3 Quick & Easy Steps to Get a Toronto Insurance Quote.

Our car insurance calculator is a tool created solely for the purpose of helping you get the best Toronto car insurance quote suited to your needs. The free calculator is easy to use, asks for some basic information about your driver profile and presents insurance solutions tailored to your needs. Even if you don't have the best driver profile and are in the high-risk car insurance demographic we can still help you find good Toronto insurance coverage through our featured Quote Comparison Tool, with one of the Toronto insurance providers we profile or the Insurance section of our Driver's Directory.

Start a quote

We only ask for the information that is absolutely necessary to present you with the most comprehensive and well priced Toronto insurance offers. Once you have a complete list you can then decide which quote, company and level of Toronto insurance coverage you are comfortable with.

Compare Insurance Rates

The only way to know that your saving as much money as possible is by comparing as many Toronto insurance quotes as possible. You'll be surprised to see how differently priced the same sort of insurance can be from different Toronto insurance providers.

Choose the Best Quote

And just to be sure once you've picked a Toronto insurance company of your choice we can also help you get some additional information through our insurance company pages on specifics for your insurance company. Doing some research upfront can really help you in the long run.

Is Auto Insurance Coverage Compulsory in Toronto?

Toronto like every other Ontario city is by law required to ensure all its drivers carry a minimum level of car insurance. Keeping in mind this minimum compulsory Toronto insurance coverage you still have lots of options from insurance companies in Toronto. When reviewing an insurance quote, a Toronto insurance company will keep your budget in mind, ensure you have at least the adequate minimum coverage and will present additional coverage options to provide greater peace of mind. As a Toronto insurance consumer it's also your responsibility to understand the basic car insurance laws in Ontario prior to purchasing insurance.

Can Comparing Toronto Car Insurance Quotes be an Effective Way to Lower Your Insurance Rates?

We've heard it many times before, with individuals talking about the "best Toronto insurance quote" as if it's simply about getting the lowest rate, but we think there's more to it than that. Service to clients, a record of reliability and fairness with policyholders in the event of an insurance claim, is more important than just providing the cheapest quote. So take your time to evaluate insurance suppliers carefully before you buy. An affordable price coupled with service, reputation & fairness with clients may, in fact, turn out to be the best cheap Toronto car insurance quote over the long term. Different auto insurance companies have their own unique philosophy with regard to how they judge driving competency, driving history and location risks, which consequently results in a broad disparity for the rate you get from each individual insurance company.

It's a fact that you can enter exactly the same information into one or more auto insurance quote comparison services, and you are almost certain to not get the exact same insurance price from competing insurance companies. If you've previously shopped for cheap Toronto car insurance through quote comparison services, you've most likely found that the rates you are given for your exact personal driver's history, location, requirements etc. are generally quite different from company to company. In Toronto, there's a considerable group of insurers catering to the market, each of whom is competing to encourage Toronto motorists to sign up to an insurance policy from their particular insurance organization.

Try it now. Compare Cheap Toronto Car Insurance Quotes. See for yourself.

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